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  1. Stunning! My phone doesn't show a video so I'll have to take a second look later from my desktop. I enjoy lutes and other uncommon stringed instruments so I look forward to hearing it. -- Rick M
  2. Go to design school, you will frigging love it. My daughter is studying architecture and I'm so jealous of all the cool stuff she gets to do and the machinery they learn. 3D printing, CNC, woodworking, metal working, casting with different materials, super cool stuff. -- Rick M
  3. When it comes to IP, there is no right, wrong, legal, or illegal; there is only money. And don't think the big guys ignore the little guys, I got a C&D for a pacman shape before ever selling one. -- Rick M
  4. I like the simplicity. I see a versatile clamp rack. -- Rick M
  5. My all time favorite is, As Time Goes By; hilarious and heartwarming. Lots of good ones after that. Another favorite is 3rd Rock from the Sun. Both have one thing in common, perfect comedic timing. -- Rick M
  6. Acid will pit the metal and can expose hidden structure. -- Rick M
  7. Also lubricate the dead center with wax.
  8. What to look for... A brand you've heard of, with a common arbor thread size like 3/4-16 or better a 1-8, preferably a #2 Morse taper but a #1 isn't a deal breaker. Craftsman isn't bad if the cost is low, Delta is better especially anything 70s or older. Beware 80-90s Deltas. I would avoid anything 40s or older until you know your lathes. Or maybe you want something modern, then look for a used Jet. -- Rick M
  9. You bet. Late evening I might grab a glass of bourbon and a cigar and just sit in the shop thinking. -- Rick M
  10. I said this before and it caused a ruckus but I'll say it again ... a cheap bandsaw is better than no bandsaw. I have two bandsaws. One is a $35, used 9" saw, that I have used the heck out of it. Truth be told it isn't a very good machine but it is serviceable and I have never regretted spending the money. You are always better off buying a good quality machine over a cheap machine but there are some machines that are better to own cheap than not own at all.
  11. I bought a vintage Lufkin combination square recently, the guy threw it in as an extra on something completely unrelated because it wasn't something he normally sells. It is dead nutz square to my ability to determine. If I hold it against my 4" machinist square with a light behind there is not even the faintest sliver of light between them. Impressed the heck out of me.
  12. Back when I bought my saw, I chose the Unifence over the Bies and never regretted it. Tolerance on the Bies was 1/16 over it's length but that was impressive back then. Your Unifence shouldn't have been flexing under anything short of a serious push or whack. I remember FW testing them with a swinging sledge hammer and measuring the deflection. -- Rick M
  13. When checking for the alignment problem make sure you know what you're checking. Don't know how many times I've read someone say they didn't have the alignment problem but they were checking the wrong thing. - Rick M, sent via Tapatalk