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  1. difalkner

    2-sided 3D student project

    That's really cool! How did you hold the piece when you flipped it? I assume by the block remaining but photos would be good. David
  2. difalkner

    jet drum sander---- sandpaper

    I buy mine in rolls. It's about half the price of precut rolls. As for the repair, I make my own spindle sander sleeves with cutoffs from the rolls for my drum sander. Keep in mind that if you use the method I did for making these sleeves you'll have a bump where the splice is but I guess you can just avoid that small area when you're using the drum sander. Here's how I make the sanding sleeves - David
  3. difalkner

    Un Safest Tool In a Woodworking Shop

    Because I sometimes do delicate inlay on guitars and small items it's not always about the danger to me if I'm startled. With the small tools like a fret saw or tiny chisels you can get hurt but you'll likely heal quickly and the injury will probably be small. With this type of work I'd really hate to be in the final steps of hand cutting a delicate piece of Abalone and have it break because someone came up behind me and caused me to twitch or jerk by being startled. I get into my own little world when I'm doing work like that and am oblivious to someone entering the shop. I don't need or want anyone 'announcing their arrival' like it's some big event. David
  4. difalkner

    Un Safest Tool In a Woodworking Shop

    We do the same thing. I've let everyone know NOT to come into the shop and start shouting if I'm in the middle of a cut or working with something delicate like a chisel or Dremel. They are to stand at the door and wait until I notice them, even if it's several minutes. And I told my mailman, who likes to stop and check out what I'm working on, that if he bangs on the garage door again I would call his supervisor. David
  5. difalkner

    Enigma cipher gears

    Yes, cuts pretty nicely, too. I have some ideas for other gears and may try those out soon. David
  6. I had a request last week to cut some Enigma cipher gears - two sets of 5 with 12", 6", and 3" gears. I also cut a drill guide for them so they could properly place the dowel axles (or spindles) I provided. One set has an anchor cut into where one spoke would be because the theme for the room is submarines. They're going to paint these and didn't want engraving on the teeth. These will be for an Escape Room. Fun job, actually, so we're going to offer these in our Etsy shop. David
  7. difalkner

    Un Safest Tool In a Woodworking Shop

    They aren't unsafe if used properly with proper guards in place. Do I do that all the time? Nope... Case in point is the PSA video I made in May 2017. I didn't start out to make a PSA video, rather I was going to start a project and video start to finish. This one never got past 'start'. David
  8. difalkner

    Oiling Purple Heart will NOT stay evenly distributed

    Nice looking board, Jody! When you put the mineral oil on does the surface and wood look uniform but changes later after it begins to soak in? And I suppose you sanded evenly, there's no glue in that area, etc... David
  9. difalkner

    When you don't have a lathe...

    Thanks, Bryan! I think they're actually going to use their new $45k color machine to print the boat name on this. I'll do my best to get photos when it's completed. David
  10. difalkner

    2-sided 3D student project

    That's something I have only done one time but it was on a piece much smaller than that. Do you have a photo of the finished chair? Btw, every time I lean over from the side like that I get grease on my shirt. Is your machine protected in some fashion so that doesn't happen? David
  11. difalkner

    When you don't have a lathe...

    But you DO have a CNC, improvise! I was asked to make a plug to go into the end of this boat prop so the plug can be engraved with the boat name. An older couple sold their large boat to a younger man and they told him of all the times they went on 3 and 4 day trips out into the Gulf off the coast of Louisiana and took their kids and grandkids. Because the new owner planned some upgrades, including newer props, he thought it would be a nice gesture to have a Walnut plug put into one prop and give it to the older couple as a sentimental keepsake. So I cut the plug on the CNC and now just have to shoot some lacquer on it so the laser shop can engrave the boat name. They'll epoxy it into place. Not worthy of a video but an odd request, for me anyway, so I figured I'd share it with y'all. David
  12. difalkner

    Indian Rosewood Clock - Another student project

    I guess I missed this when you posted it, Mick. Do you have a photo of the finished clock? David
  13. difalkner

    End Grain Cutting Boards

    Got it at Highland Woodworking - https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/drum-sander-conveyor-belt.aspx - and for the SuperMax 19-38 it's still $39.99. David
  14. difalkner

    End Grain Cutting Boards

    I recently replaced the conveyor belt on our SuperMax 19-38 and it was about $40. David
  15. difalkner

    Brazilian rosewood and Other stuff

    Yeah, it's probably just Pine. Send it to me - I'll give you $25 for it! David