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  1. I recentley made 4 of these as Christmas gifts in memory of my grandpa. Was in a hurry with picture will try to post some better pics later.
  2. Can tou use shellac over Danish Oil and if so how long should you let the oil dry
  3. Thank you for the replies, the ca glue tried to eat at the plastic (discolored) went with the gorilla glue and lots of cleanup. I was worried about the epoxy making to much of a mess.
  4. Was trying to get out of using any screws, might bust plastic. I was thinking of the Gorrila Glue but hve no experience using it. From some things I've read ir really expands and was worried about cleanup
  5. I am trying to attach a smoking pipe that was cut in half to a board. The pipe is half wood and half plastic. What would be the best way to attach it to the board ie. glue, epoxy or other? if glue what type
  6. Thanks for the replies it has given me some direction
  7. I was thinking of cutting the ends of some spent shotshells and inserting them into the wood i.e. inlay. I am not extremeley experienced in wood working bu do have an ample amount of tools. I am just not sure what all joinery goes into the Green Greene, but like the way it looks. Is there anywhere to get examples of Greene and Greene style. Also I was planning on a picture frame inside the gun rack to hold an actual photo, but look a lot like the outer gun rack.
  8. I am new to forum, first post. I am interested in designing and building a Green & Greene style picture frame inside a gun rack to hold app. 3 shotguns under the picture frame. I am wanting to build this for my father and put a picture of my granfather in the picture frame. He smoked a pipe quite often and I was considering cutting a pipe in half and attaching it to the frame or gun rack as nirrored images. I was also thing of using the brass from empty shotgun shells to use in lieu of ebony plugs. I have a very crude drawing that I drew the other night ( Can post it later if needed.) Was Wondering if anyone had any ideas as to size etc.