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    More progress today Cut some curves on the top piece Then used @Chestnut idea for a french cleat to hang it. Its two thickness' of wood but I thinned them down to 5/8 ish so it blends in better Then I moved on to make a template for the cove bit to route out the talc shelf. Used the Dewalt mini router with a circle base plate and a nail for a center pin I left two 1/4" tabs on the last pass so I didn't hink it up. Then cut those and cleaned the up with a rasp and sand paper Taped the guide down with double sided tape and use the bit I had on hand to rout out the recess I forgot to take pics but I fired up the lathe (it's been a while) and turned the center post. The post is about 1" round with the base 3/4" x 3/8" deep. I used a forstner bit to drill the hole for it. Pretty much construction complete at this point just need to mark and cut the domino's for the shelves in the morning then break it down and finish sanding it before applying the finish. I really wish the wind would die down so I could burn my scrap bucket...
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    Yes and I’m still squealing like pig ..
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    Progressing slowly. Color and 1 coat of poly so far.
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    I went to the log yard this week and found three tiger hard maple logs. So I called RIW to come to the log yard and look at them. He said he had been saving his egg money. All he could do was cry like a baby and suck on his thumb. He wouldn’t even buy one! One of them was super good for 5 ft on a 12 ft log. One was smaller and in the middle of the stack but tiger on both ends of the log.
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    Pam hasn't put up the pictures that we took today. Here's the page with earlier ones of these litters. We have deposits on all of these, and a waiting list for the next two litters. So far, the only people that backed out, after being on our waiting list, were from NYC. http://starbornhavanese.com/newpuppies.html It has links to the two litters edited to add: Pam just updated the puppy pages.
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    Bmac, I have the tiger hard maple log cut. It had a brown heart so I cut a 7” x 9” crosstie out of the center. Boy, I hope that tiger hard maple crosstie go’s to Houston so Coop can drive by and look at it.
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    Snagged a 10 foot elm log about 22" diameter. Hopefully it'll make nice lumber.