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    Summer Greetings from Tokyo Japan Japanese rainy season: Tsuyu of this year was record long. Every day was rainy in July. It is really rare. And also, COVID-19 is coming back powerfully. In these situations, please look at my works below. Thank you Yoshii New one: Just before: Popular: All of mine: https://www.youtube.com/user/myoshiiky
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    I solved that problem by screwing and glueing a 2" thick piece of harwood below the holes, then drilled through them to give me a 4 1/2 hole that safely takes my Gramercy hold fasts without a problem.
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    They only had green, and black in stock. I didn't want any more black tool cabinets in there. They make the whole building look too dark. I figured I was going to end up with one of each color anyway. Still much organizing to do. These are really decent, for what they cost.
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    That green isn't going to 'sneak' anywhere!
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    First up today I knocked out the last three cloth picture frames With these complete the exercise room is done! Just a few items in the bar and bath left... After reading the mastic instructions I decided the quickest and easiest thing to do re the metal bar top mounts was run get a piece of 1/4" drywall and go over them Then I started to tile I ended up getting a 4 1/2" diamond blade for my grinder and with the use of some scrap poplar and 2 clamps I was able to cut what I needed. Again it was the cheapest way to accomplish what I need which was just a few cuts. In a couple days I'll grout it and that will be one more thing of the list.
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    We call those Dodges here in the States.
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    Chip you are correct about the weather here. It is hot and wet and cold and wet, humidity is just a part of life here. Even when there is no rain for 4-6 weeks during the deep summer months you can eat the air with a spoon. Being born and raised here, you just learn how to deal with the weather. I didn’t have AC until I was 15 years old and during those early years I didn’t really need it. Now that I’m older I find myself searching for it everywhere I go. it’s really no difference than what our beloved members in the northern parts of the country go through. I see on the news people shoveling snow and clearing snow off of vehicles and think to myself, Wow, I’m glad I don’t have to go through that in the morning. This is where they were born and raised and this is just a routine they have to go through. They are very proud of their state and towns they live in just like we are here in the Lone Star State.
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    I prefer the old school holdfast that Gramercy make. They're super quick to use and have tremendous holding power. And there's nothing to ever wear out or malfunction.
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    You've never duct taped stupid to a basketball pole just to be rid of them. It works pretty well. 2nd best way, it only works in winter, is to tell them said pole tastes like maple syrup.
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    That diamond wheel is a good solution where just a few cuts are needed.
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    I was eyeing those today too. Just bought a few of the parts organizers to hold screws and a deadblow mallet. One day that toolbox will sneak it’s way into the car.
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    Looks great. Sorry I missed the tile question. I've done many cuts with that type of blade in a 4-1/2" side grinder. I keep a couple of the cheap ones for cutting masonry, and use a water hose. The bushings fail before the water running on the blade has ever damaged one of them.
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    Yes I did a similar thing as Rick using the pile of offcuts that I had
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    That's probably a little thin for a holdfast. Glad you found clamps that work.
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    Correct they are flush with the drywall. The outlet box is a remodel box so I can pull it out no issue there. Lol yep
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    Except of course the operator of said hold fast. Don't ask me how I know. I'm worn out, and now frequently malfunction. But they are excellent hold fasts.
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    @Chet, I have done the jointer tapering thing, and I feel confident that the light/medium/heavy settings woukd cover it. But a saw is much quicker.
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    You can't fix stupid, but I have to fix what stupid does, almost every day.
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    My highest climb in the last 30 years is a barstool.
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    I love tile work and have done quite a bit, though not professionally. It can get tricky working with built up thinset like that, trying to keep things flat. I'd add a layer of something just thick enough and then use mastic, since it's just a backsplash. The build up layer doesn't need to be cement board because this isn't really a wet surface. BTW, if you need a tile saw, Dewalt makes an excellent one that I highly recommend. Beats the hassle of having to rent. And I know you're a man who loves new tools.
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    Not even with Duct Tape or WD40.
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    I have the Oneida Systainer cyclone and it works great and a touch cheaper at $299. I do like the clear bucket of the Festool one, Marks issue seemed to have more to do with using it as CT26 as vac which I never do I only use it for Festool tools so not sure his issues would sway my purchase but worth watching his 6 min video on it for sure
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    I drove from Calgary to our campsite in Radium, BC. My trusty V6 Accord got 5.5L/100kM, or almost 43 miles/US gallon. Mountain driving. Pretty good for a car that will do 0-60 in 5.5 seconds.
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    How well I know. I have been going to WWA meetings on Monday night for almost 10 years now.
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    Thank you, I sometimes get breathless when I see sandpaper. Oddly it's for a different reason.
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    I did get my sheet sandpaper from klingspor but will refrain from posting pictures so as to not create any sanding envy.
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    I finally get to participate. Got me 3 ea. Dubuque 48” clamps and a 1/2” spiral up Whiteside bit.
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    Only when I carry my 12" Starrett in the middle pocket.