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  1. Jim_


    I downloaded a material list of woods , I want to know if there is one for plywood like oak so I use with cut list.
  2. Does anyone have or know of a good plan for a sliegh bed type daybed.
  3. MDF is the worst to work with I wood use ply
  4. The ridgid table saw is well liked buy many I think for the money It will be a great starter saw
  5. cool video I have his bandsaw resaw dvd lot of great info on it I love it.
  6. I have a dewalt I never use I tryed to sell it on craigs list but couldnt. I just moved it next to my scms it hopes I would use it more but it is just easyier to use scms.
  7. all for seeing other peoples jigs you can never have to many
  8. well it seams most is in favor of buying. the kitchen isnt for me if it was I would be building for sure. it is a job I got so I have the flexability of taking the time to build it would be a good prodject I think but mostly I was wondering if there will be any money to make in it for me for building them? and is it worth it money wise.
  9. Just wondering I have the chance to build or buy kitchen cabinets for a job is it worth it to build I mean is it cost effective to build yourself or just buy I do have woodworking skilles I think I could build them and do a great job but is it worth it? 1 of my main pitfalles is I have a small shop and no finish room
  10. I set up a small booth in my garage with tarps and sprayed water base top coat and there was spray everywhere in the air so I think u should cover everthing also I think it is hard to keep the finish from going in the air and back on the already finished stuff.maybe with some type of fan going to keep the finish out of the air will help.
  11. Jim_

    old hand plane

    I just got a old hand plane and cleaned it up it had half a a logo that looked like a ship wheel the words consoli and on the blade was new york tool works after a long search I found out it is frome a company called consolidated tool works out of new york that was in busness from 1890 to 1920's the plane in is ok shape just wondering if anyone ever heard of this company and if anyone has any info on them. trying to find out if it is worth the time to put work into it. it has a corrigated sole and I dont think it is flat when I lay it flat it touches front and back but it dips around the openi
  12. Jim_


    Thanks marc. I would like to here from others what they use
  13. What is the best finish for the inside of a cabinet so there wont be a smell?
  14. Jim_


    I was wondering if there is alot of info in the dvd a simple finish that as a guild member I havent already seen. I have been watching alot of stuff on finishing and I am trying to find the best way to apply for me. what are some of the ways and what stuff does everyone use? also how do you apply
  15. do you have to use certain primers or will kilz or zinger or whatever be fine, I hard there is a primer u can not use dont know if it true.