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    We planted 35 trees this morning. 25 Red Cedars, and 10 White Pines. They were planted behind the fence I moved a while back. Couldn't get to it with the tractor, so dug each hole with a mattock, while Pam followed putting the trees in the holes with composted horse manure. They were just seedlings, so the holes weren't that big, but the ground was too hard to get the planting bar in, so had to swing the mattock (called a "grubbing hoe" around here) all the way over. Those Tomatoes look wonderful. We don't typically get them here until the end of June.
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    I took my initial fiber drum, prior to the secondary and filter and epoxied a clear piece of lexan as a sight glass to keep an eye on how full it was. I know you guys anxiously await this every year from me so I didn’t want to disappoint. My first picking.
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    Ive been playing getting my feet wet with basket illusion technique and was curious if I could use segment pro to design a pattern. As it is basket illusion doesnt stagger the units of the pattern the way segmentation does but I could easily make a faux segment pattern with the same techniques. I worked up a four layer pattern for a decorative ring in segment pro and proceeded to bead a small bowl with a 1/8” beading tool friction burned them with wire. I used the 144 hole index set to do a staggered 72 segment pattern around the bowl with my pyrography pen in a sled I made from scrap and using a platform I had built after seeing John Lucas demonstrate router embellishing. Afterwards I colored it with colored sharpies and finished with Deft spray varnish.
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    That's warmer than some of my walks to class when i was going to school in Fargo.
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    I am headed to Northern Minnesota in the morning for the fishing opener. Sure could use those for the pot of chili we will be making to try and stay warm.
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    Go over to Matthias Wandell's site, WoodGears.ca, and read about it right from the inventor. Matthias has a very analytical way of developing tools and jigs. Interesting to follow, IMO.
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    By far high camp on Denali, 17,200 ft, in a tent -10 to -20 real temp 30-50MPH winds for 5 days...It was also my last attempt on Denali The funny thing about high altitude climbing is it can get extremely hot as well on Rainier, Denali, Kilimanjaro, you can be sweating your butt off at one moment and 30 min later freezing your butt off.
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    That's wise. As I mentioned, there is a learning curve to it. Best, IMO, to start with the basics. My first custom template with be for cutting stopped dados in the sides of drawer parts. Simple but easier than doing it on a router table or tablesaw.
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    We have some solid oak doors in that style being made in our shop at the moment. I like the design and they are hung correctly! As mentioned before, ssnding could be required but with extreme caution. Also, your abrasive is going to clog like crazy. I would also look to use OSMO Poly X oil.
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    That’s what he said in the book. He knew he had been shot but didn’t feel the pain due to frost bite. Ain’t no sense in that. Move south!
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    Yeah but come August, we will be wearing mini pads under our arms to keep them from sticking to our body. It’s probably a trade off but I just can’t handle the cold stuff. I just finished a book on the Korean war and temps there were 10* to 20* below zero. Unimaginable!
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    Ok we have 28 degree lows in the forecast the next few nights that's just mean coop lol
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    The problem is the person that is supposed to be keeping an eye on it.... Seeing that fresh planed surface roll out of the planer is way more exciting than watching a bin fill... .
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    Well I’m sure glad to see someone is having a great spring, freeze and frost warnings for this weekend up here a high temperature of 45-50, those look delicious Coop
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    A small town on Hwy. 90 about 110 miles west of Sioux Falls called Kimball. A family has several hundred acres and operates a preserve there. Highly recommend operation!
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    I used Osmo for this table. I usually spread the finish on the surface with a plastic applicator. I have the West Systems epoxy ones (the yellow kind). When applying it it is best to get an even coat on all end/edge grain first, then cover the top. If you get a drip on the sides it will be darker than additional coats.
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    Yes, that's what I would recommend trying first. It's my go-to finish.
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    One of my visits to Scotland in a hotel lounge I remarked that they all had accents. We all had a laugh and another pint. They blamed ME for having an accent
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    There were a number of photos and comments I might have added, but thought that I had probably said too much already. One of the photos omitted was with clamps. I decided against the T-track style clamps here (as some may know, I have used them elsewhere) as they are too directional, which limits their range of cover. The side fence does not just travel parallel to the runway, but can be angled so, for example, one can hold an out-of-square board or deliberately plane a taper. As the end of the board will not sit flush against the far fence, clamps are helpful to prevent movement (this is unnecessary when the side fence is parallel). The clamps can be moved along the side fence, as needed. That is the reason for the many holes you see ... Regards from Perth Derek
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    In those photos, the left side is ARS and the right side is PolyX I applied a third coat and may try a fourth since it's a test. I didn't notice a big difference after the 3rd coat but it is ever so slightly "warmer." After the 3rd coat of PolyX, the ARS side is slightly lower friction, like you can feel the wax a bit in the PolyX. I haven't done any buffing after the last coat, so that could potentially bring it back. The huge benefit I see to PolyX is that there is no sanding needed between coats, and my test piece didn't need any buffing/sanding after the last coat. Zero dust nibs or roughness. With ARS I always lightly sand between coats with p400 and then after the last coat with ~p1000. It may sound trivial but I always hate that part of the process. Since I have the PolyX I'll use it on my next few projects to get a better feel for it and see how the durability is.
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    LOL yeah I agree with you there. BTW its not the 20 below that gets you its when its 20 below and the wind is howling 20 mph now that my fiend is cold
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    Too full for comfort....