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  1. I love how Cherry gets darker with age/light but when I work with Cherry I take precautions against what you've experienced so that the project has fairly equal pieces when it's finished.
  2. They use them on cars, as well. Go to about 2:08 of this video to about the 3 minute mark and you can see the shadow of the selfie stick. And here's how they work -
  3. Just found the photo I wanted to share the other day for my 'smaller and smaller projects'; Cocobolo, Padauk, Zebrawood, Olive Ash Burl veneer, and Canary Wood. Cut on my Delta 24" scrollsaw for two buddies who sometimes go by 'Hammer' and 'Bebo'.
  4. I work with Walnut, Maple, Cherry and exotic woods - I don't have scraps, only smaller and smaller projects.
  5. difalkner

    Windows 11?

    I'm not sure you'll get that but I haven't looked. I prefer to have one icon and hover if using my mouse but most of the time I'll Alt+Tab to different documents, browsers, windows, etc.
  6. difalkner

    Windows 11?

    Find the app in your start menu, right click and choose 'Pin to taskbar'. In some cases you'll have to choose 'More' and then 'Pin to taskbar'.
  7. difalkner

    Windows 11?

    I'm just glad Microsoft doesn't make cars...
  8. difalkner

    Windows 11?

    That wouldn't work for me; I've never used the search bar and I keep it hidden. I've had Win 11 Pro for about three weeks since having to upgrade my desktop computer after the old one died a month ago (running Win 10 Pro) and 11 seems to be very stable and very responsive. There are a few things that I've had to make adjustments for in my routine of normal activity but these are simple things to accomplish.
  9. difalkner

    Axiom vs Avid vs ?

    Check out OneFinity and StepCraft. StepCraft even has one with an automatic tool changer (ATC). A friend has the OneFinity and it's a nice machine, fairly rigid, too.
  10. Thanks, Coop! He listens to Christian music and a fair amount of acoustic music. It truly sounds like the artist is in the room playing a private concert - amazing sound, actually.
  11. As promised, here are a couple of photos of the completed audio rack with gear in place -
  12. That's a beautiful piece you built! I have the PM 54A and it's a great jointer, bought it used about 5 years ago for $500. I just put the Shelix spiral cutterhead on it last year, as well. It gets used a lot and the only way I could make it better is to turn it into an 8" jointer.
  13. Thank you! Yes, I'm hoping his photo quality gets close to his ability for picking out good audio gear. Maybe he's coachable, we'll see.
  14. Thanks, Coop! Yes, the wood was a bit pricey. I'm building one for us but it won't be anywhere near the cost of this one. Still going to be pretty, though.
  15. Glad you like it, Coop! Without those flip stands I would have had to wait until Sandy got home from work each evening to flip these over to spray the second side, all the while hoping I didn't scratch the side I had already sprayed. Making it a one-man job was a game changer for me. Here are the shelves in the drying rack in my 'box room' where all my shipping supplies and photography gear resides. The drying rack allowed me a way to store the shelves for the finish to cure and yet take up very little room while being out of our way - The finished legs; I love the sapwood in that one leg! This is his audio room before the rack was assembled and I have to say it sounds simply amazing. His cables are pure silver and cost over a grand each! Finished Curly Maple top shelf, gorgeous curl in this! The assembled rack and he chose to have the sapwood showing on the front right leg (that's what I was hoping for) - He said it will take a couple of weeks for him to have time to get all the gear on the shelves and get it moved back into place. Assuming he takes a good enough photo I'll post it here. Thanks for checking out this build!