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  1. Mark, When you say 3-4" in front I still do not want any glue on the center panel correct?
  2. Great answers gentlemen would expect nothing less from this forum. I will glue on the front. Mark, what i meant was should I apply glue also at the rear divider support "D"?
  3. I have decided to build a chest of drawers awhile ago and now I am getting back to it. I have made my side panels of solid wood versus the plywood. So the question is where should I appy my glue on the webframes? Just on the front web where the legs meet or just the back or both front & back? And what about glue on center support?
  4. For sure the planer. Like Beechwood said you can use a Router Table, Table Saw or Sled. Jointers are great, but easier to sub for.
  5. Very Jealous. If I said that to my wife I would get one of two answers. 1 being "HELL NO" 2nd being "What do I get?" Great job and stay cool.
  6. Thin kerf is a must for smaller saws. Freud Blades are good mid-upper blade for the price. One thing is I know you said a cheap saw, but does it have a riving knife? Or have you considered seeing if you can find a higher quailty used one on craigslist?
  7. It's pretty but the funtionality seems to lack. Storage underneath has no width adjustments & with only 5 shelve spots & not very deep makes very tool specific. pretty nice bench for smaller projects though.
  8. Paul & Tim both great suggestions it's moments like this that make me feel like a idiot. I think I will plan on middle piece being a 10"-12" piece. I will rip to side pieces 3" or so and set over wide board to see visually how small to make them. I would think 1" pieces on either side might be to small but what do you guys think? Bigger the better in the middle?
  9. Ok so I got a nice piece of Cherry that is 13" wide, but I need a 15" panel. assuming I can get grain pattern close. Do you think I should just glue up a additional 2" piece on the end or make the glue joint at the center and rip the board down to 7 1/2?
  10. I built the Rockler kit last year and love it. It is actually made by Create-a-bed. Very easy to do great instructions. But if I were to do another one I would open up to some design changes starting with the headboard. It is a high quality unit that gets used a fair amount. I would not search for different brand personnaly.
  11. Sony Corporation announced today that it has released an exciting new video game, called Dovetail or Die, aimed at the woodworker. The player uses his Playstation console joystick to virtually cut a set of pins and tails while being attacked by aliens wearing plaid shirts and brandishing laser guided cordless drills. “Our standard line of Playstation games do not appeal to men 50 and older” said a Sony spokesperson. “Our marketing research told us that we needed a game more in tune with the interests of these men, and further research told us that a woodworking theme would get us into this important demographic. Old people are living longer than ever, so we see this as a growing market, not just some niche to be exploited.” Reviewers of the game cited the lame graphics and slow pace of the game. But Sony responded that unlike younger video game users, the audience for this new game has diminishing eyesight and slowing reflexes, so the game was designed to accommodate those limitations. “We also don’t want to be responsible for heart attacks that might accompany high speed action. We want to build our customer base, not send them to the grave.” Pricing for the new game had not been set at the time of this report. A spokesperson for Sony would only say "We know it has to be priced low since most of these guys are pretty tight with a buck." Rumors persist that Nintendo does not want to cede this market to Sony. Allegedly they plan to compete by introducing Bandsaw Hero for the Wii video console next month. ***Information in this story gleaned from an April 1st press release from Sony Corporation.***
  12. hudsonoffice


    New Wood Species The International Wood Species Council (IWSC) has issued a bulletin declaring a new species of hardwood, known as AEKI wood. Prior to this declaration, all new wood species were dependent on the discovery of a new tree species. In this case, however there really is no such thing as an AEKI tree, and AEKI wood is actually a mixture of small wood particles held together with adhesives, and covered by a microscopically thin layer of veneer that may or may not resemble real wood. Critics have complained that this is a blatant attempt by IKEA, the worlds largest furniture maker, to declare particleboard a wood species so that it can advertise its products as being made from 100% hardwoods. They cite the name of the new wood, which is IKEA spelled backwards, and the all capital letters used in the designation, as proof of the Swedish company’s influence. A spokeswoman for IKEA, Hilda Johannsen, denied any undue pressure by the corporation. “ Ya sure, the IWSC organization held it’s January meeting at our corporate headquarters in Sweden, but that, and the airfare we provided the members was simply corporate largess for which no strings were attached,” Hilda stated. “Whatever decisions the council made, were done as the fully independent organization that the IWSC is.” When asked about the free Volvo XC90 provided to each council member she stated that the members needed an easy way to get around Sweden while they were at the meetings, and after the meetings the cars were “not that valuable, since they were no longer new” so IKEA just gave them to the IWSC members. “We expected nothing in return.” “This is worse than calling plywood a species,” declared Minnesota Woodworkers Guild member Harvey Finkelbottom. “Have you ever seen a particleboard tree, or cut one down with a chainsaw? Of course not! What does the leaf from an AEKI tree look like?” he asked rhetorically. He called for massive protests, similar to those recently held in Egypt, Libya and Wisconsin as a way to overturn this decision. No members of the IWSC could be reached for comment. This reporter was told that they were all on extended vacations in undisclosed Scandinavian countries.
  13. What better way to learn then to get in there and just do it. I willing to bet after this experince and watching Marc's video your next inlays will be perfect. I do agree with you that the legs are a little thick, but it looks like a solid built table that will last a long time. Good job.
  14. Great job nothing to Critique here. I just love G&G design.
  15. I don't know much about the Wagner Sprayer, but the Rockler sprayer for the money does a good job. Simple to use and a great learning sprayer only a couple adjustments. I have sprayed Pre-cat laquer and water based poly and dewaxed shellac and it comes out pretty nice and easy to clean up very user friendly.
  16. I'm just about to finish a Murphy Bed I completed and it is made of Birch and the wife wants to put a stain on it. So I am going to use a Zinner SealCoat thinned to keep from blotching then stain. The question is I prefer to spray on Pre cat Laquer for the top coat, but will I have any adhering issues with the SealCoat and what would be a altternative if I don't go with Laquer?