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    I recently had the privilege of traveling to Tennessee and learning how to make this chair from Charles Brock. It was an amazing experience and the things I learned there will help me for the rest of my life. Plus I came out with a beautiful chair!
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    My son and I just finished his new guitar. It is black walnut with 6 coats of tung oil.
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    From the album: Christmas Gifts 2014

    My son loves to play guitar and dabble with cooking. I thought this might fit the bill? Made of walnut, cherry and maple scrap material. He really loved it.
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    From the album: 28" Try Plane

    © Scott Meek Woodworks

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    From the album: Cutting Boards

    End grain maple, walnut, and paduk
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    From the album: Cutting Boards

    Light board: Maple, sapele, and wenge Dark board: Walnut and maple
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    From the album: Stuff to keep me out of trouble

    Made a pair from a plan in WOOD magazine

    © RDV

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    From the album: Stuff to keep me out of trouble

    Ash garden bench.

    © RDV

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    From the album: Woodworking Celebrity

    9/16/14 - Bet you can't guess who I met today?! I'm a transplanted CA native and spent the last weekend in the Bay Area for my nephew's wedding. I have to fly home tomorrow so today I took the opportunity to meet a woodworking notable in his own environment. Unlike his online persona, he's a softspoken, almost shy guy who seems to be a little surprised by his celebrity status. I apologized to him for stopping by unannounced and he noted that it was a strange day as I was the second to have done so, the prior having been a couple from England! Thanks for taking the time, Steve, and the sneak peak at this week's project. (Nope! Not telling!)
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    From the album: The Dudes Originals and referbs

    first dry fit of 21st century bench in maple
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    From the album: Off Topic

    This is the Royal Canadian Pacific 2816, an oil fired 4-6-4 that was the lead locomotive in a double header tandem on a train I had the privilege to ride in 2007.
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    From the album: Bowls

    Just showing the undercut lip. Actually turned out the way I wanted
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    From the album: Trivet - Woodsmith Edition

    Woodsmith Issue 187, Maple and Walnut, It's actually a little longer and slightly skinnier than the mag version.
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    From the album: TerryMck's Furniture

    I finally got around to making the drawer pulls and fitting them.

    © Terry McKnight 2012

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    From the album: Split top Roubo

    Made from recycled Douglas Fir (from a building data 1908) plus some hard maple, walnut, and Mahogany.
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    From the album: MolokMot's Pens

    Made two more pens. top pen is a Navigator style pen made from stabilized corn Cobb. The bottom pen is a David Broadwell Nouveau Sceptre Rhodium with 22k gold accents and bloodwood body.
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    From the album: Shop Layout

    With Dust Collection Lines and ports, Compressed Air Lines and Outlets and Electrical Outlets (110,220)
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    From the album: Cornhole Boards

    © All Decals Are applied by consumer

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    From the album: Spokeshave's Shop

    Was there when I bought the house - it actually was 25' but I needed space for a drill press.
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    From the album: Jewellery box

    Qulited maple
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    From the album: utilitarian objects

    This engraved, solid cherry breadbox was a gift I made for my son's mother-in-law. The roll top door is made from interlocking pieces - no need for a canvas backing and is very flexible.
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