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    Ok so here are the results. I took measurements on the fence and the blade. All that worry was for nothing!!!
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    And I just got another one done, this time out of sycamore.
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    Well look what came today! Now after I go run a couple errands I can check the measurements later with this gauge....after I see how to use it.
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    The question is whether or not that stainless steel is magnetic. And the refills are really expensive compared to a Sharpie. How about gluing a washer to a regular Sharpie cap? When that one runs dry, just switch the cap to a new Sharpie.
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    Hey, but it was micro lint.
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    Coop I have a lot of business down there but I don’t share the covers that well unless it’s with my wife and that’s a battle sometimes.
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    Stick a piece of Velcro on both the Sharpie and the magnetic strip.
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    Dang, it was cold here, too. Almost got below 40!
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    I'm no chemist or finishing expert but, my understanding is that shellac is safe. If I understand your criteria correctly, the finish does not necessarily have to survive the boiling but, just not emit any toxins. If correct, then shellac might meet your requirements.
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    Did you try opposite sides of the blade to see if the blade was warped at all? As in leave the dial indicator stationary and rotate the blade 360 degrees and see if the reading changes.
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    In the US, there is a product called Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner, which I have used. I now make my own blend by melting beeswax in a double boiler and mixing in mineral oil (sold as a laxative in most pharmacies) to get a soft paste. This finish does require occasional refreshing.
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    I would go natural as well, to me it doesn't make a lot of sense to put in the time to finish the toys, or have to go through this testing process multiple times.
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    Ross, what is your formula? Would the beeswax not just melt away in his 10 min. bath?
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    I use oil & beeswax on all my wooden cookware. It help prevent the wood from swelling under the influence of boiling water, but does require refreshing fairly often.
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    I was thinking they wanted to know it was safe for a toddler that may chose to teeth on the toy.
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    I have been wearing shorts and tee shirts all this week.
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    The Cooper’s have a spare bedroom and plenty of grub if you guys want to head south.
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    Looking great Chip, that’s some nice detail work there
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    Will these toys consist of multiple parts? Glue is as likely to fail the test as finish is. I would suggest a mineral oil and wax finish, very safe, but likely to leach out of the wood in boiling water. I assume this test helps prove the product is dishwasher safe?
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    I haven’t been in the shop much but did get some painting done and engines/props on my Condor project... Decals, antennae and other details to come.
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    Yeah it’s not as bad as last years 30 below but moving snow for an hour this morning when it was 0 with a 25 mph wind sure woke me up
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    Good day to be in the shop, 5 degrees at 4:00 in the afternoon. At least it's sunny.
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    Just an update on the blade issue (or non-issue) I have made cuts and I couldn't be happier. I never had more square cuts of wood in my life! I finished putting together the Incra Cross Cut sled and I hadn't made the cut in the board yet. Well after I did I couldn't believe how clean the edge was on the cut and this was done with the blade that came with the saw. Yes I ended up setting mine up on the left side of the blade. I just feel that is more natural to be on that side so that is what I did. I know it should be on the right because it is a left tilt saw but I didn't wanna do it that way. I ended up buying this blade - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000P4QD3E/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And no the saw doesn't sit there all the time against the wall...lol I just have it there so its out of the way when not in use. That is why I have everything on mobile bases in my shop. Not much space and I hate clutter.
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    I'd vote unfinished as that is how most of my wooden toys were when I was a kid. There are products but I'm no chemist so i have zero idea what is going to be classified as a "toxic compound" This is made more confusing by the fact that water can be a toxic compound in a high enough dosage. If you can get a list of compounds they test for check the SDS of any finishes to make sure the finish does not contain that compound. Osmo is a well regarded finish, possibly roubio monocoat.
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    Correct the filter is right above the inlet and the 3 motors are under the black hood.
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    Nope. I'll just toss out that wooden toys don't necessarily need a surface coating. If you make them from maple the only thing boiling will release is dilute pancake syrup.
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    I think the cylindrical part is where the filter lives.
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    @wtnhighlander the big city Houston Boy maybe a southern country boy after all.
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    You guys, don't forget - April is married to a gainfully employed engineer. She may be doing alright with sponserships, ad-sense, and so forth, but that ginormous shop isn't all just for her. He has a motorhead hobby to feed, too.
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    I was thinking of unfinished as well or, maybe another market.