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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Didn't realize all the difference in extension cords. Now I'll have to make sure mine is rated properly when u get home.
  2. Thanks for the response. I hadn't opened the switch, but just looking at the wiring diagram and really didn't want to touch it.
  3. I recently purchased a new table saw and was curious if it's recommended to install a longer cord or just use an extension cord. I'd prefer to just use an extension cord. The table saw is a 230 volt SawStop PCS. I have a 12 guage extension cord I was thinking of just converting to work with the stock plug but wanted to see what everyone recommended first.
  4. I'm sure DeWalt makes a non stand model. Most can be taken off the stands but Ive liked the portability as I was operating out of a garage and parked our cars inside. Personally I have used a Ridgid jobsite table saw since 2010 and that thing has been a great saw. Fence is outstanding and stays where you put it. I do use a thin Kerf blade. I now have the space for a cabinet saw and take receipt of my new SawStop here shortly.