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    Bearing guided core box bit and a circle cutout. That or the circle jig like you mentioned. I'd cut it on the fullsized board before cutting in the profile detail that it shows.
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    Looks too small for a typical "beam compass" type jig, so I vote for @Chestnut's idea of a circle cutout and a guide bushing. Or give me a couple days, I'll rig up something to do it with a tablesaw.....
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    I finally finished with this project. The top is made from a single piece of butternut and the bottom is made from a block of wood that was labelled English walnut, but turned out to be teak. This was the blank I asked about in the Wood section and @phinds was kind enough to evaluate. @Chestnut, I know you particularly wanted to see the figure, but after turning and sculpting there's almost nothing left of the indented grain pattern. There is a little visible in the right hand pillar of the first two photo's.
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    From every one of us here.
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    Visiting my Mother today, at her Assisted Living place. Her 104th Birthday will be April 18th. She was two when she lost family members to the 1918 pandemic. We were after them to stop letting visitors in 3 weeks ago, when we first starting self-isolating ourselves. They did start not allowing visitors for the past couple of weeks. Fortunately, the whole place is on ground level. We kept our distance, and had a nice visit. She's still completely clear headed, and says we just have to do what we need to. She opened her windows, so we could talk through the screen.
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    I was thinking the same thing. I just did something similar for a shop project. Cutting it on a full sized board is something I didn't think for your project but it would be a good idea.