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  1. Thanks, Coop! There are two countersunk holes on the cross member to which the magnets are mounted. The frame will be screwed directly to the wall, preferably hitting one stud. David
  2. I built two of these for a friend and just finished them today. They're about 10" x 13" x 2" and made of Walnut, finished in Nitrocellulose lacquer. The frame holds an 8x10 photo. David
  3. Thank you! Out of 80+ cutting boards I think this is only the second one I've put a juice groove in, maybe the third. But they wanted it so I cut it for them. David
  4. Thank you! They guy who had it made said it will definitely get used but the newlyweds haven't seen it yet so my guess is that it could end up being a display board only. David
  5. Very beautiful, Mick! Great job on this, as usual. David
  6. I typically don't do 2.5D or 3D work because they take so long on the CNC. For those poker chips you're looking at anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the size and desired level of detail. In that time I can make 5 times as much with flat stock and be finished with the job and no painting. When you posted those on another forum I suggested a router forum where there are any number of guys who do that kind of work all the time. Did you ever join there and post these; I don't recall seeing them if you did. David
  7. Thanks, Coop! That's what he specified, not sure why. I've seen a few like this but we don't use one so I really don't know. Finished cutting board - David
  8. Three coats of mineral oil with the last being a mineral oil/Beeswax mix. I let that set for about 6 hours and then buff it with paper towels to get the excess Beeswax off. The cutting board is left with a rich luster sheen that is velvety smooth. Working side - Show side - David
  9. We're finally at the point where I'm applying the mineral oil and Beeswax finish. Got the cutting board laser engraved yesterday and have now put three good coats of mineral oil and let that soak in and am now applying a good, heavy coat of Beeswax with mineral oil (my mixture). I'll let the Beeswax set for about 4 hours and then wipe off as much as I can, flip it and do the other side. I'll continue wiping it down until it can go a few hours without seeing any wet spots. This part could take a couple of days. In the Epilog laser right after engraving (you can go to my Instagram
  10. The cutting board has progressed through the stages but I forgot to post anything about it - oops! I cut the outer perimeter down to 1" on the CNC (I don't have a bit long enough to cut through 2" of material). Then used the bandsaw and tablesaw to cut the excess pieces off. Then I used my router table to flush trim the sides - My drum sander is wide enough to handle this board but the juice groove was causing issues because the pressure rollers tried to dip down when that went through, so I carried the board to my friend's cabinet shop and it took all of about 6 passe
  11. I use Blaster Dry Lube, Lowe's - works great! David
  12. Medium rare would be my guess; he's a big game hunter. David
  13. That's ok, I like easy questions. Hard ones require greater use of diminishing brain cells! David
  14. Running the cutting board through my 50" planer... David