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    New tool acquisition day: Lumber runs have never been sweeter!
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    Coop, here is the deal... Price. Room. Ride. This is a 2016 model, one owner. Very well cared for. I couldn't touch a Ford or Chevy for what I paid. GM products are outrageously priced, even well-used ones. Fords are better, but ride like a truck, and the seemingly-roomy crew cab is an illusion. The back seat appears spacious because your butt is on the floor. Frankly, the Toyota Tundra crew cab has a back seat like a limo, but my head rubbed the roof in front, so that was out, too. The Ram crew cab is generous and comfortable, front and rear. There are more storage cubbies in it than a roll-top desk. The coil spring independant suspension provides a smooth ride, although carrying capacity is slightly reduced. That much is standard across all models. This one happens to be an SLT model with the Bighorn package, and the 'Rambox' storage system bed. Also the trailer brake controls and air suspension with auto-leveling. The air suspension can vary ride height by about 6 inches. The 5.7L Hemi averaged 18.2 mpg on the 40+ mile drive home, a mix of highway and county backroads. That's about 1.5 mpg better than the 3.5L in the Avalance I traded. The biggest factor in trading at all was my wife refusing to ride in the Avalanche any more. After 16 years and 331000 miles, she worried it would evaporate into a cloud of dust going down the road. So, Happy (a little early) Birthday to me!
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    Your half a pickup is more capable than the half ton pickups from the 80s.... it blows my mind how far vehicles have progressed in the last 1 years let alone 30-40. In the phrase "there is no replacement for displacement" My answer is Turbocharger. the 3.5L ecoboost in the fords are great engines. I've heard from multiple V8 loving persons that they'll never go back to a v8 after driving the 3.5L ecoboost for a while. There are exceptions where people had a bad experience but they are few and far between. My garage is filled with 4 bangers... they make more than enough power to get what I need done. my Colorado has been consistently getting me 22-25 mpg city and i see low 30s on driving ~60 on 2 lane highways. Yeah it struggles a bit towing a 3,500 lb trailer up a hill on the highway but I do that maybe once every other year.
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    Alright . I'm not very tech savvy as it turns out .It flew over my head , and I wondered each time I heard it . Thanks .
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    This is really pretty quick to make. Quill lock. Depth stop.
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    Ross nice ride. I got a 2019 Ram and love it. I also thought the Chevy was over priced and the ford wasn't a good ride and was dated on the inside. I got the Rambox as well and they are great. I didn't really want the V8 so the dealer was able to locate the only V6 in the US equipped as I wanted. Gas mileage has been great, not far off from the Kia I had before.
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    Ya gotta admit, an Avalance is kind a down hill ride all the way.
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    Not to make light of this situation but I just googled and got Market Watch, for however accurate that is and, it says that 29 million people have gotten the flu this season (and they didn’t define season). And of those, 16,000 have died so far this year. And they have a vaccine for the flu. Rant over. Did I tell you Ross that I like your truck?
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    Would raise rates now... "Festool USA has announced prices will be increasing on nearly 600 of its products, effective April 1st. Save up to $75 by ordering before April 1st and beat the price increase! This price increase will affect all Festool retailers in the U.S" I love me some Festool but really????
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    This project was for me. It's a tall desk with a partially sloped top and shelf for computer monitors. Been working on this since before Christmas. I used a story stick for the legs - worked great.
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    I never did look into it because I abandoned my plan for adding onto the detached garage or building a new building due for multiple reasons (chief among them cost!). I have, instead, insulated and covered the walls and ceiling with plywood. Now my current task is to run all my EMT conduit and wire the place. The shop needs to be up and running soon (before my wife gives birth)!
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    probably their fiscal year start
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    As legenddc said they also fold down. On the Ridgeline the tail gate folds down or swings out like the tailgate on the old station wagons. It is extremely convenient. I would say 9 out 10 times I open the gate I swing it out. It's great to be able put something into or out of the bed without reaching over the tailgate. But it's a long door and having it split in two would not be unwelcome. The GMC fold out steps are cool, but personally if I had to choose between that and a swing out door like Honda or Ram I'd take the swing out (Ford, are you listening).
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    Thanks for the input everyone, I think there are to many unanswered questions for me to go forward with it, back to paint I guess, seems like it’s too good to be true and you know what that means
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    I resisted for a long time coming up with the money needed for Festool stuff. But I finally broke down and purchased a select number of there tools just because they are probably the best or close to the best for what they are. I have a Track Saw, Router, Random Orbit Sander and the Domino. But Iam glad I am done because my disposable income can't keep up with their yearly price increases.
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    After viewing the website a bit, I'm skeptical. They make a point of it being an insulator. A 12 Kg pail covers 180 sq ft, so I can't calculate the thickness of the coat. But if it's tough enough to be used on sidewalks & patios, it will not be super light & airy, which is what a good insulator is. So, at best the thin layer that will be 'insulating' your basement is going to be about 'R-next to nothing' If they have to make up goofy stuff like that then I don't put much trust in anything they claim.
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    I prefer the idea of those "sandle bag" storage compartments to the "trunk" in my Ridgeline. Having the separate compartment on my truck is really great, but the cargo bed has to be empty/emptied to get to it. A real pain if you have to get to the spare while carrying a load. If I were looking to replace my Ridgeline I'd definitely begin the search at Dodge. But I also love the 60/40 split swing out tail gate they're doing.
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    Yep. Makes you wonder if someone set a recurring event on their calendar, and now it's just done automatically.
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    Seems like they do this every year.
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    I have always heard that California Air Tools are quiet. I have never heard anyone say the same of any other brand.
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    Yeah I went from a Avalanche to a 4dr Jeep JK and now have been in my GMC Canyon 4 dr for about 5 years, its perfect for my needs and I really like it. I am with you on the trailer that was a PITA when I had the Jeep not to mention the 14 mpg I got lol
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    The dovetails for the drawer fronts of Marc’s cabinet are indeed similar, jn that they are lipped. His drawer design and construction is, however, quite different, and reflect his power tool orientation. Nicely done. Regards from Perth Derek
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    Even on my router table I made my own fence. It's not complicated there. In my opinion I don't think the micron incremental adjustment is worth a fraction the money the charge for it.... Drill press I'd defiantly make my own.
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    Marc's jewelry box build looks to use the same joint, but with some different techniques. Start at 3:40 for the dovetails in case it doesn't automatically go there.
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    He was talking about the network router settings for Quality of Service. Long-running joke in reference to early technical issues with live streams, I believe.
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    I think you answered your own question.
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    Yup, make your own. You can get as sophisticated or as basic as you want and still not spend anywhere near $60.
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    My house has that black stuff sprayed on the concrete that goes into the ground, then above the ground a certain distance. Can’t recall what it’s called but it’s quite common around the northwest. Haven’t heard of spray cork, that sounds like it would have interesting applications for jigs, vice faces and holdfasts
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    Coop, if you haven't made up your mind in a couole weeks, I'll give you a more hands-on review. Right now, I'm still figuring out how to blow the whistles and rung the bells, and there are quite a few to learn! Feels like I'm in a Cheech & Chong movie to pull into the garage running "off-road" mode, and drop the suspension to "entry/exit" mode. Low-rider, baby!
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    Thanks Ross. I noticed that the Ram makes use of every square inch of space. I also found that Chev was the most unforgiving as far as price was concerned so, Ford and Ram are in the running. Our councilman too has a new Ram and loves the ride. You’ve really helped me narrow it down. Thanks.
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    What kind of mileage are you getting with the V6? I'm itching for a new vehicle, just can't figure out what to get and a new Ram v6 keeps coming up in my short list. Thanks for the videos, you guys are cracking me up. I saw my former college is online only for the rest of the semester and a pro-rated room/board will be refunded soon. Crazy times. I have 3 straight days of 5 hour conference calls next week. If the weather cooperates I may take them on our deck so I can sand the kid's picnic table I made maybe 2 years ago. It needs to be refinished and I'd rather not fully pay attention to these calls.
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    Dang dude, nice ride. I’m on the fence right now, weighing between the big three. What turned you toward the Ram?
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    Awesome Ross “ that thing got a Hemi” sorry just had to say that. Nice looking ride, lots of room for people and wood. Well done sir!!
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    Brings that our humor has gone down the drain... https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/2096060/mayor-leaves-mic-on-after-pardoning-himself-from-coronavirus-meeting?fbclid=IwAR25xO1ux2sGBLEpB-1p9xqY2cBozHf6t8_pOyAXu5_m7nHokJ4csxasvTE
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    We're giving the helpers paid leave for a couple of weeks, at least, and just hanging out. We had one litter of puppies a couple of days ago, and another due any time, so we have plenty of entertainment. There are no current worries anywhere near us, but decided we might as well do our part. Still waiting on special wrenches on the tractor job, to change out all the buggered up hard hydraulic lines, so I'll start replacing crank seals in all the Stihl equipment tomorrow, to both have something to do, and it's due anyway. They all should idle, and run better with new seals. They always do.
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    No wonder you use linux....
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    Don't assume too much - my home service is equivalent to smoke signals. Only slower.
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    Looks like he’s on the wrong side of the road too what with a truck to his right headed the same way (yeah I see the road sign but it’s funnier without noticing it)
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    He should have that load under a tarp. If some of that stuff gets loose the car behind him will have hell to pay.
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    At least the load is centered, he could drop down the third axel if he gets another roll
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    This guy is hoarding a whole truck load of TP
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    Well, you may be stringing Colin along with that joke.
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    A method I have used in the past for such things . . .