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  1. Ok guys... This topic got me thinking. So i got my buttocks off the couch searched a bit and tried some, from 50€ new to 500€ used, and it seems to be like: Either you get a great tool, or basically a whole lot of rubbish. So i guess the choice is getting hit with a frying pan and saving money. I guess i will go for the dewalt, (i actually found a guy that uses one) or a hegner since dewalt is hard to come bye here (used). I haven't tried hegners smallest but it comes for about the same as the dewalt, but is a bit smaller, takes stuff up to 2" high and about 14" long, but i guess wi
  2. Thanks guys! The rockwell thingy looks interesting indeed, issue is: It's not available here apparently, but the mass of offers i consider shrunk quite a bit, which is a good thing. Concerning dewalt and such: I wish. They go for about 200-300€ used, i just can not afford it at this point in time. 100€ is my limit 150€ may be a painful maximum, every € over that means hits on the head with the frying pan.
  3. A table and/or a band saw is out of range at the moment, so i want to get a scroll saw. They seem to go pretty cheap used. I see them go for like 50 to 150euro at ebay, with metal tables, those at the local store cost that much but only have plastic and stuff. But what do i really have to watch out for when i buy one? I guess plastic tables are bad? For the moment i just have a wall-clock as a project that i want to do, you know, cutting the teeth myself from ply/mdf. It should give me a pretty nice and clean cut, that doesn't require to much sanding. What do i have to look out f
  4. Well we are in different parts of the planet, so getting X times the same kind of board would be difficult, since having the same supplier is not doable, i personally still haven't found a great supplier, i have to buy what ever i can get. But i really like what you've said after that. It gives us a common base, without that someone would have to build something he doesn't want/need to participate, and it leaves a lot of room for creative working. The box started here actually, someone in the chat pointed me to Roy Underhill, and i became really fascinated with his little greasepot
  5. Hello good people. Story time: I'm in a community called worth1000, it's all about competing with each other. We had a HxH (contest started by a user) in september, it was a lot of fun and we maybe would like to do it again. Problem: We are lacking project ideas. I will see what they come up with, but i thought it would be a good idea, to also ask here for that purpose. The problem is, that it must be small and doable, not everyone needs a new table, and not everyone will have a shop full of tools. It also must give us a bit of creative freedom. Any ideas? If you are interested
  6. If you don't get what you want you could try worth, but it will cost you. http://logo.worth1000.com/
  7. I'm listening to a lot of per-olov kindgren's stuff these days. That guy really can play and does fabulous arrangements, i liked it so much that i've bought the sheetmusic for his "air" arrangement. If you are into (classical) guitar music then you really have to check out his channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/AndanteLargo
  8. Xaromir

    Scary Sharp

    Mind blowing. I've been looking for better paper for a while. Does it also come in rougher grids? When i tried to get the bottom of my plane flat i've gone through the sheets really quick, the sand just instantly came off. Yes i set the blade so that it's well inside the plane and doesn't touch the paper. I may be a bit of a dim bulb but not quit that dim. I guess i see if i get some of those, to try. The paper i now use really gives me a hard time, and i'm also not that fond of stones actually.
  9. I've seen a good system some years ago. You been able to favorite, like, dislike and block tags: If you don't like cats you just added that tag to your block list or disliked it. Ratings been clearly reserved for rating the quality of the content. Since you talk about "youtube not making it very obvious": I think it starts with the labels of the buttons, it's just "like" and "dislike", those are very vague terms and can refer to many things, like personal taste but also to quality. If someone doesn't like cats he or she will maybe thumb it down - he dislikes it, there is nothing re
  10. I made you a cake but i've eaten it. Happy anniversary!
  11. I think that's actually a interesting topic so i thought i post it, discussing things on youtube sucks anyway. Someone wondered why someone thumbed down Marc's latest video on youtube for no obvious reason. I told him/her that i think that it's to get rid of recommendations in which they are not interested in. You all know it, you maybe came across a video about X and now your recommendations box is flooded with stuff about X, but you are not really interested, my theory is that giving some of those a thumb down will help getting rid of these, and prevent that more videos about X will
  12. True i also like the self-drilling things, my dealer doesn't have them anymore but i hung some pictures with them back then and they really been nice, even though i find a drill more controllable. But that they wear out isn't always bad. When you have a store for IT stuff for example then the first thing you tell your employees is to look for screws that look used... There is a very good reason for that. But yes, they are nice for home use. I don't know if they are all switching, but that's what he said, but somehow i believe that. I didn't even had the need to get a torx screwdri
  13. I've been to the store to get a screw - nothing fancy - flathead philips - slotted would also have been fine. But - they didn't had any - not even one, only torx and i don't even had a screwdriver for those. I walked up to a guy and he told me that they aren't selling those anymore, only torx from now on, every store would switch at the moment since "they don't wear out and the screwdrivers don't slip". I mean why now? They've been around for quite a long time, why so suddenly? Is that maybe just a local thing or is it the same deal where you people live? Any thoughts on that? So far
  14. Bandsaw tablesaw router - those are the 3 things no shop can live without, i have to and it's a pain in the bottom. I know it can be done without but it's just so much easier with. It's the difference between hours of sawing or minutes of pushing.
  15. Xaromir

    5 days

    Congratulations! I've heard the first week is rough, and continues being a bit "odd" for a month or so, but as long it's only odd feeling. Hang in there - best of luck mate! And continue telling everyone - then it's less likely to start again.