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    Well I'm in the process of glassing and epoxy coating the board. At the same time I'm glassing another surf board with my son, I had built that earlier this spring. I'm getting sort of tired of this build, I miss my chairs and the glassing process and sanding process is somewhat tedious. So as a distraction I started on the paddles. For the handles it will have a 10 degree bend at the paddle head, the handle will be somewhat oval, 1.5" by 1.25", and the top of the handle will have a "T" type end. Started with the jig for the 10 degree bend; Strips of paulownia and cherry where prepped about 3/16ths thick and glued; All glued up. Made this blank 3.5" wide, I'll be able to get two handles out of this blank; Jointed and sized both handles and now onto the paddle head. cut out pattern for shape; Using strips of red cedar and paulownia here; Glued and then shaped; Still need to shape the handle more and work on the "T" top. Thanks for looking.
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    Thanks Drew I am going to go with your french cleat idea!! Still working on the final layout but that will definitely work. Here are some more progress pics
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    Would you belief that’s a six month old dogwood tree.
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    Today, we start our 5th week of isolation. No one told us to do it. The worst part is only that I'm getting a bit tired of frozen food. Pam is putting in quite a garden this time, so hopefully, we will get by on frozen until we start getting fresh stuff. All my Scientist friends started a couple of weeks before we did, and are still self-isolating. We leave packages on the screened porch for a couple of days, before opening them. I do go out to the John Deere dealer, but I don't go in, and they put the parts, that I ordered over the phone, in the back of the truck, so I don't get close to anyone. It hasn't been so bad at all, for us.
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    Not sure how crazy that is. 5G promotes the use of cell phones, which promotes the use of "social" media, which in turn creates a tremendous evolutionary pressure to develop stupidity, and stupidity overwhelms the immune system.
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    Do not try to keep a 4+ acre "lawn" with a tractor. I speak from experience, they are simply too slow. I suggest a zero turn radius mower, which will cover equal ground up to four times faster. I had a Yanmar compact tractor with 48' finishing mower that took more than 4 hours to mow my three acres, as mowing speed was about 3mph. A lawn tractor style mower with 42" deck took 3.5 hours, running about 5mph. My current mower, with a 60" deck, takes under 3 hrs. A zero turn mower with a 54" deck can do it in less than 2 hrs, running 7 to 9mph. Dixie Chopper mowers run up to 13mph mowing speed. A tractor doesn't get to REALLY be that helpful unless it has a front end loader. Then it is worth it's weight in platinum.
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    Coop, check out the new toy.
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    I was able to find the implement manufacturer that I was talking about. I forget where they're located, but I think it's over that way. I have one of these, and it will be the first thing I use once I get the JD going. https://www.everythingattachments.com/Everything-Attachments-96-Inch-Pulverizer-p/eta-yp-96-v2.htm It's only good for bare dirt though. You can't grade grass. If the fields need to be leveled out, and have something growing on them, see if you can find a nearby farmer to disk it two, or three times in different directions, so you will have something that can be worked with. With grass, about all you can do, if you don't till it in, is to topdress it, drag it, and roll it. If you poke around on that site, you'll see all sorts of other implements. I think it's pretty hard to beat the price, buying directly from the manufacturer. I like their stuff too. It costs more than what Agri Supply sells, but is much better quality.
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    Why? For dog holes? Just glue extra oak beneath where the dog holes are going to be., you can secure the extra with glue and screws.
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    Full disclosure...AC is nice if your summer is long. That’s a caveat I forgot.
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    Stihl has the FS 94 R on sale right now, for 299. That's the first time I ever remember the good stuff being on sale. And I agree with a finish mower only being good for open areas. With sharp blades, even one of these can cut an open area almost as good as a lawn mower. This tractor is next up for in the shop, after I get the John Deere going. I need to fix the air conditioning, and do some painting, but the painting will probably wait for another time.
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    Budget allowing, I’d never finish mow with a tractor. Just don’t like it. That’s after several thousand hours doing so. I far prefer zero turn for that. I hate biannual cutting with a zero turn. It generally takes too many passes to achieve the desired finish and they often won’t cut saplings well. I’d get a zero turn, then look for a place to rent a tractor twice a year to cut the prairie/pasture. Or, if you have the budget, I’d hold both tools. Each have their place. If you opt to finish mow with a tractor, put a lot of thought into your landscaping to make working around trees etc. efficient.
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    If you don't have a building to leave a tractor in while you're working on it, buy a new one. Find the closest dealer to you, that services farmers in the area, and buy that brand. I see some very tempting payment prices advertised on John Deere's, sitting out in front of the dealer. For instance, there is a 44__(sorry, don't remember the last two numbers) sitting out in front of the dealer, with a front end loader, for $199 a month-don't know any other details. Don't be tempted to buy one of the smaller, sub-compact tractors. I had one of those, to get me past the time while my category 2 tractor has been tied up in the shop, and I was glad to see it go. For that sized spread, I'd recommend a 35hp category 1 tractor, and a 6' finish mower. I don't know if there is an Agri Supply store over that way, but if there is, they have the best prices on implements. I've bought a fair amount of stuff from the one in Petersburg. I had one of their 6' finish mowers back when we first started building our farm, and a 35 hp MF. About 12 years later, I bought the 70hp John Deere used, and immediately sold the little MF. You can cut fairly tall stuff with the finish mower, but it's much faster keeping it cut, than letting it grow too tall. You can cut shorter grass in a higher gear. For the rough ground, build a drag to go behind the tractor. I'm building a 12' wide one for some ground I have to put the final level on some rough ground, after using the pulverizer on it, out of 4" angle iron. You could pull a 6' wide one. There is a good implement manufacturer over that way, but I forget the name. I'll find it. Google leveling a lawn youtube, and you will see some made for pulling behind an ATV. It works a lot better behind a tractor with loader. You lay out some dirt/sand with the loader, and drag it down level. It will take multiple times, over multiple seasons, because the filled in sections will take some time to level. The smoother you get the ground, the faster you can keep it cut. If the ground is too rough for this, to start with, it will need heavier equipment to level it all out. I bought a tractor tiller from Agri-Supply, and did a couple of miles of our cross country course with it. You may want a box blade, depending on how much dirt shaping you have to do, but that's why I got rid of the small tractor, and bought the category 2. The 35hp would get to a place where the box blade would stop the tractor, and then you'd have to lift the blade, leaving a hump to have to deal with. The 70 hp is just come on, let's go, and will boil dirt over the box without stopping. Humps are hard to get rid of, if the tractor is not strong enough to drag it right down. 4 or 5 acres might sound like a lot, to someone living on a half acre, but it's really not that much. We have a two acre smooth field, out in front of the house, that I cut with the riding mower, and it doesn't take that long at full speed-I think about 45 minutes. You will need a smaller mower, in addition to the tractor. I have a 48" Husqvarna from Lowes, that should be good for 6 or 7 hundred hours, for trimming. I was planning to get a 72" Ferris this Spring, but we will not get at least 50k income that we were hoping for by renting a lake house this Summer, that is not going to happen, so I'm putting off that purchase. You will need somewhere to work on equipment, even if it's all new. Buy a good grease gun,-Alemite off Amazon with the big handle off one side-not the one handed version, and a case of grease. The more often you grease the tractor, the longer it will last. Tractors depend on greased bushings, instead of a bunch of bearing, and even with grease, the bushings still wear out-see my current tractor thread. Grass cutting blades need to be kept sharp, and you need a safe way to get them on, and off, easily. I could write a book about building, and maintaining a spread, but this should be a good start.
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    No......The ole poorboy has a rathole too.
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    The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in intensive care but not on a ventilator - just being administered oxygen and not sedated. This was his second night. We wish him well and all the other people around the world also in ICUs suffering from this terrible disease. We are in our third week of lock down. We are allowed out to exercise, to buy provisions and for those who have to go into work like emergency workers/food producers. Kids are off school but I get the feeling youngsters think that it is nothing to do with them and are still walking around in groups despite there being a ban on it. Social media is to blame for that and also some crazy conspiracy theories about 5G masts/antennas either spreading the virus or weakening immunity systems - totally unfounded! There have been a few masts in England that have been burnt down by the crazies. Stay safe everybody
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    I think it's always too hot for yardwork... unless it's too cold for yardwork. It's either one or the other.
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    Make Tom an offer on his John Deer. It's just about all new at this point.
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    Get the compact tractor, or fence in the 4 to 5 acres and get goats. They will keep that area tidy. When I was growing up a large landowner/developer I knew would bring in goats to clear grass land before development. Wasn't a fast process, and obviously they won't help with the woods.
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    We're in a similar situation and spent the money on the compact tractor. So far, no regrets and lots of upside. Yes, it's a lot of money but, we've also gotten a lot of use out of the machine!
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    Our son, bless his heart, has always been a Boy Scout. When he first heard of the China crap, he ordered 2 dozen face mask and brought us some. I took one today and felt like a woose wearing it and went to the local grocery. Low and behold, there were others like me and also milk, bread and toilet paper on the shelves as well as apparently a bunch of other stuff as I spent almost $200. Ghirardelli Brownies are expensive.
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    I just bought a brand new Grizzly 17” resaw bandsaw and Woodslicer resaw blade. I cut a bunch of pine, padauk, walnut, with the grizzly blade, 1/2” 6tpi, with minimum resaw deflections at 3.5” of resaw width. The bocote I just ripped. As soon as the Woodslicer comes in, 3/4” blade, I’m going to resaw4/4- 6” by 58” long into 3/16” pieces of padauk, then go for the Bubinga. Then a $130 piece of Macassar ebony that’s 3” resaw width at 43” long, might actually cut off 16” first. Exciting and cringy at the same time
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    Maybe I'm wrong but if the virus spread that easily we'd all be up the creek without a paddle. Though I'm not really afraid of getting the virus, kinda want to just have it and be done with it get my card and move on.
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    If I don't need to open it imediately I let it sit a couple of days.
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    Anyone else feel like you're disposing a bomb when you open up a package now?
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    Coop, I may have a cant hook for sale now. You need one to show to the big city boy’s.
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    It's about as exotic as i can get with the virus going on but the first day of shorts weather feels good all the same.
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    There are several places to buy gas springs on line. Here is one example. I would probably construct 2 door panels with frames and thin plywood panels to keep the weight minimal. One long one might work, but may also twist too much if you pull it open from an end.
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    We moved a 4000 lb. tank across a yard to concrete using this method. Due to the fact that the base was soil, the bottom pipes were 2” dia. . Worked great.
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    Can you imagine what kind of electronic device they will have in their hands when that time comes? But dad ......!
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    At least with twins they should be able to entertain each other fairly soon! Plus down the road he won't have to ask his teenage son to help move something, he gets to watch his twins move.
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    Be careful advertising it. Trump will send a task force to get it for some health care provider.