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  1. Marc, You used Cetol Marine on you adirondack build. How is it holding up after a couple or years? Thanks Rick
  2. I am trying to upgrade my DC in my shop until I can get a Clear Vue. So I have 6" metal ducting and a 2hp Jet single stage. I was thinking I could improve it with a separate Thien separator. Anyone built one with 6" ports? If so, did you use flex hose and 6" PVC 90s? Advice? Sources? Thanks in advance
  3. Chris, Traditional woodworking, A base for a sculpture and something else (haven't decided yet). Thanks And thank you Steve.
  4. This is the first time I have worked with a burl and live edge, could someone help me with the process? Especially with filling voids, how do you finish the live edge and the best finish to make the burl top really stand out. Thanks Rick Hammans Berthoud, Colorado