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  1. You guys have convinced me. All the drum repairs with epoxy I've seen have been a thick dark line. I think clear epoxy, curing, and sanding flush will do the trick. Thanks again for the advice.
  2. So, sanding the crack off isn't an option? I'm hesitant to use epoxy. What about using a wood fill? Thanks again for the help. My music studio flooded in Hurricane Sandy and I've spent the past few months learning how to repairing and refinishing instruments (and sadly throwing away some that were beyond repair!)
  3. Thanks for the thought. I was thinking about injecting an expanding glue into it as a last resort. I'd like to be able to either close the crack shut or remove it so that it would look good cosmetically.
  4. Hello- I'm trying to fix a small crack on a conga drum of mine. It was submerged in water and developed a crack that runs perpendicular to the wood grain. It isn't deep at all. I've searched for information on how to fix it, but I can't find anything. The crack is about 1.25" long, on the curve of the drums belly, and on the other side of the wood are scoring lines that the builder put in.The drum is made of quartersawn oak. I was thinking about lightly sanding the crack out, but I'm a little worried that the wood will be too thin as the crack runs along the scoring. I've attached a photo. Thanks for any help!