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  1. This week I decided it was time to make a couple upgrades to my existing tool. First I replaced my 1950's Craftsman jointer with a new Grizzly 6" jointer. Then I I upgraded my crappy HF 8" drill press with a new 12" Grizzly drill press. I decided to mount it to my large Husky too box. To do this I had to move my spindle sander to my small Husky tool box. This is where I had my old drill press mounted. I originally put the new one on it but I decided it felt to unstable.
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  2. The top is done, I had a bit of a drum sander incident. When you hear a tic-tic sound evidently it is a sign your paper is about wore out . When it did wear out I wound up with a pretty significant burnt gouge on one side of the top. Anyway, changed to 120 grit and sanded a bit further than I was planning to to remove the damage. The top is now .71 inches instead of .75. Gentle rounding off still to come... Also glued the stock for the cove to a carrier board to make the routing a little safer and sanded to 5/8 thick. This molding will make the transition from the base to the case.
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  3. The look with finish and hardware. And the client dropped by. They both had big smiles and were very pleased. I work for a 2 part paycheck. The money and pleasing the client. Naturally I like money but the clients with a big grin and many not begged for accolades is a big part of the paycheck. Pleasing clients motivates me too.
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