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  1. Thanks, Coop! It really starts the same way I do inlay with my Dremel or scrollsaw, I just make a sketch. Sometimes it's on paper and sometimes I use CorelDraw. Occasionally I will search for something close to what I want and if I find an image I'll bring it into CorelDraw to modify or just use for a model while I draw from scratch. For this test I drew it from scratch. For images that I'll cut with the scrollsaw or Dremel then I just need a rough sketch but if it's to be cut on the CNC then I have to zoom in very close to every intersection and change in direction to make certain th
  2. I posted photos of this last year when I did the inlay work and now have a video showing what and how the inlay was accomplished. It's Walnut with African Mahogany and Cherry inlay, French polish finish, and is a test piece for a larger panel I plan to inlay at some point this year. David
  3. Btw, you can go to my Instagram account and see a short video of it in action. David
  4. Warning!! This is Geek stuff!! I wasn't exactly sure where to post this but it really applies to any device you might want to remote start. About 3 years ago I bought the three-remote control set from Harbor Freight to activate my dust collector, shop vac, and window fan I use when I spray finishes. I realized the remotes weren’t intended for the current draw of the dust collector but figured I would use it until it burnt up, which I thought would be a couple of weeks. Well, three years later it finally burned up the circuit. So I took the unit apart, repaired the circuit board, a
  5. Does adding that impeller cause the motor to draw a bit more current? I don't want to be in a situation where I have to run a dedicated 120v 20a circuit for the DC. I'd rather spring for a larger DC and run it on 220v. I think my HF unit is right at the limit of running on the 15a circuit because of the inrush of current. Running amps are about 12, I think, but haven't checked in a while. David
  6. Just now saw this and have sent you a message, Michael. Building your own is definitely a good way to get into CNC if you have the time, patience, and space. If not then just buy one ready to go and start cutting! David
  7. Maybe that's my problem, Drew; I keep tabs open to about 10 forums and refresh frequently during the day. I'm a mod on a woodworking forum, a router forum, and a CNC forum and a regular on others for Luthiers, woodworking, CAD/CAM, etc. Yep, that's probably why I don't get much done! David
  8. Welcome! Glad to have you here, Jon. Jump in whenever you're ready. David
  9. Very nice build and well documented! Those are some very good looking chairs. David
  10. Seems almost criminal to use Cherry for a workbench, besides that it's not very hard (usually). If you're creating a show piece bench then Cherry is fine but if you're going to be pounding and cutting then use the Pine. Poplar or Maple is even better - harder. David
  11. That's really looking nice, Drew! Can't wait to see the final piece. David
  12. Loaded the three shelves, two Hard Rock Maple and one Curly Maple, and headed 10 minutes away to my friend’s cabinet shop. They have a 24” spiral head planer and 36” wide belt sander. It still took an hour to plane and sand these heavy boards but it would have taken days per board in my shop. David
  13. difalkner

    Veneer ID

    I'm starting two new name signs and will use these veneers on the face but these were in a big batch of veneer I've had for about 30 years and I don't remember what they are. Anyone got any clues on these veneer species? I put a little in one spot of Naphtha on each to bring out the figure a little more in case that helps. David