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  1. God has given us these 15... 10, 10 Commandments for all to obey! Classic Mel Brooks - LOL! Thanks, Bryan! David
  2. A couple of months ago I cut one of these out of Beech and Red Heart but the Hebrew wasn't exactly right. So I reached out to a few people and now have the Hebrew correct (I think!). Well, I finally had the opportunity to get the CAD/CAM work done and cut four of these in Pine and they came out good. They're not as clean as the Beech but that was to be expected. It's a different look than the Beech but still appealing. These are 10" wide by 11" tall, finished in semi-gloss Nitrocellulose lacquer - David
  3. Thanks! Yes, not too difficult, actually. I did something similar many years ago with a bandsaw template, sanded smooth to make sure the templates fit each other, then used a flush trim bit on the router table to cut the actual pieces. David
  4. Theoretically, yes; practically, probably not. It would take forever, I would think. Got any photos? David
  5. Forgot to say that it's 12" x 15" so that'll be a lot of cheese! David
  6. I had a request for a mountain scene cutting board, laser engraved with names and wedding date. I've done a few of these and they come out looking nice but I doubt one ever gets used for anything exception kitchen art! I drew the original design in CorelDraw where I exported it as an svg to bring into Fusion 360. From there I did the CAD/CAM work to cut the Maple, Walnut, and Cherry. These pieces are about 3/8" thick and the backer board is about 7/8" thick. Everything is glued with TB III and the feet are silicone with SS screws and washers, so everything is FDA approved. After cutting the mountain scene and gluing it to the backer board it goes to the table saw for trimming to size and then to the router table for rounding the edge. I do the names and date in CorelDraw and take that file to the laser shop for engraving. That way they don't have to do anything except load the file and start the laser machine. It's finished in mineral oil with Beeswax (our own mix), even though it'll probably just be eye candy for the kitchen. Sky, mountain, foreground blanks; I picked Walnut with some sapwood to look like snowcapped and some in the foreground - Blanks glued - Blanks glued to backer board - Engraving in the laser - Finished cutting board - Enjoy! David
  7. So sorry to hear that, Mick. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers! David
  8. Can't wait to see this progress through the stages and to see the finished jointer. Gonna' be cool! Have you seen this build? http://www.thecncwoodworker.com/jointer.html You may have every step already lined out but I like seeing how others do their builds on things like this. David
  9. Thanks, Mick! I've been thinking about it for weeks and ran through a dozen different ideas while I should have been sleeping. I tried to make a Fibonacci sequence pattern work but just couldn't do it justice with the piece of Curly Maple I had. Plus, if I made it much larger then she would use it and never say a word but I would know that it was taking up too much room on the bar. The deflector idea came to me as I thought about sound ports in speakers to allow some air in from the rear but deflect or shape the sound toward the front. I doubt it makes much difference but I like the idea so we'll go with 'it helps'. David
  10. I'll get right on that, Coop! David
  11. Sandy listens to Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron (www.livingwaters.com) sharing the Gospel every Saturday morning on YouTube while she makes our salads for the week so I made a passive speaker for her iPhone (and for her birthday). Curly Maple, Gaboon Ebony, and Curly Redwood, French polish finish. The difference in sound is very obvious - it’s richer, more balanced, and a little louder. Cold bending the Curly Redwood; I resawed to the point I needed and then soaked it in hot water. After three times and bending successfully more each time I cut the pieces I needed and then glued them together. Fitting the curved deflector; the square is just a prop to hold the deflector in place for the photo. Gaboon Ebony phone support - Finished passive speaker - Enjoy! David
  12. Depending on the project and veneer thickness I often place the veneer tape on the glue side. I have a large roll of the veneer tape with holes in it and have yet to see it telegraph through. If I place it on the top side I find it comes off easily enough with a damp rag and scraper. As was said, it also sands off easily enough when everything is dry and cured. David
  13. I suppose you could make that work, given the right image and substrate. David
  14. Thanks, Bryan! No sir, the bit cut it precisely; no follow up work or debris. Start to finish on the cut was 7 minutes. I could have cut it faster but there was no need. David