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    This was turned from a single piece of cocobolo 8 ½” square by 17/4. The surface is sanded to P1200, but with no coatings, just au naturale. With successive convolved designs I have been looking at what happens when the contour lines of the upright and basin are altered. With Sedona the upright and basin are both formed from straight lines. In many ways this shape was the most difficult convolved form to design, engineer and make that I have done so far. For one thing I had to be very particular about the acute angle in the corners. It’s about 40 degrees reflecting the fact that my diamond detail tool is 36 degrees, so about as tight a space as I could work in. Access for hollowing also narrowly limits the possible positions for the upright and basin walls. And quite honestly it is a lot more difficult to make a surface straight rather than curved.
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    None of them are worth preserving. As long as you are having fun, just put in as much effort as you see fit. With a view to make them usable, just get them clean so rust and dirt does not transfer to your work. You may also find the standard irons are just fine, especially if you plan to use normal timber. If you add up your time spent restoring them, along with the sundries required it may be more logical to buy new. However I find bringing life back to an old tool an enjoyable distraction. This recent saw cost me £1 and took one hour to sort out.
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    A super bandsaw box tutorial, watched this and was making boxes in a flash. Great technique if you haven't seen it before. https://www.finewoodworking.com/2016/06/07/episode-1-introduction-make-beautiful-bandsawn-boxes I grabbed a few chunks of wood and instant boxes; Thanks for looking.
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    Pressure washed the deck. My wife WE should pressure wash the deck Me ok I'll get it out for you while I clean your pool filters... Wife OK I just finished pressure washing the deck ... apparently this is my wife's idea of WE cleaning the deck. I'm really glad she looks comfortable reading her book
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    I was the first of four boys and got the first of the baths with # 2 getting my left overs. #3 got the clean water and # 4 getting the left overs. Now I wonder if my first was really something that mom and dad had left over? Hell, who cares as I lived thru it!
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    Funny, my Grandma was using solar power for things like drying clothes and heating bathwater before rural TN even had electricity. All it cost her was a rope and a washtub. You know you are a redneck if you've ever been third through the bath water. In all seriousness, it pays to consider that the greenest, most efficient way to reduce energy cost is to just not use so much.
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    I didn’t know my wife had a long lost sister, different models but the wires are all the same, don’t know what I’d do without her
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    Banner package day. Try not to drool on the keyboard over this spalted maple. And the less exciting stuff: a whole lot of rubber feet and the screws to make sure they don't fall off for cutting boards, some small knobs, double-sided tape, and finish. Not a big fan of glossy water based poly but have to finish some curly maple drawer fronts and the flat on the rest of the piece won't do.
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    For this one, my 70th, I went to get a load of wheat straw out of the field. This came from a family farm, not too far from us. As usual, the youngest drives the truck, and the others toss it on the trailer. I rode the trailer, and did the stacking. I was the only one on the trailer, and did this stacking of 145 bales. Fortunately, they had some nice shade trees to tie it down under. Not a whole days work, as it was loaded by 9:30 this morning. I had spread ten bales by hand, but will rent a blower for this.
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    Alison passed away Tuesday morning, after a lengthy illness, as they say. She's not suffering any more and I'm at peace with that. In the end, she went quietly. The word I hear people use to describe her more than any other is kind. Tuesday evening one of my friends sent me a text asking if she and her husband could bring over some pizzas and beer. Alison's son and his dad were there and it was just what we all needed in the moment. We have been having the stucco on our house redone. Around 9:30 I noticed a car coming down the driveway and someone walking toward my shop, so I went outside to check it out. When I approached him he looked terrified and tried to explain that he didn't speak any English. I let him know that I speak Spanish also so he told me that while moving some scaffolding they had accidentally knocked a hummingbird nest out of one of our plum trees with a mama and two babies in it. He had taken them home along with the nest, and fed them. He was bringing them back in a small Tupperware dish to place them back in the tree. Nothing would have thrilled Alison more. Mama and babies are doing fine. There is kindness in this world. We simply have to notice it.
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    Mark your work is incredible! You continually outdo yourself thanks for sharing
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    I wouldn't expect to recover the value of your time, but recycling the funds into gifts / bribes to the Mrs. will probably buy you more time.
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    A ritzy fundraiser or high end gallery would probably get you closest to earning your time back, but I’m sure it would be difficult, given the complexity of your pieces. I have enjoyed all of the projects you have shared, but this might be my favorite so far. Maybe one day I’d be able to make you an offer that isn’t insulting.
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    Funny you should mention that, my wife was making inquires along the same lines as I was trying to find more room on the bookshelf. At first I wasn't too keen to part with any (it's still an issue), but I have more of them now. In March I was planning to donate a piece to the fund raiser auction the American Assoc. of Woodturners scheduled for July. Then someone highlighted "life as we know it" and hit the delete key. I have no illusion that selling would ever pay for the time I put in, but I am currious to know what any of these things would fetch.
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    Incredible work, once again! What do you do with all of your finished pieces? Do you ever sell them?
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    Ebay, seller spaltedwoods. Keep that just between us though. Don't need any riffraff cleaning the place out. Fortunately they're in the neighboring state so the shipping isn't bad. Nah, I already made a bunch in hard maple and walnut. But I am tragically going to cut most of the spalted stuff up into little pieces though.
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    I was hoping to get some extra long Allen wrenches today but I'd settle for a few feet of spalted maple.....
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    Yea, pictures like that can short out a keyboard.
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    The manual that came with my Laguna 20” planer talks about periodic lubrication based on hours used (shown below). So I decided to add an Hour Meter as I’d never correctly estimate/remember how much time the machine has been run. This can easily be done with at least 1 Grizzly, Powermatic and a lot of Jets planers. I posted a video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/S0mO6SJ8AQM Lubrication Schedule Repeat at the intervals indicated Eight (8) Hours: - Feed Roller Bushings at the Head Screws – Top of the machine = Use a machine way oil like https://tinyurl.com/y9z8hvyc or ISO 68 Equivalent. = 2-4 drops into the hole at the top of the 4 head screws Twenty-Five Hundred (2500) Hours: -Gearbox – Drain and fill plugs on the gearbox = Drain and fill the gearbox with 80-90 wt gear oil like the following or equivalent = https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NWWIV7W = https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XC77795 Forty (40) Hours: - Columns = Use a machine way oil like https://tinyurl.com/y9z8hvyc or ISO 68 Equivalent. - Leadscrews = Use an NLGI#2 grease like the following or equivalent = https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000CQ01SS/ = https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N191WZE/ One Hundred Sixty (160) Hours: - Worm Gear – At the top of the post near the crank handle for raising and lowering the table. = Use the same NLGI#2 grease listed above for the leadscrews - Chains – Roller drive chains and table lift chains = Use the same NLGI#2 grease listed above
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    Man, I'm so sorry to hear another loss in our group. She don't hurt now, A prayer is on the way for her, and for you to young'un.
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    Mick, I too am so sorry for your loss. Mourning is an experience we all will know sooner or later, but I’m so sorry it had to be sooner for you with Alison. It is difficult to see someone we love suffer and just as difficult to enter that necessary place where you are at peace that the suffering is over. My prayers are with you and while the support of this community that I am pleased to be part of won’t remove your heart ache from her absence, it will be with you always as you move forward. God bless.
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    I say build the table to original dimensions and remodel the kitchen!
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    You will want to do breadboard ends and drawbore them so that it stays flat no matter what. This top is 115" x 40" in QSWO.
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    Attending the Fine Woodworking Webinar - Tools and the Furnituremaker with Allan Breed
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    Got the first of my father's day gift from my younger son: 1/2" dowel centers, a replacement wheel for my marking gauge ( a Cub Scout dropped it when we were making pinewood derby cars) and some rust erasers. I have an old set of Freud chisels that I bought way back in the day and they have a patina on them that has built up over the years. I find these have been good chisels and still use them regularly for rough work, even though my primary set is now Lie-Nielsen. Now I just have to wait for the striking knife and coping saw blades.
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    This took 7 months to get to me.
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    My mom passed today. Her fight with ALS is over at last.
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    Man that description makes 4 months of frozen stiff sound way better. I'm glad i live in the north.