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  1. His prices are already so low he may have a hard time offering to much of a price break. He is a great guy to do business with. When I moved from Dayton to Albuquerque earlier this year I brought about 600 bd ft of cherry and curly maple with me. Seeing the Albuquerque lumber prices, I am glad I did
  2. I will so a single door version to use up some reclaimed genuine mahogany I had as well as a full two door version from curly maple. Ready to Go.
  3. I just moved from Dayton and I can point you to great places to get wood in OH. The first one I would recommend is Muterspaw in Xenia. It is an hour and a half or so from you, but definitely worth the drive. Best prices I have found on good quality hardwood. I also think he has recently become a woodwhisperer advertiser and may have a guild discount.
  4. I am thinking about replacing my vise with the veritas twin screw vise and have a few questions for the group. If I do not buy the twin screw vise I would still add a second vise with about an 18 in spread to give me twin screw capability. How much lip do you need on your workbench to install the veritas twin screw vise? How hard is the install? Underside pictures would be good. Does the wood jaw being cross grain with the bench cause any problems? I assume no since it is done all the time. Any other insight is welcome Thanks James
  5. I really need to build a plasma TV stand. Thinking Greene and Greene styling. How bout it?