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  1. Just picked up my New favorite coffee mug and long sleeve shirt, hope it will help out, We need you up and running how else are we supposed to become great woodworkers?
  2. Hey Mike, Thanks for taking the time to create this for us. Downlaod was easy cant wait to get it to the lumber yard!!! Guy
  3. wait..what...? ohh man I did it again sorry guys
  4. I have just recently installed the duct work for my dust collector, was wondering what everyone else's thoughts were on grounding the PVC piping. Is it needed? how to do it? and issues that you all may have had? Thanks Guy
  5. Hey jay just got your post this morning from the guys in the chat and I first want to thank you for the concern. I do know about the long sweep fittings and unfortunately i am on a budget for the duct work to my shop at the moment and the long sweeps are twice as expensive then the regular t's that i am using, but this dust collection is hooked up and fortunately it is running very nicely and doing its job of sucking in all the saw dust I am running a 2hp dc to it and do not have alot of different ports for it and about 50 to 60 feet of piping. You should def get in the chat room where you can see everyone running live and also chat with all of us thanks again for the concern and I look forward to seeing you in there. Guy
  6. Marc has definitely been a big influence on certain tools that I buy nessecarly the brand but the type of tool in general, I guess when he is your main teacher of woodworking the things he does and use are going to effect how you pursue the craft. Thanks Marc
  7. Guy

    Media Cabinet

    I agree with you on the rails not going aswell, and that was more of a planning error on my part after completing the piece I realized that I probably should have reversed the grain pattern on the rails to match the panels, when i was making the doors i wanted the rails to follow the flow of the stretcher under neath and didnt even consider the door panels(live and learn aye). I find it funny about the door panels grain direction though, I wasnt even aware that there was a certain way the grain is supposed to be positioned in a door panel. I just thought it looked nice that way, I guess that is one good thing about being nieve to some design aspects you can mistakingly do something out of the box and open up new ideas. By the way the wife loves the piece and we will hate to see it go if it ends up selling. Thanks for the reply vic I always appreciate what you have to say, and see ya in the chat room!!!!
  8. Guy

    Media Cabinet

    Thanks Chet for your sugestions, I agree with you on the center shelf being alittle thicker, it might go well with the thicker legs. The top is actually an inch thick I did a pretty large chamfer on the bottom with a small back chamfer on the top I didnt want the top to look so thick and bulky and that helped thin it out alot visually. You cant really tell in the picture but the ends on the top are also slightly rounded to break up the squareness of the top and I thought it flowed well with the curve in the rails and stretchers. Also becuase like you said I thought it would give it a custom built look. Again thank you for the critique!!!
  9. Guy

    Media Cabinet

    Alot of it had to do with the dimensions of the doors for me. they are more wide then tall and the stock that i had was not wide enough for me to orientate the grain that way, I also like the visual look of how the grain resembles almost ripples in a pond when a pebble hits it, also I though it would be good to breaks up all the up and down orientation of the piece, but i do understand what you are saying and definitely will mention that the grain orientation can go the other way if a client feels that there is something off with the piece. Thanks guys for your comments, I am looking forward to more. Guy
  10. I would like to get others opnions on different design aspects that they might have chosen for this project. This is my first project and kinda my baby lol. I designed this piece for my portfolio and would like to hear how others might have changed it so I can take that and build from it for future clients. This piece has had a strong influence from Shaker design but I feel with a modern twist(I would also like to know what style of furntiure you think this would fall under), the joinery is mostly mortise and tenon with floating solid wood, bookmatched panels through out. I chose this picture so you can see the piece for what it is intended for. If you would like to see more pictures with out all the electronics I would be happy to send you some. I look foward to hearing everyones critiques, Thank you. Guy Bucey
  11. The jewelry box is a good choice it had pretty high numbers on the last poll and alot more people will actually participate. Although it is nice to watch and learn, participating in a build will be where most of us get the critical hands on experience that we need to become better furniture builders. You can watch as many videos as you want but you need to actually get into the shop and start cutting and putting things together to realy learn the craft. Another nice project would be a tool box or small tool chest, this would allow hand tool users a nice resting place for there tools and if you are not a hand tool user you can still store your hammers, chisels, squares and other small tools that you use around the shop. Guy
  12. Guy

    21st Cent. Bench

    My version of the 21st cent bench
  13. Guy


    Some of the Planes that I have brought back to life
  14. Just trying to see where everyone is at in the Albany area. Know of a pretty good group already and we meet up from time to time. So get your names in here and maybe we can all get together some time. Thanks, Guy
  15. Guy

    Media Cabinet

    Pictures of my most recent finished project.