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    Oiling Purple Heart will NOT stay evenly distributed

    Nice looking board, Jody! When you put the mineral oil on does the surface and wood look uniform but changes later after it begins to soak in? And I suppose you sanded evenly, there's no glue in that area, etc... David
  2. difalkner

    When you don't have a lathe...

    But you DO have a CNC, improvise! I was asked to make a plug to go into the end of this boat prop so the plug can be engraved with the boat name. An older couple sold their large boat to a younger man and they told him of all the times they went on 3 and 4 day trips out into the Gulf off the coast of Louisiana and took their kids and grandkids. Because the new owner planned some upgrades, including newer props, he thought it would be a nice gesture to have a Walnut plug put into one prop and give it to the older couple as a sentimental keepsake. So I cut the plug on the CNC and now just have to shoot some lacquer on it so the laser shop can engrave the boat name. They'll epoxy it into place. Not worthy of a video but an odd request, for me anyway, so I figured I'd share it with y'all. David
  3. difalkner

    When you don't have a lathe...

    Thanks, Bryan! I think they're actually going to use their new $45k color machine to print the boat name on this. I'll do my best to get photos when it's completed. David
  4. difalkner

    2-sided 3D student project

    That's something I have only done one time but it was on a piece much smaller than that. Do you have a photo of the finished chair? Btw, every time I lean over from the side like that I get grease on my shirt. Is your machine protected in some fashion so that doesn't happen? David
  5. difalkner

    Indian Rosewood Clock - Another student project

    I guess I missed this when you posted it, Mick. Do you have a photo of the finished clock? David
  6. difalkner

    End Grain Cutting Boards

    Got it at Highland Woodworking - https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/drum-sander-conveyor-belt.aspx - and for the SuperMax 19-38 it's still $39.99. David
  7. difalkner

    End Grain Cutting Boards

    I recently replaced the conveyor belt on our SuperMax 19-38 and it was about $40. David
  8. difalkner

    Brazilian rosewood and Other stuff

    Yeah, it's probably just Pine. Send it to me - I'll give you $25 for it! David
  9. difalkner

    Brazilian rosewood and Other stuff

    Mahogany is good for cabinetry, instruments, and other things like that. Go buy some WRC or treated Pine for your deck. Is this genuine Honduras Mahogany or is it African, Sapele, or other? It's almost unheard of these days to find a piece of BRW that size even if it was bought 50 years ago, and really the same goes for any other piece of Rosewood that size. It doesn't appear to be Indian but could likely be Bolivian or Honduran. If you can find pricing for those in lumber then just calculate the board feet in your piece and do the math plus at least 25% for it being so thick. If it's BRW then use the pricing for the other species and multiply by 4 at least. You can contact Luthiers in your area and see if they're interested. Looks like it would make nice backs and sides. David
  10. difalkner

    Brazilian rosewood and Other stuff

    Mahogany for your deck? That's sacrilegious! David
  11. difalkner

    Brazilian rosewood and Other stuff

    I see some nice color and figure but the glare in the photo is distracting. Can you get a better photo without the glare? David
  12. difalkner

    Brazilian rosewood and Other stuff

    How do you know it's Brazilian Rosewood? By what method did you make that determination? I mean, if it was labeled that way and the label appears to be as old as the lumber yard then that's probably accurate. But it's been many, many years since BRW was cut into that size. In 1967 Brazil placed an embargo on Rosewood logs, instead preferring their mills cut the wood for export so they could keep more labor in their country. By then the logs weren't very large and finding some even 12" wide was pretty rare. David
  13. difalkner

    Learning to Joint Bowed Wood

    Jonathan, you mentioned 'end grain cutting board' but everything else in your description leans toward an edge/face grain cutting board. If that's the case then you probably do want the full length to remain intact. What Mick is talking about is for the end grain cutting board you mentioned. In this case you only need 2" or so and the bow doesn't matter. Unless I'm missing something in the discussion, that is... When we do end grain cutting boards we glue up strips and then cut to the desired thickness, plus a little. Those are turned up and glued together. The photos below may help. Edge or face grain - David
  14. difalkner

    cnc router for woodworking

    As a woodworking enthusiast you must have projects you've completed; show us some photos, please. David
  15. difalkner

    12-14” bandsaw resaw - what brand? Sub $2k

    That's why we got the 14SUV, Mick - space. We simply didn't have room for the 18. But in looking at the specs our 14 has the same motor and only about 1 1/8" less resaw capacity as the 18 in the same footprint as the 14BX. All good saws, though. David
  16. difalkner

    12-14” bandsaw resaw - what brand? Sub $2k

    We bought the Laguna 14SUV a few years ago and it's been a fantastic machine. Resaw capacity is rated at 14" but it will actually cut about 14 7/8". It's 3HP and 240v, heavy, ceramic guides, and has worked flawlessly since the day we bought it. I run the Resaw King 1" blade and that's all that's ever been on it. And the Laguna support has been great, btw. The widest we've cut with it is a piece of 14" wide Sinker Mahogany, which it cut very easily. I've posted this before but this seems like a good time to do it again (what can I say, I like the video ) David
  17. difalkner

    Home Sawn Veneer

    Gorgeous!! How big can you resaw? David
  18. difalkner

    Home Sawn Veneer

    I regularly cut to 0.100" on the bandsaw with no issues and use this for inlay, veneering, striping, guitar sides, etc. Getting 5 pieces, sometimes 6 out of a full 4/4 board isn't an issue. Cutting to 0.125" you should get 4 with no problem at all. And like Mick and others have said, joints won't telegraph through if it's still that thick. David
  19. There are some guys over at www.luthiercom.org doing their own torrefaction on tonewoods. You'll need to sign up with a login to ask questions or even read the posts. Good group of guys, though. David
  20. This is something I came up with a while back and have made a few but I thought I'd post a few photos of this one. It's a marriage, wedding, or anniversary sign (plaque?) in Walnut with a Maple cross. This can be hung on a wall or set on the easel I also designed. It's got one coat of Nitrocellulose sanding sealer and one coat of gloss. Enjoy! David
  21. difalkner

    Mineral spirits to clean dust off cutting boards?

    Welcome to WTO, Eddie! Mineral spirits shouldn't hurt. I use compressed air and Naphtha. Does a great job and evaporates quickly, no residue. Nice looking boards, btw. David
  22. difalkner

    Opinion poll 3hp v. 5hp for home shop

    In 1990 I bought a 3HP PM66 and still use it nearly every day. I don't recall a single time that I've wanted more power. This one can win a tug of war with me now if I use bad technique. Getting one that will throw a board into the next zip code just doesn't seem necessary for my little home shop. David
  23. difalkner

    CNC mistake for your entertainment

    Almost two years ago I fired up the CNC for the first time and right away decided to cut a sign with several bit changes, varying depths of cut on the letters, generated in one G-code, and no clue how to make bit changes once it took off. But, it was an inexpensive and soft piece of WRC so I let 'er rip. Well, I completely messed it up and kept the piece as a reminder as to what happens when you get in over your head. The other day I decided I would modify the file because I know a WHOLE lot more about Fusion 360 now and thought I'd see if I could cut the sign properly on the other side of the same board. Here's the one from Dec. 2016 - And the one from this week - I haven't decided whether to paint it, stain it, or just leave it alone. If I hang it on the house it will be out of the weather and away from the sun. You have my permission to laugh at my expense - I did! LOL! David
  24. difalkner

    CNC mistake for your entertainment

    Haha! No problem. I've known some, as well. Good people and we've had some fun conversations. William Faulkner was originally Falkner but when he was 19 he changed it because an editor published some of his work and spelled his name wrong. He didn't want to rock the boat so he just changed it. I don't give in so easily and have been correcting it for 60+ years. I do have a double standard, though. You can write me a check and spell it any way you want. Again, no problem. I just enjoy the grammar part but rarely 'go there'. I participate in about 10 forums and most of what I read is pretty entertaining grammar-wise. David
  25. difalkner

    CNC mistake for your entertainment

    Close. There is no 'u' in Falkner. We spell it correctly. Falkners' isn't correct but Falkner's is for possessive (apostrophe in wrong place in the first example). Now if the last name already ends in an 's', such as Simmons, it would be Simmons' for possessive. For pluralization of Simmons, then you add 'es' to the end - Simmonses. Even though this may look weird, because we're not accustomed to seeing it, that is the correct way of writing a name ending in 's' for pluralization. My goal was to make the sign plural rather than possessive, hence no apostrophe on the second version. While I'm certain there are exceptions the basic rule is no apostrophe for plural and use an apostrophe for possessive. David