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  1. We had to update to the latest software today. Looks like they made a lot of changes, even to the Admin area. When the dust settles, let me know if things are broken or missing and I’ll see if there are new settings I need to mess with to get the functionality back to normal.
  2. Most of our properties pretty much exist on their own at this point. The main TWW website has become so cluttered with options and navigation that with this new design, we're simplifying things tremendously to refocus on our videos. What we will most likely do is link to related properties in the footer. So that's where you'll find links to the Wood Talk Online Forum as well as the Wood Talk Podcast.
  3. The advantage would, in theory, be that it encourages more activity since there's nothing stopping them from posting.
  4. Guests see New Topic and Reply buttons and they are even allowed to type something up. But when they go to submit, the system asks them to register.
  5. Give it time. Even with the registration process and security features in place we occasionally get spammers. Imagine what happens when the barrier to entry is zero. It will very likely increase moderation for you guys.
  6. I can set up a poll. This is something I've never been in favor of simply because of the workload in managing guests. I always felt that the registration process in and of itself is a small barrier to entry that keeps the BS at a minimum. But, I'm not spending much time here anymore and the moderation tasks fall on Kev and the mods. So if they don't mind the additional work and the majority are in favor of the change, I can make it happen. Shall I open up a poll?
  7. Unfortunately they are explicit and distinct settings for group permissions. It's literally a checkbox. The only two people with the ability to do it are me and Kev. And if we didn't do it, it was the server gremlins.
  8. This should not be the case. Guests have never had posting permissions at all. They should be set to read only. I looked at the settings and somehow they were given posting permission. If the forum community feels strongly that it wants guest posts, I can keep it enabled. Aside from some of the frustrations mentioned here, guest posts will bring a great deal of spam with them, which is why we force people to register if they want to post. Besides that, it's a little concerning that forum permissions are changing on their own, lol.
  9. Just a checkbox I failed to check. Should be good now.
  10. Thanks Kev. And you're right you definitely didn't need to do that. Forum admins, mods and mentors should never see ads.
  11. Sorry for the influx of ads guys. I'll explain. Every year, we take a look at the forum's performance, how much it costs to run and how much revenue it generates. Without going into details, I can say that forum traffic is steady (no major growth or loss) but expenses continue to go up. I looked at our options for ad placements and decided to try something new. While I don't seem to be seeing what some of you are seeing, it's obviously a much more aggressive display set. But in the couple of days this new system has been active, the daily revenue has more than tripled. It's too soon to tell if that's a fluke or if that's accurate but it is noteworthy. I have no desire to ruin the experience for our regular users and I know ads of any kind can really spoil the fun, so I'm going to bring back the Supporter program. A little history on that. The reason I stopped the program previously was two-fold. First, we didn't have that many people taking advantage of it. And second, we had some challenges with credit card processing that made the setup a huge hassle. Looking into it now (a couple years later), it seems many of those obstacles have been resolved. So if you look at the navbar at the top of the site and click on Subscriptions, you should see the Supporter Ad-Free option. The first few people who try this will have to be test subjects. Please let me know if everything works as expected. The cost of the supporter package used to be $20/yr. I have lowered that to $10/yr. Again, I literally just set this up so let me know if it works.
  12. Only thing we could find was some errors from Tapatalk. I'm disabling it for now just to see if things improve.
  13. Heck of a picture. HECK.....of a picture!
  14. Hey folks. We need to do some maintenance on the forum including a server migration. On Monday morning, the forum will go offline and will not be accessible for most of the day. The timeline for the migration is highly variable so we can't make any specific promises about exactly when we'll be up and running again. Thanks for your understanding. Marc
  15. Actually, while I was in there I updated a few of them with new links. Let me know if 130 and 131 start working.
  16. Hey Anthony. Kev's right, but I happened to see this so I can answer. Do you happen to be on an Android device? Some of our older shows (kinda randomly) are hosted on For some reasons, Android devices don't like download the files from there. But the file is indeed there. For example, here's the link to 131: Over time we're getting all of the episodes moved over to Amazon, which costs us money, but there are no issues downloading on various platforms.
  17. Let me know if the lingerie ads go away. Made a few changes that SHOULD have fixed it.
  18. I know Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery refers to it as a Key Miter Jig
  19. I think you may have touched on the real issue here, with "spline" being the generic term and a "key" being a specific type of spline. So while some may call that simple corner piece that's cut into the frame after glueup a key, it's actually just a specific kind of spline. So then to define a "key" it would be a type of spline that's added after the frame is already glued up. Technically, you can add them during the glueup process but I can't find a single instance where someone does that. Whether it's a corner key or a dovetail key, those are all done after the miter glueup. I feel like we're honing in on it now.
  20. OK so it's not just me. I mentioned to Nicole that I'm seeing some sexy lingerie and I know I haven't been lingerie shopping recently. It was good to see because usually when someone complains about ad content, we typically remind them it's based off their browsing history. Clearly, this isn't a perfect system. haha!
  21. Interesting. I can say that most books I have on joinery, including Tuanton's Complete Illustrated Guide by Rogowski differentiate between them. But it's the notable exceptions that keep me wondering which course I'll take. Thanks for the info on Frid.
  22. I'm pretty sure the person who made that chart is at the beginning of the learning curve and thus a bit overconfident in their spelling skills. Most research papers don't incorporate slang. If there's one thing I've learned on the internet, if you're going to take the time to make fun of a group of people, you better be sure to use correct spelling and grammar.
  23. I'm putting this in the Advanced forum because this is purely an academic question. I'm working on a joinery book and there's some terminology I'd like to get right. I know many of us misuse or don't differentiate between these terms, so I'm hoping you guys might be able to look at some of the print resources you have around and also draw on your own knowledge to confirm what I'm about to put into print. Because my print resources actually conflict with one another, it's been hard to nail down definitions that work in all scenarios. So here's what I've boiled it down to and it focuses solely on how the joint was made. A key is something that is cut and inserted AFTER the miter joint is glued up. A spline is something that is cut and inserted DURING the miter joint glueup. I initially thought the defining factor would be things like grain direction, shape of the piece being inserted, or length of the insert and its relationship to the length of the joint, but all of these things end up having exceptions. So what I'm hoping you guys can do is find a case where the above "definitions" are not correct. Thanks for the help. For reference, here's a key (only goes part-way through the joint and is added after the miter glueup): And here's a spline (goes all the way across the joint and is added during the miter glueup):
  24. The touch screen AF is fantastic on the 80d too. One of my favorite features is the Canon app. I haven't used it for video yet but for photos it was incredible. I could frame my shot and view it on a large iPad pro. I can then use the ipad to grab focus and change settings if needed and it also works as a remote. Now if this works for video, it's going to be bad ass since part of my issue is grabbing proper focus. How nice to do that from behind the bench when I'm in position for the shot.