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  1. On 10/9/2021 at 9:39 PM, Coop said:

    He obviously is not a head banger music kind of guy, or maybe he is? I can appreciate your shelf assembly a lot better than I can those speakers. Or maybe my 8 track with a reverb is becoming outdated? I’ll never know.  Thanks, I think, for sharing. Nice job David! 

    Thanks, Coop!  He listens to Christian music and a fair amount of acoustic music.  It truly sounds like the artist is in the room playing a private concert - amazing sound, actually.

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  2. Test fit assembly - 


    Drill press guide stand for drilling adjustable feet pockets - 


    Drilling for adjustable feet - 


    Legs ready for adjustable feet - 


    Curly Maple edge on middle shelf - 


    Testing for best leg location - 


    Flip stands for spraying second side of shelves - you can see these in action here


    Threaded inserts in place - 


    More later - 

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  3. It has been ages since I've posted about this project but it is now finished and delivered. There were many delays due to other contracts and jobs with hard deadlines so this got set aside many times (this one had no deadline). Even though it is completed and delivered I'll still post the steps to build and finished photos at the customer's house. And you're not going to believe how high-end his audio system is - amazing!

    Laying out the Purpleheart legs for cutting on the CNC. I don't have a flat bottom blade for the table saw and since I have the CNC it just made sense to use that to ensure all the cuts were uniform.


    Here are the toolpath profiles for the cuts I made on the CNC -



    And the setup on the CNC to prevent blowout when the bit cut through -


    Here are the five legs after cutting on the CNC and beveling the top and bottom surfaces on the table saw -


    More later - 

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  4. Even though this is an old thread I'll add one more to the mix - there's a Christian movie WWJD II, The Woodcarver that has much of the movie set in a woodshop and/or talking about wood and carving.  There are a few woodworking errors in the movie but only woodworkers will see these.  And they are actually doing woodworking, not just showing tools and finished pieces.  We have the DVD and the behind the scenes bonus feature is pretty good, too.

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  5. On 9/9/2021 at 7:35 AM, Chestnut said:

    I think this is a myth.

    For a single sawmill you're probably correct.  But nationwide if all the sapwood was cut off the board then we'd all pay the price.  The guy who owns the trees and the logger are still going to charge the same because they're dealing with the whole tree. The processing facilities - Weyerhaeuser, Georgia Pacific, etc. - now have extra work to do to inspect and cut the sapwood off and they'll have far less Walnut to offer distributors.  So they'll do what companies do - they'll go up on their price and the Walnut boards will be smaller so you'll have to buy more of them for your projects.

    You and I buy from local sawmills so none of this really factors in but consider a job I had last year; 130 Walnut plaques 24"x28".  That's about the size of a two-topper table in a restaurant.  They accepted the fact that many would have sapwood but since I ordered steamed Walnut for the job it wasn't as noticeable as if I had used unsteamed.  I used 700bf for the job but if I had to order 1,000bf for the same job so that I could guarantee no sapwood then the price would have been much, much higher. 

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  6. I've made over 85 cutting boards, mostly end grain, and have never used a spline or dowel.  Titebond III is FDA approved and is waterproof and that's what was used for all of our cutting boards.  The last large cutting board I made was Hard Rock Maple about 20" wide and 32" long, 2 1/2" thick and is used regularly by a gentleman who dresses deer and hogs.

    The glue joint by itself is plenty strong and doesn't need any help.  And I agree with what has been said, Sapele isn't the best choice for a cutting board.


  7. Welcome to the forum, Richard!  Close - about 100 miles to your left in NW Louisiana.  I buy Walnut from a local sawmill, Baltic Birch from a local hardwood supplier, and get some woods through a friend's cabinet shop.  He orders from the Dallas area and around Little Rock, so what I order hitches a ride on his larger shipments.

    I usually buy exotics and fine domestic woods like Curly Maple from online suppliers.  It's pretty rare for me to work with Pine and other softwoods so it's also rare for me to buy anything other than tools and shop supplies from the big box stores.


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