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  1. mattvan

    Matt vanderlist ears are ringing...I knew someone was talking about me... CHORTLE! Thanks everyone for the kind words and the support! Marc is absolutely right about not being able to leave. No sooner do I think the show would do better with someone else... then I realize my co-hosts wouldn't have anyone to befuddle them with mixed up figures of speech or mispronounced words. They'd get away with murder! PLUS, I keep thinking we're only days away from that full-on Grape Soda sponsorship. How could I miss out on that opportunity??? And besides...I can't let the trolls and haters win, they'd like that too much. Thank you again everyone, I'm not going anywhere...I bleed Wood Talk!
  2. For what it's worth, I think this was already addressed in the previous replies, a shop vac is not ideal...but it could help at the least. Not too long ago I forgot to reattach the DC hose to my SawStop and didn't notice until I was done cutting. There was a little bit more sawdust in the air, but nothing outrageous. And when I walked around the back to reattach the had shot a stream of dust and chips out the back at least 4ft in a line. It looked like it had been deliberately sprayed there. Inside the cabinet, not much dust had accumulated. The dust shroud worked amazing. Just to be transparent about my relationship with SawStop they are a Sponsor of my show...but I'd tell this story even if they weren't.
  3. mattvan

    Table Saw Help!!

    Glad to help alleviate at least a little bit of the unknown. That's the stressful part. Now that you've identified it, at least you know you're not going insane LOL.
  4. mattvan

    Table Saw Help!!

    That's kind of what I was thinking. This type of fence is easy to deflect and sometimes needs a little extra help on the backside. I went so far as adding a clamp. I feel your anger!!!
  5. mattvan

    Table Saw Help!!

    What model saw is this, if you don't mind sharing? What type of fence system does it have? My first saw saw had a decent fence system, BUT I noticed it still deflected while the cut was being completed. As soon as I finished the cut, it went right back into place. i never felt the deflection, but had the same exact result you did.
  6. mattvan

    Table Saw Help!!

    My gut says the issue is still the fence BUT I'm wondering if the blade needs to be further adjusted? How is the parallelism of the front and back of the blade with the miter slot and or fence?
  7. mattvan

    SawStop works!!

    I wonder if I can get a sponsorship?
  8. mattvan

    SawStop works!!

    From what it sounds like, and I have an extra cartridge to try this out with when I do my review of my SawStop saw, the actual damage to the blade can be minimal. The choice is then up to the user whether they want to continue using it. I have a crosscut blade for my old mitersaw that threw a tooth a long time ago. What scares me the most about using it still is that I have no idea when it broke free. But after inspecting the rest of the blade I don't see anything wrong with it or any loose welds on the carbide tips. I guess I'd do the same with my tablesaw blade if I considered reusing it?
  9. mattvan

    SawStop works!!

    I automatically find myself kind of "stepping to the side" whenever I start up the saw's come from years of remembering who used it the last time and anticipating that I forgot to tighten something for some reason LOL.
  10. mattvan

    SawStop works!!

    As soon as you mentioned knicking the miter gauge it immediately made sense about the brake kicking in. Maybe for cuts made where there's a possibility of hitting something like a miter gauge or such I'll have to activate the Bypass option for those cuts LOL?! I remember hearing also that the blade typically can be reused after tripping the brake, but it's a comfort issue as far as I'm concerned. If you're not comfortable with it...or if you want to use it as a great excuse to buy a new one! Glad to hear your safe, that's all that matters!
  11. mattvan

    Wood Shop Flooring Options

    This was going to be second suggestion. It's not pretty to look at, but it could work.
  12. mattvan

    Wood Shop Flooring Options

    What about dirt? it's easy on the feet, sawdust and chips can eventually be composted with little to no effort and you can just cover stains and spills with another layer. Plus during times of stress, you could get a rack and it could be your own personal ZEN garden.
  13. mattvan


    You flatterer you!!! Thanks for the suggestion. I'm copying and pasting it on to my notepad right now.
  14. mattvan


    March 14, 2012 Fine Woodworking Magazine's Editor Asa Christiana will be visiting with me over at my website Matt's Basement Workshop to talk about the upcoming "FWW Live Event" later this year. If you have questions for Asa be sure to let me know and I'll be sure to ask him for you. I'd like to broadcast live on my Ustream channel, but the truth is my bandwidth might not handle it. So I'll let you know as it gets closer.
  15. mattvan

    An Uncomfortable Request

    I think the message was "it's coming from inside your house Mr. Spagnuolo!"