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  1. Just seems wrong to put fake wood floor in a wood shop
  2. You've got a good point. But I still think veneer. By carefully using sequential pieces the joints can disappear pretty easily. Not nearly as easy to do with solid wood. Finding out whether or not it is will be important to the refinishing process, so doing as @Wimayo suggests is a good idea.
  3. I have yet to find a waterborne finish that stands up well to grease & oil.
  4. Thanks for the explanation Drew. It's timely because I got a Kerfmaker for 35% of at Lee Valley (impulse purchase), but have not used it yet, or even figured out how. Anything would be better than futzing with spacers in the dado head. But I will be sticking with 1 table saw.
  5. The weight of it is no indication whether it's solid wood or not. Probably not maple It looks ring porous, which maple is not. I would say it's veneer because it's on continuous piece across the width and it's rare to see anything made in the last century or so out of such wide boards. Stain often penetrates veneer deeper than solid wood because of tiny checks & voids in the veneer that come from the cutting process. That may be the case with the staining you see. Until you can determine whether or not it's veneer, use extreme caution when sanding There will be no warning when you are about to sand through. One moment there is veneer, the next stroke of the sandpaper & you are through. The only answer then is to reveneer the entire top. You probably don't want a dark color on the wood, but that may be the only practical solution. Find a dye/stain that will hide the dark areas.
  6. Digression alert! Unless you're in a production environment, cutting the same dados, what's the point in having a dedicated dado saw? You still have to remove the head to change dado widths. Please enlighten me.
  7. You'd want to use caution with this. If the veneer is quite porous, the finish may penetrate to the other side & interfere with the glue bond.
  8. Wood will dry out to the point where its moisture content reaches equilibrium with the humidity of its environment. Even if in a desert with 0% humidity the wood will not degrade as it looses moisture. What may happen is cracking or warping. Nothing can be put on it to prevent that from happening. Another popular misconception is that wood needs to be "nourished". It does not. Wood is already dead & needs no nourishment or moisturizing.
  9. Would hide glue be a better choice with this kind of veneer? I've read that it takes stain & finish well.
  10. I didn't explain myself very well. I didn't mean to disparage the crutch. Crutches are good & I've used them myself. My point was that having difficulty with accuracy is not typically going to be solved by getting a micro adjust. That just makes the process easier & quicker. By all means, get whatever will make your woodworking more enjoyable. I was just suggesting that it would be a good idea to address your issue of not being accurate because that can only be helpful whether you have the micro-adjust or not
  11. BLO used to be literally boiled. That causes changes that allow the oil polymerize much faster (still slowly) that if it were raw (nearly forever). I don't know where you'd get that stuff now. But virtually all BLO available commercially contains dryers & I'm sure different formulations will behave a little differently
  12. drzaius


    Can you post a video so we can hear the nature of the clunk?
  13. You are treating a micro-adjust as a crutch that you don't have. And you don't even need it. If you can't get the accuracy you need without one, then you're still going to have problems with one They are definitely a nice to have, but if you don't have one, you can still get the same high precision results. It just takes a few seconds longer to get things setup. Search YouTube for the technique you need to work on & you will find a method that works for you. Same thing applies to your dovetail joint fit issues.
  14. Short of sending them to a lab for destructive testing, you can't. Which is a shame because they sure are cool looking. Personally, I'd hesitate to use them. Maybe drill a hole on the underside & see what the chips smell like.
  15. drzaius

    Feet Up Rev 2

    I've been to Arches several times. It's one of my favorite of the many spectacular parks in southern Utah.