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  1. Recently changed my line of business and as a result, I have upgraded to a full on cabinet saw with sliding cross cut table Sooo ... I need to sell off my Craftex 10" tablesaw and the aftermarket fence. It still has the original fence available and the person buying it can take it with them as well if they choose. Otherwise the original fence heads to the curb. The add on Fence extends the rip capacity to 50". Great for plywood cuts. Here's the link to the specs on the CT146 - Here's the link to
  2. Thanks to everybody for their feedback. I've bookmarked all of them for future reference, but ended up going with Matt from Inlay Banding who will do custom orders in a short turnaround period.
  3. Anyone ever have to order specialty edge banding? I have a table that I need to build half of a top for which has inlaid thin holly or maple strips. The client is looking for an economical solution, so I'm building the top from Mahogany plywood and would like to be able to edge band it appropriately to match the other half of the table. There was a place a few years ago in the states that I had found, but haven't been able to find it since. I would really rather not have to build the edge banding manually if I can help it. Anyone know of a place that sells this type of specialty edge b
  4. Gonna have to figure out what's happening with my notifications. I didn't get a notification in any of the above replies. So thank you for your responses. I ended up going with the 1200 shop and have been keeping busy enough to pay for my expenses plus a little extra. Slow over Christmas of course, but the quotation pipeline is starting to fill again. The space is working well for me. I need to add a wall to separate the back 1/3 or put in a spray booth. I'm leaning for the second option at this point. When in a production environment, I'm definitely appreciating the ability to leave too
  5. I normally would do this myself, but Toronto to Indianapolis is a bit far to handle lol. Anyway, she has an antique cedar chest that has taken a bit of a beating through several moves. If there are any repair/refinishing specialists in the Indianapolis area interested, please pm me and I'll send you some pics. I'm on my phone and can't resize the pics to attach them. Thanks! Mike
  6. Congrats on going pro! I did it myself also about 1.5 years ago and what a fantastic journey. My longest stretch was from about 8 am to 2 am and then back before 9 am again. That was a point where i bit off more than I could chew on my own (without a helper) and had to make deadlines for 3 different customers.
  7. I found the shaker end table project to be a great skill builder. Jigs, mortise and tenon, dovetails, a drawer, inlay if you so choose and finishing.
  8. mlehikoinen

    Canada eh?

    We should have a East GTA/Pickering woodworking conference! Okay, it won't be WIA, but it would be fun!
  9. forgot to mention, my bread/butter clients are furniture builds, refinishing projects and cabinetry
  10. So, the time has come where my little 9x20 shop can no longer hold me, my tools and more than 1 furniture project and there is a backlog of about 3 projects. I know, not a bad problem to have! However, in trying to find a new location, I would love to go big, Big, BIG. Then reality sets in with the cost/sq ft and I'm down to 2 options. 1. go with a 650 sq ft location and be forced to have to deal with having to break out certain machines as needed in order to have some space dedicated to works in progress OR only have 1 job at a time; or 2. go with a 1200sq ft location, have some spa
  11. Use a broker. in fact, use 3 brokers to secure the best quotes possible. i had one broker quote me $2000 per year for $2M liability, my shop, equipment etc with no employees and no car. The best came in at $900 for the same coverage. not all brokers have access to the same underwriters.
  12. I haven't tried it myself, but from WIA last year, Graham Blackburn said you should be able to plane any piece of wood in any direction with no tearout by ensuring that: The mouth of the plane is open only as wide as the thickness of shaving that you are trying to take; and, The cap iron is set back from the edge of the blade only as far as that same shaving thickness. Of course, neither are exact sciences, but you get the idea. I like the idea of less clogging by polishing the cap iron. Maybe on my next sharpening session...
  13. So, I've recently done 1 refinish where the customer asked me to paint something white. It was a basic dresser and it turned out okay, but the paint was a pain in the -ahem-! It was too thick even after thinning and reaching a suitable viscocity where it was still causing some spattering. Of course, it was a water based latex. Is oil based latex paint thinner out of the can? Should I actually be using a different type of paint altogether? Reason I'm asking is that I have another request to white paint a dresser. This time it's a queen Anne style dresser which appears to be in great condi
  14. Pretty slick! One question on the pedestals. Do the legs attach to the bottom of the apron? It's hard for me to tell from the photo. If so, any issues with knees banging into the pedestal? Otherwise I would say a pretty flawless execution.
  15. It's possible that woodcraft has it, I won't order from them as the shipping charges to Canada are ususally more than the product I'm purchasing. But the central distributor for Black & Decker Canada (previous owners) doesn't have it and the new owners haven't setup distribution to Canada yet (if the new owners are even going to continue making them that is). I can't seem to get an answer from them one way or the other. Which might tell you a lot about their customer service overall.