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  1. How about just leaving it as a concrete floor and buying a super cushy pair of designated shop shoes. You've already got a shop apron, so maybe you could create a new intro segment for your videos where you change your shoes and put on your apron as you walk into the shop. Think Mr. Rogers meets the Woodwhisperer.
  2. Any chance you could post some photos of your set-up? I have a 2.5 hp PennState bag collector that I'm sure could be set up more efficiently. Do you use a trash can cyclone attachment in your system by chance? Steve
  3. Nice find JimB. Woodworks is the best show out there next to the Woodwhisperer of course. I think I only ever saw about 20-30 episodes of Woodworks so I'm looking forward to working my way through each one by one.
  4. I have the CMT as well and it works great although bit changing is a challenge. I have one of those Freud 3hp plunge routers mounted on an insert at the end of my table saw fence and ended up buying the CMT collet extension so I could use a big patterning bit. It came in handy while making several of the G&G mirror frames for christmas presents this year. No vibration at all from what I could tell but it looks a whole lot different the the pic you posted.
  5. How about something small and relatively easy to replicate for christmas presents, but complex enough to be worthy of being a guild build.
  6. AzWoodman, Check-out Rio Salado and Chandler Gilbert Community Colleges for woodworking classes taught at local high schools. There is a class @ Highland HS in Gilbert designed specifically for people interested in woodworking on a hobbyist level. The school has a lot of very nice tools and the instructor, Chris Askew, is a nice guy as well. Steve