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    Got a call from the camera store that I built the lens case for (two years ago). He wants 3 more.
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    I saw a new quote today: "To err is human. To really screw up, you need a chainsaw."
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    Beats a day in the office, that's for sure. Milled up 2 cherry and 1 walnut log. All total about 2.5 hrs of hard labor. I'll sleep well tonight. Still have a few walnut and cherry logs to harvest this winter. So many chairs to make.
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    Those will sit outside under cover for at least 2 summers, likely longer. I then rotate them into the shop where I try to let them sit for a few more months. I can get them down to about 8-9% that way.
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    My level of respect for Finn just went up 10 fold. They host 3d CAD models of all of his main furniture on that website for free download. Included a screen shot of it open in cad... One of his books also free. https://issuu.com/onecollection/docs/houseoffinnjuhl_catalogue
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    I always say - if i die for some reason, I hope my wife doesn't sell my tools for what I told her I paid for them...
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    I also as some others here am influenced by shaker, mission. And me. I like form follows function. I don't mind plywood on the inside but solid is better. I like frame and panel construction. I love figured, matched grain panels. If the client has the wallet for the figured, I get accolades towards me that belongs to the wood. Most of us here know some of the wow factor is about the wood. It doesn't bother me that sometimes I get credit for the beauty of the wood. I look at a highly polished panel and grin. And don't say a word...
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    I wanted to share this with you Bmac and get your opinion. I really like this chair and i feel like it fits your style somewhat. https://finnjuhl.com/collection/45-chair
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    Felder has an excellent slider and they also just came out with a flesh reacting safety system that does not damage the blade and can be reset in a minute. I am not in your league, but I would definetly give their product a look.
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    I hope someone takes my tools after I'm not using them and continues to make stuff with them even if that does seem a bit tacky.
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    Well order was placed the Supercell unit today and it should be ready to ship first part of next week.