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    Got a chuckle watching this...
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    OK, I love project journals, and now that I've had to close my dental office for the unforseen future, I'd thought I'd contribute to the forum again with a build. This has been a build on my list for a while. Sort of been putting it off since it's a big build, over 11 feet long. Had to build a plywood benchtop to go over my work bench and a lot of prep work needed to get the frame correct. Hopefully when this whole thing is over I'll get a chance to enjoy this build. I'll be using red cedar and paulownia for this build. The frame is made from 1/4" ply. I've had the pattern printed for a while. Started with the frame cut out. Feet were included in the pattern to suport the skeleton until the top deck is glued on. Here's a pick of the frame without the cross pieces, all the vertical lines on the pattern are where the cross pieces will be placed; Cross pieces cut and fitted to the spline; This build should go pretty quickly since I'm sequestered at home and can really focus. Next steps are to cut notches into the corners of the cross members and add strips to the frame for added gluing surface. Thanks for looking.
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    I built my own drill press table with fence, end-stop and hold-down clamps out of 1/2" Baltic Birch Plywood. I use my fence for practically everything, the end-stop frequently and the hold-down clamps often. I prefer to have my workpiece secured and in a stable position to prevent unexpected movement and to improve quality. Everything is a breeze to position and adjust and it makes using the drill press much more pleasurable. The fence and accessories make repeat drilling a breeze and huge time saver. The fence is easily removable when not needed and thus it is never in the way. Likewise, the end-stop can be easily adjusted or removed if drilling a project that is wider than the fence / table. I typically keep the hold-down clamps on hooks behind the machine where they are out of the way while not needed, and easily accessible for use. The whole assembly can be removed from the drill press by loosening four wing nuts beneath the table. I offset my insert so that it may be rotated a quarter turn to provide four clean and fresh drilling surfaces per side (8 positions if turned over) allowing for much drilling before ever needing replacement. I wanted a smooth work surface and to limit sawdust accumulation spots so designed insert to be removed with a simple push with a pencil or stick from below.
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    Because pneumatic sanders are awesome.
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    Thread update. I ended up with TSO and I opted for the one that’s $20 more than the base model that allows you to use it on both sides if the need arises.
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    That was funny. Much needed these days. That was better then the Artisan Pencil guy.
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    Driving a big truck in places like Houston or Atlanta are scary as hell. The loop around Atlanta was called the watermelon 500, and was dangerous. But for a truck driver, Los Angeles was the worst. The city of angels is filled with uncaring devils. 75% of the people driving cars should be "forced" to take a bus.
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    Back when GPS's were just getting popular, I was headed to a job in Maryland, driving a dually, pulling a gooseneck trailer, on a Friday night. I decided to just follow the GPS directions, since I didn't know exactly where the place was in Maryland. It was right on the other side of D.C. It sent me straight through D.C., on a busy Friday night. That was the worst driving experience ever, and I thought I did really good not to touch anything, including several buses that were pushing the limits, and streets full of people walking. I still use GPS, but maps as well, and only work close to home these days.
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    This is 2 varieties of Dendrobium superbum. Orchids from Asia. Fragrant.
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    I never did look into it because I abandoned my plan for adding onto the detached garage or building a new building due for multiple reasons (chief among them cost!). I have, instead, insulated and covered the walls and ceiling with plywood. Now my current task is to run all my EMT conduit and wire the place. The shop needs to be up and running soon (before my wife gives birth)!
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    Thanks all for the input. The discussion was helpful. Pretty much on every project, but I've never done any hinges. In fact I can't think that I ever drill "the same hole" twice. Typically I'm drilling a single hole in a precise location and often to a precise depth. And my usual work piece is a thick block of wood. I have a couple of cheap F-clamps I got out of a discount bin at Rock-Craft. They're not very good, but they have the virtue of being small enough to fit through the slots on the drill press table, which itself is good sized. Here I've faked up a typical operation. So I've got work holding when I need it. And for the odd occasion when a fence might be needed I suppose I can just continue to clamp down a straight piece of wood.
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    Is your dp table stock steel? If it’s stock, then build one like @curlyoak and then build a removable fence to fit in the tee track.
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    I resisted for a long time coming up with the money needed for Festool stuff. But I finally broke down and purchased a select number of there tools just because they are probably the best or close to the best for what they are. I have a Track Saw, Router, Random Orbit Sander and the Domino. But Iam glad I am done because my disposable income can't keep up with their yearly price increases.
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    This is really pretty quick to make. Quill lock. Depth stop.