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  1. Video Showcase

    A long-standing rule of the forum has been "no linking to videos." This was done to help prevent drive-by posts looking to drive traffic to a Youtube channel. This may seem odd since my living is made with video, but you'll notice that even I don't post my stuff in the forum out of respect for the space. That said, I do see value in people posting their project and technique videos since many folks like to peruse this content for ideas and inspiration. So I've decided to create a new room specifically for this type of content. To post there, you'll need to include some text and your video needs to be embedded and not just linked. Ideally, I'd like people to be able to enjoy this content without having to leave the site, unless they want to. So here's the new room: As a bit of housekeeping, I also combined the Project Showcase and Project Journals rooms into one. Happy posting!
  2. Networkign Devices Stand

    Plywood should work just fine. Really shouldn't cause any expansion issues combining with a solid wood front.
  3. Powermatic 3520b availability?

    I do believe it's being replaced/updated soon.
  4. Drama

    I just made a post and pretty much wound up doing the thing I didn't want to do: discussing the details about a private matter. I simply can't give people enough details to allow them to judge the situation fairly. So I'm posting this as an invitation for anyone who has serious concerns, to please feel free to write me directly. I'd prefer to keep public posts here focused on woodworking and not drama. Sorry for creating confusion by creating a post and then deleting it.
  5. Jewelry Box Build

    The entire front is curved. The fronts, the top/bottom as well as the side doors.
  6. Jewelry Box Build

    With a one-man operation like mine, it's incredibly difficult to keep a rolling schedule of projects while having completed projects available when the videos are first released or when the series goes on sale almost a year in advance. So the Guild MO is to basically have the rough design at the start of the project, and then refine as we go. By the end of the series, the full project will be laid out clearly in the plans with no ambiguity. This "unknown" element is actually why the prices are slashed 50% in the Early Bird Bundle. You're basically agreeing to buy into a project without 100% full knowledge of the final appearance and you're putting a lot of trust in me. So the updated line art image is the one with the side doors. The other image, like Cliff said, is just a placeholder used for the past year to roughly represent the project. As for contacting me, that's what we're here for. Actually, if you ask a question through the non-member Guild contact form, you'll get my mom. She's nice.
  7. Marc in Seattle, last Friday Live

    I think you can.
  8. Name your favorite wood if cost didn't matter...

    Guys guys guys. Enough with the comments about women. Please refrain from posting pictures of women as if this is your highschool locker. And absolutely DO NOT post pictures of women as your profile wallpaper. In fact, if anyone else has an image like that in their profile, please remove it or I will. This was incredibly embarrassing.
  9. The "why" question

    There it is! lol
  10. The "why" question

    I wouldn't try to make sense of moderator intervention after the fact, :). You guys only get part of the story and my post seems out of context now. I'll remove it to avoid confusion. It was a relatively tame issue but it struck a nerve with me and the situation was dealt with. And thanks for the comments about the pic. Extra points if anyone finds the easter egg in the photo.
  11. Tung Oil Disaster

    That really does look like residual stripper. The only time I've seen a surface look like that is after applying a thin coat of chemical stripper during a refinish.
  12. Making pine last outdoor

    I'm glad to hear you say paint. Paint is one of the best outdoor finishes you can use, but as woodworkers, we tend to shy away for obvious reasons. I think if you go with a good quality paint and primer, intended for outdoor use, you should be in good shape. Over-coating with something else is probably not even necessary. I'm not paint expert so if I were tasked with this job, I'd go to the paint store and ask someone who knows the material. Let them know what you're doing and as long as it's a good paint store, you'll get what you need.
  13. Desktop advice

    For me it's a balance of looks and durability. Like Eric says, if you venture into the world of epoxy, things will begin to look like thick plastic. You may not mind that so a poured epoxy finish might be just the ticket. Arm R Seal is great but there are other products on the market that at least profess to provide a more durable finish, such as Behlens Rockhard . Never used the stuff so I can't say from experience but it's supposed to be more durable. On my work desk, I knew I would need a lot of durability so I went to Office depot and I ordered a big executive desk with a bullet-proof laminate top.
  14. Desktop advice

    Keep in mind that plywood really is the easier choice for a desk like this and I'd bet anything that what's pictured in that photo is plywood. Building a desk like that out of solid wood will be substantially more expensive, time-consuming and difficult, especially if you go for an L or U configuration. While plywood certainly isn't the most repairable finish, I think it's plenty durable for a desk surface if coupled with a decent finish.Two layers will get you the thickness you want. So if what you see in that picture is your exact desired look, plywood with 1 1/2" wide solid edge-banding is the way to go.
  15. Grandfather clock, a question

    Just my personal opinion, but I don't think I do either of those. Walnut burl is very dark once finished and with a walnut frame, it'll be lost and somewhat unappreciated (especially since it's only on the sides). And for the QSWO, we're talking about a wood that naturally makes something of a statement with it's ray flecks. Adding a curly veneer to the sides feels like gilding the lily as it were. I think this is certainly in the realm of personal taste so that's just my 2 cents worth.