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  1. Hey Jeff, it's coming along nicely...
  2. Great looking table, and the inlaid looks very cool...
  3. PMR

    Buyer Beware

    I don't know why they can't or won't straighten it out for you, I have 11 tools dating back to July of 2007 all still showing LSA all but 4 of them were purchased at half off or better close out. That being said I always expected them to come up with a reason not to honor it. Thanks for the heads up, it never hurts to check to make sure nothing's changed. I'm not sure I will buy anymore of their tools either but due more to the quality of their tools seems to have dropped somewhat in my opinion. Pat
  4. PMR

    hobby shop heat

    In the past I've used a kerosene torpedo heater but now I'm considering a ductless split HVAC system a little on the pricey side but when it gets into the humid 90's I just can't take the heat anymore.
  5. I've used them (oak) and the match was just ok, I've also used dowel rod, little xtra work and I don't think the cost savings was worth it.
  6. Beautiful Eric, time to get that shop helper a broom. :-)
  7. I’m sick of contracts so I’m looking at Virgin Mobile or Straight Talk. Anyone have opinions??? Thanks Pat
  8. Nice work Eric, I like that you used the maple on the drawer sides also... Hand cut dovetails???
  9. Thanks Jeff, looking forward to your progress...
  10. PMR


  11. Hey Duck, good catch on the Craiglist ad, looks and sounds like pretty easy extra money... if you had to glue up and turn them yourself then I would think you need to charge more. Pat
  12. +1 on the Delta set 35-7670, it's H7200 on Grizzly's site. It does a great job for $100 comes with a nice storage case too...
  13. Sorry Terry I don't, I viewed the web links through another forum. If I can find them I will repost them here... Pat
  14. Hey Terry, mine works fine however after I bought it I found some very cool custom made ones from several sites online, I would have gone with one of those instead only because it would be more unique than the Rockler ones.
  15. I did four coats of arm-r-seal with a light sanding in between. You can see them in my gallery on this site, they turned out fine, filling the pores was not needed...Pat