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  1. Welcome to the forum, Richard! Close - about 100 miles to your left in NW Louisiana. I buy Walnut from a local sawmill, Baltic Birch from a local hardwood supplier, and get some woods through a friend's cabinet shop. He orders from the Dallas area and around Little Rock, so what I order hitches a ride on his larger shipments. I usually buy exotics and fine domestic woods like Curly Maple from online suppliers. It's pretty rare for me to work with Pine and other softwoods so it's also rare for me to buy anything other than tools and shop supplies from the big box stores. David
  2. I haul 8' to 10' boards of Walnut from the sawmill all the time with no issues. Tailgate up on a Tacoma which has about a 5' bed and boards strapped down. It's about a 45 minute ride back home and I think the most I have gotten at one time was about 20 boards. David
  3. Photography, videography, music, building acoustic guitars, CNC, electronics, cars, woodworking. I have 6 guitars and enough wood to build about 20-25 so I need to get busy! David
  4. That's looking really nice, Mick! Can't wait to see this go through the stages and looking forward to the finished table. David
  5. That only weighs 15 lbs. - wow! Looks much heavier. It's gonna look cool when it's finished. David
  6. I priced a Generac 20kW unit five or six years ago and it was going to be around $7k, turnkey installed. To go larger gets really expensive, not only for the unit but for the installation, as well. My guy said going larger than 20kW means a new and larger gas meter and the lines have to be increased to (I think) 1 1/2" diameter all the way to the Generac. However, in looking at the Generac website, I see a 25kW costs less than a 22kW but I didn't look at the details. There's a decent amount on top of this for transfer switch, electrician, plumbing, installation, etc. Our next-doo
  7. See if this works - https://www.dropbox.com/s/x734ihrhxfisap9/Fleur de lis - test inlay.mov?dl=0 David
  8. I don't think we can post videos, Coop. Let me see if I can post it to my Dropbox and provide a link. David Edit - what about Facebook, Coop? Do you have that? I don't like it but I post my things and run... https://www.facebook.com/david.falkner.58/videos
  9. It's not a link; we can't put more than one link in our signatures and I used the Etsy link. You have to go to Instagram and my username there is difalkner. Here's the link, though - David Falkner (@difalkner) • Instagram photos and videos David
  10. Fleur de lis cut as a practice piece, Cherry into Walnut. Carveco is what I used to create the toolpath. This is just wiped in Naphtha to see how it will look. There's a one minute video on my Instagram page showing this being cut. David
  11. Another thing I do is to always make certain the seam on the conveyor belt doesn't land on either roller when I turn it off. I figure that's the most stress on that joint even though the pull is the same across the entire range of its travel. Placing the seam on the tight roller to stay overnight or for days just seems like it's inviting a problem down the road. So I turn it off after the seam has passed the roller and it's on the flat. For tension I'd say mine is fairly tight, doesn't sag much at all on the underside. I haven't watched any videos on setting the tension, though. I've
  12. I might add that a few years ago I opted for the drop-down folding in and out feed support tables. This made all the difference in the world for running longer stock. I raise the folding feed tables every time I use the sander, even if I'm sanding a 10" Longworth chuck. The advantage is that it goes to the outfeed table and stays there rather than falling off the conveyor belt. David
  13. Welcome to the forum, Chad! 1. We've had our 19-38 for about 4 years and the IntelliSense kicks in often when I sand. I also bought the DRO and usually drop it 0.005" each pass. And the IntelliSense, when it engages, does slow the conveyor belt. 2. I never looked because I automatically turn the dial to 100% each time I run the sander (well, maybe 95% of the time). But I just tried it and the belt begins moving at 25%, not much different than yours. Fwiw, when I slow the belt I rarely go below 50% so it not starting until 25% isn't an issue for me. 3. I've sanded boards 8' lo
  14. Thanks, Coop! It really starts the same way I do inlay with my Dremel or scrollsaw, I just make a sketch. Sometimes it's on paper and sometimes I use CorelDraw. Occasionally I will search for something close to what I want and if I find an image I'll bring it into CorelDraw to modify or just use for a model while I draw from scratch. For this test I drew it from scratch. For images that I'll cut with the scrollsaw or Dremel then I just need a rough sketch but if it's to be cut on the CNC then I have to zoom in very close to every intersection and change in direction to make certain th
  15. I posted photos of this last year when I did the inlay work and now have a video showing what and how the inlay was accomplished. It's Walnut with African Mahogany and Cherry inlay, French polish finish, and is a test piece for a larger panel I plan to inlay at some point this year. David