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  1. Andy, where did you get this image from? Kind looks like Popular Woodworking production to me. If you got it from a magazine, would you please let me know month and year? Thanks! While we are talking bad glue ups, I ,messed up when I glued up dovetail drawer. It's not square, just stupid of me. I need to loosen up the joints, clean them, and re-glue. Any advice on what to use release the glue joints? I was going to try denatured alcohol. Thanks.
  2. ARGH! I've going to an inlay workshop that day! Ha! Hope you save the taping, Marc!
  3. Does anyone know about Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2015? Marc tweeted about it the other day. I'd like to find out how to get more involved. Lost my Dad and Step Dad to it, and I fight skin cancer constantly. I'd like to do the build, but I want the who what's and whys about it. Thank you, Dell "Milo" Moore
  4. You are obviously someone that pays entirely too much attention to detail. I'd say you suck, but that would be mean. That's awesome! Steam bending is one of those rabbit holes I have considered time and again. Congrats on the success!
  5. Milo

    Baby sled

    I've been considering making a "baby" for a while now. I've already built the Super Sled (, but I really want to make a small one for quick use. I'm thinking I might go with the on from Woodsmithshop (, but flip it and reduce the width. I kind like the idea of being about to open up my slot to accommodate a dado. If it will WORK is another question, but I don't know why it wouldn't.
  6. Here they are. Sorry for the 1st being blurry. The second shows how nicely it cut straight right down the middle.
  7. Run away, run away! You'll spend just as much money or more trying to "Make" your heavy duty woodworking tools. The things Mattias does are projects for the well seasoned woodworker. Heck, I've been at it 10+years and I'd NEVER try to do this. I can't even get a hand plane right. Save your money, scour Craiglist and Ebay, and buy some decent stuff. You'd be amazed what patience (and a willingness to travel a bit) will find you.
  8. Everyone need to pay attention to what Steve said! EVERYTHING Unisaw, and they won't treat you like an idiot if you call and ask dumb questions... (says the voice of experience...)
  9. Anyone that's owned there own business will agree with Mike 100%.
  10. Sorry I haven't gotten back on the thread to let folks know the outcome. Went to the Dermatologist and ended up having to get cut on and burn on and then do the chemical burn on the face. Haven't been feeling exactly energetic. I DID cut the wood, just as we discussed earlier in the thread. Stress had caused that center crack to lengthen a bit, and it lined up nicely for a straight cut up the center from the bottom on the bandsaw, Didn't have any real problems until the cut was almost finished. For some odd reason everything seemed to bog down for no visible reason. As hhh told Chris,
  11. HHH, regarding your first comment, that was might thought. The grain curves at the bottom, just sure if there is a lot of stress there. We'll see! Fortunately, the board isn't cupping along the length, just the width. Plan is to get to long, usable boards out of it. I believe once I finish milling up the boards they will be stable.
  12. "I hope to maintain a lot of that live edge and make some interesting boxes with this." Boxes! I bought the entire board to do box making with. I thought I'd be able to do some cool things with it.+ Thanks!
  13. Feeling like 1 & 2 are Poplar. I've got some and that grey pattern is common. See it at the top of 2? 3 - 5 Oak(?) 6? Dang, is 7 pine? 8 Beech or Birch MAYBE? I am NO expert. Nice haul though. I means you official suck, you know that, right?
  14. Hello All, I've got this nice piece of ambrosia maple that I picked up. I have a plan on how I want to mill it up, but I thought I'd double check first with other to see if they agree with the plan. As you can see, it is starting to split badly at the top and a small one at the bottom... The split pretty well centered, with a smaller split the bottom... It also has cup across it... So, I'm thinking; make an estimate where the center of the cup is on the slab and take the circular saw and cut right up the middle. Should I cut from the center of the bottom and aim for the split point a