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    Greetings from Tokyo In Japan, the state of emergency was finally released in this week. During the home stay period, following works had been made.
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    Figured I'd post this here, painting is near complete. I have a couple windows in the back of the house but I don't mind painting those so much. I started washing the house May 14th. Here is the before. And After Soffits fascia gutters downspouts were all painted white with an airless sprayer. All aluminum parts were primed with the recommended primer from Sherwin Williams and painted with Emrald. I painted the downspouts outside but rain forced me to move them inside to finish drying. The sprayer i bought (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0026SR0FW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1) really made all of this easy. Painting gutters, soffits, fascia, and garage doors by hand would have been a nightmare and taken forever. The big garage door took about 10 min. The little door took the same time but I had to tape the locking handle. To help manage over spray i used cardboard shields. You can see them on the bottom of the door above. I used some handheld as well to protect the brick. This allowed me to paint very very close to surfaces and never have to tape or mask of areas. I also painted our front door. I took a low angle picture to highlight the spray quality. There was some orange peal but not awful. I could have laid down a better finish with my HVLP but that would have required a different paint and the results are good enough for a front door. Beats brush marks or roller texture. Total time in days to this point is 9 but rain really got in the way and extended the project a good 2 days. I'm looking forward to getting back to furniture, though the outside time was really nice. Maybe I'll find some landscaping to do this summer.
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    I bought a 3hp Shop Fox Dust collector, a super Dust Deputy XL cyclone, two wynn canister filters and reconfigured it to fit my needs. I had made several changes over the years and made test while making changes. using a 1.5 hp DC with bag filter I noticed to improvements. When I added a canister filter I got a 50% increase in suction. Then another 50% increase when I switched from 4” PVC duct to 6” PVC duct. Now when I switched to the new 3hp collector, swapped the Thein Separator with the Dust Deputy and added the second canister filter I got at least a 400% increase I have about $1400-$1500 invested in a system I’m pretty happy happy with. Its not perfect but its strong enough that I dropped the remote for the system and it got sucked up 6’ straight up and 10’ across before I could hit the breaker. I decided to add A clean out after that. Apparently The non slip surface of the remote prevented it from moving once I hit the breaker. finally here’s the picture
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    After mentioning the high cost of a particular router bit during one of my first woodworking classes, the instructor told me "If you are in this craft to save money, I think you are in the wrong hobby"
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    Would you call this pecky chestnut oak?
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    I use the glue&tape method when I need more precision than double-stick tape will afford. My carpet tape is way thicker than two pieces of painter's tape and glue. It has a certain micro amount of sponginess/movement to it under the load of a router bit cutting edge or whatever. Tape with CA glue moves less.
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    OK, OK, looks pretty good! I guess I needed some drama today. I'm gonna leave this post up as a learning lesson. The veneer is Gaboon, BTW. Goes very nicely with African mahogany.
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    Finally got around to installing new rollers in my DW735 DeWalt Planer. I was really pleased with how simple it was. I should've taken pictures, but honestly, you don't even need them, really. Tools you will need: 1. Snap ring pliers for external snap rings 2. Stubby Phillips, or better yet, an offset ratcheting screwdriver 3. The hex tool that comes with your planer, or equivalent sized Allen wrenches That's about it. Here's the steps for anyone considering doing this: 1. Raise planer all the way up. 2. Remove right and left side panel/covers. 3. *left side* remove 2 snap rings from front and rear roller. When both are removed, slide off both sprockets and the chain, all at once. 4. * right side* remove hex screws that fasten front and rear rollers. When both are off, remove both sprockets and chain, all at once. 5. Remove right and left vertical black guards with the orange Warning stickers. . These need to come off to get at the retainer clips. (you'll need the stubby or offset screwdriver here) Now, do one roller at a time, though the steps are the same: For rear roller, remove the right and left retainer clips. These are under tension from the springs. Once off, the rollers will drop out easily. 6. Remove the square bushings and felt rings from the roller and install them on the new roller. 7. Reinstall each roller using the reverse of the above. It took me about an hour and that was with figuring out how it all comes apart. I got the new rollers from eReplacementParts for about $190 delivered and now my 15 year old machine runs like new again. I'm hoping to get another 4-5 years out of it, but we'll see. I also should've replaced the drive belt while I was in there but I didn't think of it when ordering the rollers. That's a job for another day. Good luck. DC
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    This can be a factor of two things, the total weight of the load and trailer together and then the wheels. The wheels and tires on those trailers are fairly small and will be spinning many more times per distance traveled the the wheels and tires of your vehicle that you are pulling it with and you can over heat the bearings.
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    Yes, just like everyone does with the U-Haul trailers that have "Max. Speed 45 MPH" painted on the side. Kidding aside, I generally try to avoid major / congested roadways as much as possible when carrying ANYTHING that doesn't fit within the confines of the designated passenger or cargo areas of the vehicle. That includes hauling trailers. Especially with a lighter vehicle, trailering can dramatically alter the driving dynamics. Lumber weight adds up quicker than you might expect, and a heavy trailer can push your vehicle, greatly extending your stopping distance, and causing the rear end to swing wide or skid if turning too quickly. Take it slow until you get a good feel for how the handling changes. I treat it like driving on snow / ice. Keep the top speed lower than normal, and drive to avoid making ANY sudden changes in speed or direction. Another tip for those new to using a trailer - a typical two-wheel trailer like the one from HF is designed to be "front loaded", meaning about 60% of the weight should be ahead of the axle. If the rear is loaded heavier that the front, the trailer tongue will try to lift, causing your vehicle to fish-tail. This can be severe enough to cause a crash.
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    Bah don't worry about being on topic. Yes it was quite thick, maybe not quite pancake batter, well maybe depending on how thick you like your pancakes. It honestly seemed a bit thinner than the Zinnser 123 primer I was using but not really any thicker than the interior paints i use. The big difference is there is zero sediment in the paint. I ran 15 gallons through the sprayer and didn't have a single tip clog and there was barley anything that got caught by the internal filters. I can't compare to BM paints I've steered away from any thing other than sherwin williams after Tom King posted about having poor luck with some other paints a while back.
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    Crazy. It would cost me about $200k to move from our townhouse to a house the same size with a 2 car garage. Most single family houses around here are on 1/4-1/3 acre. There are new townhouses being built here .5 miles from my house that are starting at $800k. Crazy. Back on topic, I just painted 6' of wood under a sliding door with Benjamin Moore exterior paint. It was about as thick as pancake batter. Was it the same with the Sherwin Williams?
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    Very nice Drew!!
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    Looks like a whole new house. Great work! So strange for me seeing a "smaller" house with a 3 car garage. Around here it would be a McMansion with a 7 figure price tag.
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    Got my first quarantine haircut. Wife didn't do too bad but then again I was 3 months overdue for a haircut so anything's an improvement!
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    I just about choked at the cost of the ICS base, which is as much as some contractor saws. But the pain didn't last long & it's made the saw that much more of a pleasure to use.
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    Chip, really great looking project. As my wife and I get older, I help her more around the house, changing sheeting being one of them. We finally had to resort to buying a br set where the footboard had less obstacles. Spindles in this case would have been eliminated completely to aid in tucking the sheets and spread in. Enjoy youth as long as possible!
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    I don't do a lot of carving, but I suspect the answer has something to do with the type of carving you expect to do. The stuff I've done is relief carving on flat stock. I have a "beginners" set of knives from Pfeil. I think this is the set : https://www.woodcraft.com/products/carving-4pc-intro-set?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2cX2zZvQ6QIVicDACh2buwSfEAYYAiABEgIPs_D_BwE Pfeil is a pretty well-respected brand. I've been happy with these for what I do. Narex is a little less expensive brand that might serve you well. I don't have any of their carving knives, but have several of their chisels that I'm happy with.
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    Smart move - the spindles were a bugger! Not only all the mortises (which I did before I bought my mortiser) but just lining them up for gluing But it turned out nice enough. I like red mahogany stain on white oak. It’s not the same grain but it’s a deep, rich color and tries to be mahogany Ebony still goes well with it. I’ve never worked Dinizia ...
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    A Anemometer took readings in multiple locations before and after the changes each time. I have to use the strap now to make sure I do not lose it. Lol
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    FWIW, when the sale is on, if you want the ICS base, they will give you credit for the PCS base & you just pay the difference.
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    I hadn't seen this thread before, but it just so happens I finished my desk in Rubio. I honestly think it does not compare to ARS. It's VERY flat. Like almost no shine at all. I'm torn on the feel of it. I like the way it feels but I also love that glass smooth ARS feel. I had two primary reasons for using it, I knew I'd often bang the desk up and wanted to repair it easily - and one coat with 7 days cure time. I really think there is a learning curve to applying the finish to get maximum value. I used far too much on the top of my desk. I'm really interested in Osmo, but I won't try it until I've used up the Rubio. And honestly, I got a gallon of ARS I need to use too before I buy another.
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    I waited for the accessory sale, but ended up not liking the overarm thing. I also bought the Industrial base as it seemed better. I have not regretted it in the slightest. Also do it in style, take out the money in cash and rubber band it together then just drop it on the counter with a thud. That's how I went. That's because I can't save money unless I take it out in cash and store it somewhere.
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    Beware that plywood on top of the roof can quickly become a sail / wing. Secure it well (as you should any load), drive slow, and skip windy days. I learned the hard way that even lumber that "almost" fits inside the vehicle can wind up scattered across the roadway in a heatbeat. Your load should be fastened into the vehicle AT LEAST as firmly as you are with a seatbelt. The last thing you want is for that one loose 2x4 to harpoon its way through the windshield if you stop a little to quickly.
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    One at a time!!! When my pickup isn't running, with its full size bed, I can haul quite a bit inside my VW Passat wagon. An 8' piece will slide up the middle, and I've stacked 6-8 pieces in there before. Not my favorite mode, but it's do-able. Have also rigged up a hauler setup for the rails on top of the car for plywood.
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    Hey I know that project Took this while still fitting the outside piece of ebony. G&G bed frame
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    Yesterday I went to the sporting goods store and got to see my new rifle. Since it's a semi-auto they won't let me take it home without a 10 day waiting period. That's after two weeks of waiting for it to be shipped (late because of COVID they said) and taking a safety class online (I've been shooting for 50 years and been through tons of courses but no dice). So now I've seen it, felt it, threw it up to my cheek, and now I wait. Just thinking, for the price I coulda got a SawStop hmmm....
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    Hose extension? Do you mean a second longer hose or is there like a 3 for extension. I can't count how many times a little extra length would have done the trick.
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    The "best" time to buy a Sawstop is immediately after depositing your winning lottery check.
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    This is my small garage shop. It is about 11" X 22" (1/2 of a 2 car garage). As you can see space is it at a premium. All of my benches and tools are mobile allowing me to move things around as needed. My 2 benches are from Harbor Freight that I have modified to fit my use. They all happen to be the same height as my table saw so they double as as an out feed table. The table saw has a shop vac under the wing that is on a auto switch. I also have a mobile shop vac cart with a cyclone I use with the router, band saw. My next project is an air filter cart that my spindle sander and drill press (next upgrade). It will house a 3 speed furnace blower and also give me more storage. Jeremy
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    Our province is starting to go backwards. We recently entered "phase 1" of reopening, but some people just don't comply with the rules. Our cases have spiked last week, after weeks of steady decline. There is discussion of "re- closing" things that have been permitted to open (with strict rules).