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  1. I was thinking more of the arms. Rather than a flat plane, to slightly curved them so your arms rest more easily on them. This is just one example from Andy Chidwick's site. http://www.chidwickc...ballchair3.html I'm more drawn to contemporary, so mine would probably be more "delicate" looking than Andy's.

    Delicate, yep, I think that is what may be lacking. I probably should have thinned things down a bit, maybe a little more definition on the seat and arms?

    I think I would thin down/ flatten the back slats more if I do another.

    Honestly I over built it so it would stand up under toddler abuse and the design suffered for it.

    I just remember my Mother and I being in a constant state of cringe when the bebes were in the same place..oh how we did laugh.

    It doesn't show up in my pics but the arms really are like the Chidwick arms, well sort of.

    They are "scooped" where your forearm would rest but are way more blended to each edge and have a slight hump where your palm would rest.

    They are canted down and inwards towards the seat also..but you really can't tell from the pics.

    I'm going to take a look at the Sutherland Wells tung oil, hadn't heard of it before.

    About the Elm, did you find it was dense, as in having to sharpen your blades more than normal?

    It works really well and took the finish like a dream. I had never worked with Elm before so I don't know if I got lucky or it's all like that.

    I have several more around but don't want to take them down unless the blight gets them, or I should say until the blight gets them. :(

  2. That's a nice piece. I would like more sculpture in the arms for my tastes. But, it seems to do what a chair should, invite you to sit. Also, I LOVE Elm. Beautiful wood and can be easily obtained locally.

    Thanks much Vic.

    Would you mind explaining " more sculpture in the arms" for me?

    I agree that the chair as a whole needs a little more...something. Too thick in places maybe?

    I wanted a sculpted look without making a knockoff of Mr. Maloof.

    :lol: I pulled that part easily anyway.

  3. This is my first attempt at a rocker of any type, man was that a dumb plan or what? Ah well like Mama always says..

    A little back story, if you please.

    This chair is from one of the American Elms on my property. It was close and leaning towards the house else it would still be standing.

    As with most of my wood, I took it down myself and had it milled on sight.

    I left this one lay whole for 15 months before I had it milled, I hoped for more spalt than I got though.

    Once milled, I put it in my kiln for 30 days and then started cobbling a chair, for 3 months.

    Anyway, I made it so my Brother's and my children could rock our grandbabies.

    I finished Dec 18, two weeks after my niece had her first child and she is the first to be rocked in it.

    She is also the first spit up and make a poopy in it... dadgum kids today ain't got no respect.

    My hope is that the chair is used by several generations and just maybe one along the line will take the hint and make something for their grandchildren.

    All stock is American Elm except for the Cherry runners.

    Everything was milled 8/4

    All parts were from single boards, except the seat.

    I used walnut plugs to cover the screws.

    Finish is sanded to 320 grit and topped with 5 coats of Watco Danish Oil, Natural color.

    It is darker than most of the photos show, maybe 3 or 4 shades.

    I would do some things different if I do another, some days just didn't feel productive, you know?

    I would say that 85- 90% of this chair was hand work. Lots and lots of rasps and files, spoke shaves, scorps, ect..

    Ohh, I did read and quote from The Big Book of Cuss Words pretty often so not only did I pick more skills I expanded my vocabulary by....40 or 50%. Huzzah!

    Feel free to pick at all the warts, just try not to bleed me too much Please and Thank You.


    Mash here for the other pics.

  4. First of all, the width of the pedestals adds up to leaving you with a knee hole of 24" assuming that the 60 inches is the base width and doesn't include the overhang of the top.

    Yes, exactly. The top is planed for 28" using only two boards. I could go 30" but there is a streak of sap wood on each that I'm not sure how it would look with the cherry. If it was walnut I would use it real quick.

    I could glue it up and take a look then.

    I would reconsider the dimensions and work it out so you have a knee hole of at least 30 inches and preferable 36". If you are using a basic chair, the 24" would fit but not be too comfortable. If they decide to splurge on an office style chair, they are often 26" to 29" wide, plus you would want to pivot it to get in and out. A 24" knee hole would be uncomfortable. Maybe they would like a 72" desk (executive size).

    Thanks Mike, didn't know that about the chairs and he is a large child.

    I could narrow the pedestals by 3" each which would give me 30". I'll draw that out on my bench to be sure the pedestals don't look odd.

    Back to the modesty panel. I would design it as a separate piece with a double panel. A single panel over 20" is problematic and 2 panels would be more stable. The modesty panel doesn't have to come to the floor. If you have any kind of base mouldings on the pedestals, it could stop just above the base. I would also inset it an inch or so to give the back of the desk some interest instead of just 4 panels side by side.

    Ah, good idea. The width of those two panels wouldn't change but with the inset it would add more visual interest to the desk.

    Right now the back will be against a wall, small room, but down the road they will buy a larger home and may be able to place it so everything is visible.

    I guess the question now is how do I attach the modesty panel, sliding dovetails, dados and screwed from the inside?

    Post some pictures when it is done.


    I am planing on taking pictures of the build so they can see it from start to finish, maybe even show them to my grandchildren, if they will get on the ball.

    I'll post it up and maybe get a few "you should haves" for the next time.

    Good advice Mike, I thank you.

  5. Is it going to be one big panel across the back? Or are you going to have like three different panels? I would think that if you did like three different panels, the the stiles that separate the panels would help keep it straight. Just my initial though. How thick is the frame going to be?

    I'll have 4 back panels and I hope to keep the rails at least 7/8, should be able to with this wood.

    The reason for the four back panels is that I have boards wide enough that I wont have to join the panels, well, five of the six for sure. Might get them all if I cheat on the width of the two middle stiles..

  6. Hello everyone from about the middle of Alabama.

    I've been around for a while, the old forum days. Never had the chance to post before the law, I mean life kinda got in the way.

    Anyway, I couldn't remember or recover the old info so I made myself a whole and here I am, posting in my skivies.

    I read and enjoy the forums and look forward to everyone sending me a gallon of their latest batch of brew....

    BTW, I'm not really fat, just a bit fluffy.


  7. Hey folks,

    I need some advice/ direction or opinions.

    I am going to build a raised panel (semi raised?) desk for my son and daughter in law for their wedding gift.

    I have made several desks, writing, secretary, captains, but never this type.

    My problem is the modesty panel. I plan to incorporate it into the back, as in it is the back of the desk.

    Since the carcass will be rail and style I worry about the length of the top and bottom rails, the desk will be 60 inches long.

    I feel sure they will warp at some point, probably while I'm trying put it together.

    So, would it be better to break the back up into equal sections, change the design to incorporate a true modesty panel...maybe tell them I caught the arthritis or something? :unsure:

    I case it helps I will be using some nicely figure 5/4+ cherry for the build.

    The desk will be 60L x 24D x 18W on the drawer pedestals.

    It will have 9 drawers, 3 across the top front and 3 equal sized drawers on each pedestal.

    All comments and ideers are welcome, encouraged and will probably somehow end up as the property of China.