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  1. Festool makes a large assortment of couplers that should solve your problem.... Here are just the ones Lee Valley carries...,105,68325 Good luck John
  2. Hey Garth & Chris Looks like the great deals are waining this year--LN is tightening its belt I gather. No special guild night but at least they are coming back nor any word on discounts. It is going to be January 27-28 this time and I'm pretty sure Jeremy Tomlinson is going to be back again and with any luck we might get Deneb like we did 2 years ago. I'll drop you guys a note and let you know how it goes. Cheers John
  3. Welcome to the forum Vince. You'll have a blast in this space... . Cheers John
  4. This sounds like a good idea. We have been building mostly non-shop items in the Guild. Let's do some shop related stuff...
  5. What a great idea! Rather than "lets all build the same thing together", make it "let's all build something using this technique or component or basic shape". It would still have to have some rough limits so people can have a few basic boundaries to work within but still be free to take it where they want to. I like the idea. If you wanted to follow Marc, then you could, but would be encouraged to spread your woodworking wings a bit more. Hell, if it doesn't work the next build could go back to the tried and true approach. It's worth a shot....
  6. Hi Garth It should be a blast. We did get a deal last year (10% discount + free shipping) but who knows what will happen this year. I dropped $2500 on a whole whack of stuff last year...I'm still in the dog house with SWMBO. I'll post what happens, maybe even a few pictures.
  7. Thanks for the info. I am really looking forward to it.
  8. Victoria BC - Lie-Nielsen Event - Apr 8-9 Who else is going to this? BTW, they will be doing a special evening just for our local guild (Vancouver Island Woodworkers' Guild) on April 7th.
  9. John V.


    This is great. My wife is looking for something similar... any other shots available?
  10. The one thing that everyone seems to be ignoring here is the feel of each company's tool to YOU. Both LN and LV are superb tool makers and the tools will perform fabulously out of the box but you have to try them in YOUR hands to see what works best. If it doesn't feel good you will not use it for long and, with either of these guys, you're looking at a lot of money. Like many others, I have planes, saws and chisels from both LN and LV. Usually, I prefer the LN plane totes as they fit my hands better. I don't know why, they just do so most of my bench planes are LN. Given that, I chose a V
  11. John V.

    Canada eh?

    Saddlestrum, are you in the Vancouver Island Woodworkers' Guild?
  12. John V.

    Canada eh?

    P Sorry, I just noticed this posting. is great but will not ship tools outside the USA and hasn't got it's act together on the tool front...
  13. Hey Marc It nice to see that the clothing has started to appear (I know you've been swamped...). I just ordered a Guild T-Shirt. The pics of it look great. Cheers, John
  14. Ok. Sounds great. In the mean time have fun at WIA (wish I could have gone this year).
  15. John V.


    Glad it worked out...When I get to the install point I'll "report" back on my Rapid-air build. Cheers