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  1. drzaius

    HELP need repair ideas!

    The construction of the top is fundamentally wrong & will never survive long term. That is because the solid wood slats will expand & contract a lot across the grain with changes in humidity, whereas the plywood or particle board substrate will not. That aside, it's now yours & you might as well try to salvage it. Repair is complicated by the fact that new glue generally doesn't stick well to old glue. The best bet would be to remove the top from the iron frame & work some epoxy under any loose slats & then clamp the heck out of it to force things flat. Make sure you use slow setting epoxy, not the 5 minute stuff (you'll thank me later ) Make sure you use pieces of wood on top to protect the slats from clamp damage. It would help to rough up the old glue surfaces to aid with adhesion. To do this, you could stick some coarse, say 40 or 60 grit, sandpaper to a putty knife with double sided tape & work that back & forth under the slats. The aesthetics of rustic furniture are personal taste, but the sad thing that is almost universal with it is that it is built by people who don't know and/or don't care about good building practices or how wood moves. You've got nothing to loose by trying & good luck with it. And the seller is just a dishonest jerk & deserve the most negative feedback.
  2. drzaius

    Buying a router plane.

    I bought one of those (different brand) for holding an awl for punching holes in q-deck. Saves the hands from misplaced hammer blows & vibration shock.
  3. drzaius

    Another Dust Collection Option

    FWW did a comparison test several years ago between a cyclone, the barrel lid, and a Thein separator & the cyclone was clearly on top when it comes to dust separation, but I don't think they tested CFM losses. That would be interesting.
  4. drzaius

    Another Dust Collection Option

    A DD will cost you some CFM, but probably no more than even a mildly dirty filter. With a DD the filter stays so much cleaner for much longer. I would highly recommend it.
  5. drzaius

    Old Delta Rockwell Tools

    Canadian Woodworking forums have a very good Vintage Power Tools subforum that you might want to check out. Some of the guys on there have done spectacular restorations on some very old, heavy machinery. This too.
  6. drzaius

    Old Delta Rockwell Tools

    That cord is something special.
  7. drzaius

    Epoxy Router Table Top?

    Bar clamps & curved cauls
  8. drzaius

    Epoxy Router Table Top?

    I used 3 layers of 3/4" BB with laminate on top & bottom. Maybe over kill, but I don't think it'll ever sag & it's completely stable.
  9. drzaius

    Arm-R-Seal Gloss, Streaks; Best Fix?

    I'm not an accomplished finisher, but have found that 220 can be a little too coarse for sanding between coats. And wiping varnish should be applied in very thin coats
  10. drzaius

    Model 390 Orbital sander

    And if you really want the Velcro pad to last, don't forget to put a disc on it. I'm sure nobody else has done that
  11. drzaius

    Here's a nifty older sawmill -- portable, too

    The ad describes it as a table saw, but really, it's just a cutoff saw. And a pretty poorly designed one at that. The 1 HP motor would barely be enough to overcome the losses of that cable drive. I suspect that is was something cobbled together to cut up lengths of firewood. Probably had a bigger motor at some point.
  12. drzaius

    Knocking off the edge of MDF trim

    If you don't mind, I think we'd all enjoy seen photos of the finished project.
  13. drzaius

    Delta Unisaw 36-L53L opinions?

    As was just was just mentioned in another thread, FWW has release a bunch of machine setup videos that are reportedly quite good. They're behind paywall, but the membership is worth it. https://www.finewoodworking.com/2018/07/30/ep-3a-machine-setup-jointer-part-1
  14. drzaius

    Bird Bath Basin Bowl

    That takes way more brain than I have. Quite remarkable. I don't turn at all, but this thread makes me want to try it out.
  15. drzaius

    Bird Bath Basin Bowl

    Looks like that tongue may have been inspiration for the Mark's piece. But his interpretation is certainly much more beautiful.