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  1. I recently had the privilege of traveling to Tennessee and learning how to make this chair from Charles Brock. It was an amazing experience and the things I learned there will help me for the rest of my life. Plus I came out with a beautiful chair!
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  2. My son and I just finished his new guitar. It is black walnut with 6 coats of tung oil.
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  4. From the album: Christmas Gifts 2014

    My son loves to play guitar and dabble with cooking. I thought this might fit the bill? Made of walnut, cherry and maple scrap material. He really loved it.
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  5. From the album: 28" Try Plane

    © Scott Meek Woodworks

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  7. The perfect stool for my little girl to use to wash her hands and brush her teeth.
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  8. A little over a year ago I was commissioned to build a replica of the writing desk form the hobbit movies. I used behind the scenes pictures I was given by a film student from hollywood who commissioned the piece. It took about three months and was made to match the original meticulously. You can see more of it here; http://www.custommade.com/lotr-movie-replica/by/bearkatwood/

    © Brian Noel

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  11. From the album: A box to store my personal stuff

    This was my first time to mill my own lumber and If you have the opportunity and space to do so, do it! It was a blast. It's also way cool to watch your lumber come off the mill and stack and sticker it up. The hard part is waiting to use it.
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  13. From the album: Incidental Pieces

    Black Walnut and Birch for cone style coffee filters
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  14. From the album: Bowls

    Just showing the undercut lip. Actually turned out the way I wanted
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  16. From the album: Forum requested photos of my hand tool cabinet

    View of the internals. Hanging cleats are simply screwed on, they can be moved at will. The big silver can is dessicant.
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  18. From the album: MolokMot's Pens

    Three more finished pens (From the top) Gunmetal Vertex in ZebraWood Chrome Vertex in BloodWood Chrome & Gunmetal Gatsby in Rosewood
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  19. From the album: Split Top Roubo

    Just a long shot of the lower shelf, the Glide and the parrallel guide. The Glide, the parrallel guide and the Sliding Dead Dude are all made from Tasmanian Pink Myrtle. It has approx. the same properties as far as stiffness, hardness, crushing, etc. as the soft maple.

    © Fred West picture taken 12/16/11 with Canon Mark II

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  20. From the album: utilitarian objects

    Cherry, mahogany and walnut (and stained glass) make up this jewelry box made for a client who wanted something 'different' for his wife.
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  21. From the album: My attempts

    This is a small box made out of Cherry and Poplar, the plans came from WOOD magazine.
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  22. From the album: utilitarian objects

    This engraved, solid cherry breadbox was a gift I made for my son's mother-in-law. The roll top door is made from interlocking pieces - no need for a canvas backing and is very flexible.
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