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  1. Hi all, I am selling my Minimax Slider combo in hopes that I will be able to expand and to fund some larger equipment. This is a serious machine and there is next to nothing it can not do in the shop Here is the jist of what it does: 1- Sliding table saw with scoring unit: 12" blade capacity with standard 5/8" arbor, 3/4" dado capability, 5 1/2' cutting capacity, 1 large table and 1 small table both capable of mitering, 30" rip capasity and high low rip fence, and 4 flip stops and more... 2- Shaper: 5Hp shaper complete with 1 1/14" spindle independent fence and hold downs. It works in conjuntion with the sliding table so you essentially have a shaper with a sliding table. It has a reversable motor as well. 3- 12"Jointer: 12in jointer with 60" tables and fence. All individually adjustable and very precise. It has a 300mm 3 knife Tersa cutter head which is self setting and the knives are reversable. I am including extra knives and the ones on it still can be flipped. 4- 12" Planer w/digital readout: Shares the same cutter head and motor as the jointer but I added a digital read out for very precise height adjustment. 5- Horizontal Mortiser: One of the best features on this machine! It has a Westcott chuck, the table is on an X Y axis(forward/back, side to side) table with an upgraded 80/20 table to make claming and jiging easily and great height adjustment and production stops and clamp hold downs. I am including 3- Onsrud 4 flute bits and 2- 2flute bits ranging from 1/4" up to 1/2" There are tons of extras included such as a Euopean and American Jointer guard, blades, hold downs, knives, ripping shoe, and so on! This machine is very heavy weighing in at 1300Lbs but does have a built in mobility set with a jimmy bar to help get it around and positioned in your spot. The motors are 220v 30amp single phase but only require 1 electrical connection. There are emergency stops and start buttons at every station for safety and convience. I bought this about 2 or 3 years ago brand new and I have taken nothing short of excellent care of it as it was the center of my business. It runs great and will for year to come. $9100.00 or reasonable offer This is local pick up due to size and weight and I am more than willing to help you out any way I can to get it on it's way. If you have any questions or want mor photos please feel free to contact me through my website or by phone at eight four three 4 5 two 2 four 0 two Cheers! Charlie
  2. I have used the Wood Slicer blades for years now and never had a complaint, really nice blades. Recently I switched to PS Wood Machines Timber Wolf blade and I have to say, I like them better. I use the 4tpi I/2" blade and it cuts like a dream and is pretty smooth too. My saw has a 2 hp Leeson which powers through most of what I throw at it, but you might want to try their 3tpi with a lower powered machine. Hope that helps, Charlie
  3. Thanks guy's, good one Vic ;-0 I have never used a gravity fed gun and now that I have a choice I wondered if there is any advantages? I have seen them a lot in the automotive industry and with some pro finishers any one who has one, what do like about it?
  4. Hi all! I have a nice HVLP set up but I am looking to start spraying water born finishes and I plan on doing so with a new gun. My dilemma is should I buy the the gravity feed cup or the siphon cup? I am not sure of the advantages of the gravity fed one as I have only used the siphon cup versions, any help in this would be great, Thanks!
  5. My first DC came from Penn State and I ran the heck out of it and it never complained once, great company. I recently swapped it out to a JDS cyclone, highly recommended if you ever want to upgrade in the future, another great company. Grizzly seems like the better choice, when it comes to fit and finish, they are pretty nice. Here is a link to the Penn State equivalent http://www.pennstateind.com/store/DC2000BCF.html Cheers, Charlie
  6. oldgrowth


    Thanks Thomas for a positive side, my experience finally turned for the better a couple of days ago. The actual owner of the company called me to see if he could lend some assistance. I received and installed my new parts yesterday and all is good. I am really hoping that this was just some sort of SNAFU or missed communication on there part. I like there products, but with out support...well, not so great. I think I might give them another shake in the future, but we'll see. Thanks to everyone who commented, Cheers
  7. oldgrowth


    So...A really crazy funny update to my plight with Laguna's not so hot CS department. I logged into FB this morning and guess who wanted to be friends with me? START RANT: Man, that is rich! What the heck?!! I was just going to ignore it and then I thought, "give them a piece of your mind". So I did...short story longer, I received an e-mail saying that they were pulling the parts off of another machine and sending them next day air and that the problem was with there supplier and not them, kindda lame passing blame and all and this is also the fist I had heard of this and... let me see... the 3rd or 4th different story I had been told and the 2nd time that they told me the parts were on the way. Anyhoo, guess we will see tomorrow...stay tuned. END RANT Thanks for listening and sharing with me and also please feel free to chime in, Cheers, Charlie
  8. oldgrowth


    Cool! I have been wanting to buy one for some time, but hopefully they have beefed up there packaging, I would hate to have to go through my current situation again. Thanks
  9. oldgrowth


    I could not agree more! Laguna seems to have a really nice product, but and a BIG but, there CS is almost nonexistent. As Far as MM goes I have MM CU300 Smart combo and when I needed a few parts they bent over backwards for me. A true model of CS. Before I even bought the machine I got the nickle tour of the facility, a hands on demo of the machine I was looking to purchase and even met most of the CS staff, nice people FYI I found out that if a part is back ordered around Christmas or August, for what ever reason, it might be awhile. Apparently the Italians love their holidays and pretty much shut production down, but the guy's in parts say they usually get ready for this.
  10. oldgrowth


    I thought about buying that fence, what problems are you having?
  11. oldgrowth


    @ Mike, I too have been hearing that more and more, very sad. Seems like there internal communication and organizational skills could use a big overhaul. @Pete, thanks for your feedback, I am really getting to my wits end with these guy's. Not too long after I posted one of the parts guy's calls me and says that he doesn't "recall" my request and if I could "refresh" his memory. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I almost lost it...okay! Count to 10... So I took him to task "refreshing" his memory. He gave me some hooie about a new computer system they installed and going on about how my case # was erased, blah, blah, blah! This sucks! I really hope I can get my parts.
  12. oldgrowth


    After commenting on another topic about Laguna tools and after a little consideration I thought I might ask you all here. I am not one to throw any one, companies included, under the proverbial bus (I'd at least honk the horn first LOL!) but I have not had the best customer experience with them at all. Here, hopefully , the short of it: I bought a bandsaw from them about this time last year, the new 14" 3000 series, nice saw btw. When it arrived I set it up and started using it, pretty easy. One day while adjusting the upper guide height back down from resawing to make a thin cut I was loosening the lock to move it down and wouldn't you know the thing slipped past my hand and went slamming into my work piece. Yikes! That was not cool, and man is that thing heavy! I decided to call Laguna and see if I could get the parts for the rack and pinion guide adjuster, which I am told is now standard on the machine I bought, and they said no problem. I called back after a few weeks to check up and now the parts were back ordered. I called a few months later and just received an email saying they were working on it. I actually forgot until a few weeks ago so I shot them an e-mail and they started apologizing and said they would go and get them from a machine in the warehouse. I was surprised by the response, but sure, parts are parts. Well as of current no one will return my calls or emails, what gives? I think that this whole ordeal is now closing in on the one year mark and still no parts. I really hope I have no problems with my machine. So...Have any of you had any experiences with Laguna's CS department? Does anyone own any of there tools? Thanks for listening and let me know
  13. I have had nothing but good experience's with any of my Grizzly machines over the years. The customer service is pretty darn good as well. I bought a Laguna bandsaw last year and it is pretty nice, but when I tried to order some extra parts for it, now almost a year ago, their customer service fell over the deep end. I am still waiting for those parts and now I can not even get them to call me back. I shutter to think if I had a problem with the machine whether or not I would even be able to get any support. I will think long and hard before purchasing from them again. Good luck
  14. I started out with a low angle block, an old Stanley no.2 and no.4 that I tuned up and they have done fine by me. Shannon seems to be on to something in regards to your current large surfacing equipment. Maybe you should look into a nice low angle block or rabbit block (60 1/2 or 60 1/2R) a nice med. shoulder plane and a no 4 or 4 1/2, bevel up or down could work and maybe adding a nice router plane later on. Of course the most important thing to have of all of these tools is the ability to sharpen and tune them. Cheers
  15. Update, but first a correction...I am seeing the deluxe kit going for $250. I got mine at IWF for $190, guess it was a half decent deal...maybe. Well as it turns out the higher price, I bought my Makita 2 1/4hp kit for the same price with dust coll. and edge guide incl., is the only real downside to the router. It is fairly light weight and has great power in a small package. As far as size goes, it is somewhere between a trim router and 2hp, but closer to the trim router. The bases are very easy to change between and the LED on the motor are a god send, very bright. The bit visibility is pretty good and seem fairly well balanced. I am still waiting on my dust collection adapters and I'll let ya know how that goes. The plunge base moves very smoothly and has a very easy to use depth stop, like a simple version of the one on my OF1400 and the plate takes template guides. The fixed base uses the threaded ring setup for adjustment and it works very smoothly. I especially like the "D" shaped clear base. I think it's a fairly good buy and I really like the versatility of the bases in comparison with my old Colt. The collet lock is way easier than the Colt and it has multiple indention's instead of just one that you have to keep rotating the collet to find. Hope this helps, Cheers