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  1. jvt


    Not sure about using it with a spray gun, but I have the Bostitch U/CPACK300 compressor & gun combo. I picked it up Refurbed with a 18-gauge 2-in Brad Nailer, 18-gauge 1-1/2-in Finish Stapler, and 2-1/2-in 16-Gauge Straight Finish Nailer from CPO Bostitch for $199. I haven't put a lot of use into it yet, but it seems to work very well. You can see the same deal I got here - http://dws.tc/air
  2. I'd highly recommend www.dreamhost.com - watch for their sales (every couple of days) and you can get hosting for a year for $10-$15 and often times a free domain name. I host about 10 different sites through them and have had no issues with stability or response time.
  3. I'm sure a lot of this was already written but it was tl;dr. Consider html5 instead of flash - not completely mainstream yet, but will be within the next year or two. Downsize the bottom half of your page - recent posts - connect - who is Adam King. Cut that size in about half. On the portfolio page, when you click a piece for more information it opens in a new window, keep your content within a single window (unless linking to external sites). Simplify your tag line..something like "Furniture. Tranquility. Elegance" etc. I would personally remove this line "I started furnitur
  4. I really like the idea (and look) of working with reclaimed wood (say from an old building). Anyone have any experience working with reclaimed wood? Suggestions or tales of woe? How do you go about finding your reclaimed wood? Thanks, JVT
  5. Great information...Thanks for your thoughts everyone. Going to hopefully buy it this week :-D
  6. jvt


    I have a spare MicroATX desktop PC with an LCD in my shop that is enclosed in a custom plexiglass box. The plexi has vent holes throughout the box with fans mounted to assist in airflow (make sure you have at least one fan blowing into the box). However between the fan and the holes on the plexi is a piece of filter (I cut up a furnace filter because it is what I had laying around). Clean out the filters once a month or so and I haven't had any heat issues, however it doesn't usually run all day either. Good luck.
  7. Hello Everybody, I'm thinking about taking the plunge and getting a real table saw. I was looking at the Grizzly G0715P and wondering if anyone has used that saw and what your thoughts on it were? I've heard nothing but good things about Grizzly, so I'm not too concerned with the brand, just the model as I know it is a newer saw. Thanks, JVT
  8. So where would one go about finding that coupon for the HF 2hp dc? Thanks!
  9. Hitachi C10FCE2 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw for sale at $99 on Amazon & eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime. Remember to purchase it through the Wood Whisperer Store. I have owned this saw since April and it has worked great for me.
  10. Thanks to Jason @ SawmillCreek.org for the original post. Reposting here so everyone can see it. RIDGID Mail in rebate offer: - New tool has to be purchased between September 1st and 30th, 2010 - Must make purchase at HD or HD.com - Rebate must be postmarked by October 20, 2010 - Max rebate is $200 ridgid_rebate.pdf Edited to include the rebate form. Thanks elimelech12.
  11. I'm in the Grand Rapids area as well. Hello!
  12. I'm in the Grand Rapids, MI area.
  13. JET 70412 12-in Parallel Clamp - $24.99 w/$4.99 flat rate shipping JET 70412 12-in Parallel Clamp - From CPOJet
  14. Acme Tools - JET Parallel Clamp Framing Kit (2 - 24 x 40) Model# 70411 I just bought some last night from ToolKing for $169 and thought I was getting a good deal. They are 189.99 at most other places and supposedly the prices are going up tomorrow (9/1/2010).
  15. Hello Everyone from the Mitten of the United States (Michigan). I have been lurking around for a while and decided I should probably go ahead and register (that and the giveaways going on).