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  1. difalkner

    CNC mistake for your entertainment

    Haha! No problem. I've known some, as well. Good people and we've had some fun conversations. William Faulkner was originally Falkner but when he was 19 he changed it because an editor published some of his work and spelled his name wrong. He didn't want to rock the boat so he just changed it. I don't give in so easily and have been correcting it for 60+ years. I do have a double standard, though. You can write me a check and spell it any way you want. Again, no problem. I just enjoy the grammar part but rarely 'go there'. I participate in about 10 forums and most of what I read is pretty entertaining grammar-wise. David
  2. difalkner

    CNC mistake for your entertainment

    Close. There is no 'u' in Falkner. We spell it correctly. Falkners' isn't correct but Falkner's is for possessive (apostrophe in wrong place in the first example). Now if the last name already ends in an 's', such as Simmons, it would be Simmons' for possessive. For pluralization of Simmons, then you add 'es' to the end - Simmonses. Even though this may look weird, because we're not accustomed to seeing it, that is the correct way of writing a name ending in 's' for pluralization. My goal was to make the sign plural rather than possessive, hence no apostrophe on the second version. While I'm certain there are exceptions the basic rule is no apostrophe for plural and use an apostrophe for possessive. David
  3. difalkner

    CNC mistake for your entertainment

    Haha! On the first version I went with the grammatically incorrect but widely accepted way of doing a sign. When I did it the second time I decided grammar is still king over conventional norm. The apostrophe shows it to be possessive but I wanted plural. One could argue that possessive is correct because this is our house but my intention is the plural - there are two of us, so no apostrophe. I'll make the sign mount such that I can flip it over and have it both ways - David
  4. difalkner

    CNC mistake for your entertainment

    I guess we can say a Woodpecker has been busy with it. David
  5. difalkner

    CNC mistake for your entertainment

    Almost two years ago I fired up the CNC for the first time and right away decided to cut a sign with several bit changes, varying depths of cut on the letters, generated in one G-code, and no clue how to make bit changes once it took off. But, it was an inexpensive and soft piece of WRC so I let 'er rip. Well, I completely messed it up and kept the piece as a reminder as to what happens when you get in over your head. The other day I decided I would modify the file because I know a WHOLE lot more about Fusion 360 now and thought I'd see if I could cut the sign properly on the other side of the same board. Here's the one from Dec. 2016 - And the one from this week - I haven't decided whether to paint it, stain it, or just leave it alone. If I hang it on the house it will be out of the weather and away from the sun. You have my permission to laugh at my expense - I did! LOL! David
  6. difalkner

    How do you transport your wood?

    It was a very nice MINI, loved it but having to go 200 miles to Dallas for service got old. This was our second MINI and my guess is we went for service 20 times in about 7 years and I got stranded 3 times in small towns. Our two MINI's had to be taken via flatbed back to the mother ship each of the 3 times I was stranded. Finally had enough and switched to the Tacoma. I still like MINI better, though! And the exotic wood find was/is phenomenal. Brazilian Rosewood, Canary Wood, Jatoba, Purpleheart, Bolivian Rosewood from a shop that was getting out of the business and moving into something else. The man is 80 years old and starting his 4th business, didn't need the money, and had two CNC's costing north of $150k each, 52" wide belt sander, 24" planer, 16" jointer, 5 large dust collectors, all in an old outlet mall he bought. His shop is about 30,000 sq. ft. I would guess and he rents out the rest of the mall. Anyway, I'm rambling and chasing rabbits on someone else's thread... sorry! LOL! David
  7. This is something I came up with a while back and have made a few but I thought I'd post a few photos of this one. It's a marriage, wedding, or anniversary sign (plaque?) in Walnut with a Maple cross. This can be hung on a wall or set on the easel I also designed. It's got one coat of Nitrocellulose sanding sealer and one coat of gloss. Enjoy! David
  8. difalkner

    How do you transport your wood?

    Sometimes you just have to get creative. Here's an exotic lumber haul back when we had a MINI Countryman - But we traded the MINI in on a Tacoma so now we can really haul some lumber! David
  9. difalkner

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    Are they on TV or YouTube? Haven't watched TV in at least 5 years - cancelled our service and I don't keep up with social media. I'm picky about what I watch on YT, too. I watch April Wilkerson and Frank Howarth - enjoy both. David
  10. difalkner

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    We have been using Kaspersky Total Security for 3 years and haven't seen any ads on YT since installing it. Even the unskippable ads don't play - the video just starts as soon as I click on it. I have no idea whether or not April's videos or Frank Howarth's videos have ads. David
  11. difalkner

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    I've been watching her videos almost from the start and thoroughly enjoy them. Her energy and enthusiasm is very good. Yet in all the videos I've seen there hasn't been a single thing I've wanted to replicate, methodology to incorporate into my shop, or project that I was just dying to go build. I admire her drive and dedication whether she's doing 'fine woodworking' or not. If I had her income and the opportunity and space to build a shop that size it would be entirely different in layout and purpose but she's built the shop she wants and I look forward to her future videos and projects. David
  12. difalkner

    Poker chip case

    Very clean and nice work - good job! David
  13. difalkner

    Some stuff I've worked on

    Fantastic work, indeed!! David
  14. difalkner

    Bandsaw question

    I guess I missed this post but I'll chime in on the brake. While this is a 14" saw it's a large 14" saw. Yes, it 'only' has a 14" throat but it's more like an 18" or 20" saw in power and resaw capacity, it just happens to have 14" wheels. That said, I just tested it is 38 seconds before the blade stops moving after hitting the stop button or tripping the microswitch with the foot brake. It only has to be barely moving to give you a good gash if you come into contact with the blade, especially this one - 1" Resaw King carbide. I find the brake to be a very good addition to an already great saw and use it often. It takes a couple of seconds to stop the blade with the brake but that beats 38 seconds. When our grandkids visit and I make them something in the shop I always use the brake. When I'm in the shop by myself I usually finish the cut and walk away. It can safely coast while I'm doing something else. But when I resaw wide boards, which I do often, there's a lot of blade exposed and I usually stop it with the brake and lower the guide back to the table before I walk away. Oh, I also release the tension on the blade when it's not in use. And the ceramic guides are excellent, btw. Well worth the additional cost for that, as well. 'Startled' is close to my reaction in the being stupid video. Mild state of shock may be closer! LOL! David
  15. difalkner

    Window mounted fan for spraying lacquer

    That's not near as efficient at removing the fumes quickly. I understand the principle and reasoning but that would cause the vapors to remain even longer and I think that would be worse. Getting rid of the odor quickly so it doesn't waft into the house where Sandy will have to endure it is paramount for me. And this is not a brush type motor so no sparks. Also, the switch mounted to the motor, where a spark is probably possible, is always on high and I start the fan with a remote operating a solid state relay so no sparks there, either. In addition, the fan is always running before I spray and the tiny bit of a cloud is gone so quickly that I doubt even an open fire would cause a problem. I would love to have a real spray booth with water bath, explosion proof motor, proper lighting, etc. but that's just simply out of the question. This fan works fine and has for almost two years and it's paid for - all plusses in my book. David