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  1. The longest plane idea works best. The only exception is if you plan to store a pair of panel saws in the lid, then you have to account for the length of the saws.
  2. I don't think there is any money to be made on the PC, in fact, you might be able to get it for $200. The Delta is a better saw but at $500 it seems a little over-priced. I also don't see any reason to upgrade the motor on the Delta. If you are looking for a long-term solution, I would go with the Delta. If you are just looking for a saw that will meet your needs for the next couple of years, I would get the PC and resell it for what you bought it for when you are ready to upgrade.
  3. jmaichel

    Table Saw

    Not to sound callous but not sure you would be doing your dad any favors by getting him a $200 table saw. Does not matter if it's new or a used one of CL. I don't think you have enough experience to be able to discern what used table saw would be a good buy for your dad if you are not sure what you are looking for. There are plenty of duds out there on CL and you don't want to give your dad something that needs work or does not function properly. I would try and find out if there are any other tools he might need/want or I would try to get a few other members of the family (if this is an
  4. jmaichel

    Shop Move

    I am headed to South Carolina.
  5. jmaichel

    Shop Move

    Shop looks good Kev! I am enjoying your video updates.
  6. No problem Eric, I can understand that. Good luck on the Minimax. Everyone seems to be stepping up their tool game lately when it comes to the bigger machines. I would be more than happy to give anyone that is interested my $50 voucher. The movers are coming in two weeks so you have to act fast if you are interested.
  7. Eric, you can have my $50 voucher if that helps.
  8. Lego has changed a lot. They have several advanced sets that are geared toward adult builders, some of them are pretty pricey but well worth it!
  9. It started a few years ago when I bought my daughter her first Duplo set, I decided to buy a set for myself at the same time. It has since escalated from there. Once I started building the bigger Star Wars sets, I was hooked. I like building Lego almost as much as I like woodworking.
  10. Just checking to see if there are any other Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL's) out there. I am a pretty big lego fan, not a super fan but have a good collection. I am part of a Lego forum but, it's not my favorite and I don't want to spend time searching for a new forum. I thought I would check here for other Lego nerds.
  11. I would cut that much off the top of the side rails. I think you would be fine leaving 10"-12" from the top shelf. I would also suggest that you add a kickboard and top stretcher that runs between the two sides at the back of the case. You can add subtle curves to each of these that match the look you are going for. This will also help stiffen up the entire case and prevent it from racking too much.
  12. jmaichel

    Shop Move

    Good luck on the move Kev! Montana would be a really cool place to live. Looking forward to all your shop updates.
  13. I think you answered your own question here. Jointer would make the most sense.
  14. Thank you for all the nice comments! I am pretty open on where I would like to live. Kev, MT would be cool but not sure I am targeting any jobs up there.