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    Here is a shot of the rather rustic bottom side. The top will be baby butt smooth and as close to perfect as I can get it.
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    Coop, they just call me curly around here. 100 to 150 bdft of curly white oak lumber and one curly white oak cross tie.
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    There should be no such thing as a curly white oak cross tie! That thing needs to be sliced into workable lumber!
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    Spanky, Have you sawn so much curly lumber that you've over-saturated the woodworker market? B1rdhunter, I never knew if your user name meant bird hunter, but if so, here's a picture of one of my Great Grandfathers. We're thinking this is from the 1880's, or early 1890's.
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    Some of the boards would have the ray flecks and curly to. I didn’t know the log was curly, till I cut a few boards off the log. The whole log was curly on all four sides 10 ft long. That log came from the same side of the mtn, that the tiger hard maple came from.
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    All first time clients get one of these. Gives me a reason to save scraps of figured wood. It requires a 3.25" bore, 23/32" depth. That needs a horse plus.