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  1. drzaius

    Sanding Procedures

    I think where higher than 220 makes a difference is with very hard wood and an oil finish. Otherwise it seems like a waste of time & paper.
  2. drzaius

    Woodshop footwear

    I tried the Jungle Mocs, but they just didn't work with my feet. But the store I went to had a 30% + 20% special event sale, so I walked out of there with 2 pairs of slip on safety shoes & a pair of casual shoes. So thanks @davesatosky for getting me to the shoe store.
  3. drzaius

    EEStudent Shop Build

    Great looking shop. The only time I'd put power in the floor is if it was for something that would be bolted down & never moved. Drop if from the ceiling with the dust collection.
  4. drzaius

    Sanding Procedures

    I don't have a drum sander , so it's the ROS for most sanding. I have disks down to 60, but rarely start below 120, then 180 & 220. Then I like to finish by using 220 to hand sand with the grain If there's a lot of material to be removed, I usually try to plane it down. I'm not nearly to the point where I can get a finished surface with a plane though.
  5. drzaius

    Finish for cedar being used on screen porch

    For that amount, maybe not even worth getting out the spray equipment. Roller & brush as Steve suggested.
  6. drzaius

    New shop and beginner woodworker

    The dust is super easy to get off painted OSB. I would recommend semigloss for ease of cleaning though.
  7. drzaius

    Finish for cedar being used on screen porch

    Am I crazy for suggesting that this just be done with an exterior semi-transparent fence/deck stain? One coat, brushed or sprayed & your done. And you don't even have to be that careful with the application. And being out of the sun & rain, it'll last many years before needing recoating. Super easy, fast and cheap. This isn't fine furniture here.
  8. drzaius

    New shop and beginner woodworker

    I did my shop in OSB as well. I rented an airless sprayer from Home Depot & sprayed the whole thing with 2 coats of semigloss white in one evening. The OSB takes the paint fine. You can see the chip pattern, but it's not unsightly. I highly recommend doing it. So much brighter
  9. drzaius

    Knocking off the edge of MDF trim

    I can speak as a bit of an authority cause when I was younger & dumber I made all the base, door & window trim for my 2800 sq ft house what has 33 doors & 13 large windows. I have no idea how many lineal feet that is, but it's a lot. I used 5 x 10 x 3/4" MDF sheets. I now have a special hatred for the stuff. The guys are right about taking a small router to the wood, unless you have the room to set up long in feed & out feed extensions for your router table. The advantage to the router table is that you can get almost 100% dust collection & MDF dust is just about the worst there is. I remember being literally ankle deep in MDF dust in the living room/millwork shop & it was hell. I was taking off a 1/2" round over though & it sounds like you just want to break the edge. 1/16" round over should be plenty. Pay attention to what kind/brand of MDF you buy cause the quality varies wildly & that's not hyperbole. Most of the stuff from the big box stores is very weak, splits on the edges if you look at it wrong, disintegrates into fuzz if the corners are bumped, & soaks up moisture like a sponge. I'm currently building a big subwoofer cabinet & I'm using water resistant MDF (Medex). I'm not going to say I like it, because it's still MDF, but it's worlds ahead of the cheap stuff. A lot stronger & the edges are not nearly as fragile. It isn't actually that much more expensive. Spraying is a great idea, but it's a good idea to preprime the edges with a glue size cause they can soak up a ton of paint before they will look good. And welcome to the forum.
  10. drzaius

    Woodshop footwear

    I just checked & they do have a Jungle Moc that has a CSA safety toe. There's a store 10 minutes away that carries them so I'm going to check them out this morning.
  11. drzaius

    Woodshop footwear

    Those look good, but I'd like to find a slip on shoe that has a reinforced toe. I hate the thought of dropping something on my toes, but having tie & untie boots all the time when going between the house & shop is a huge pain.
  12. drzaius

    OTT - Precision Framing Square

    Hey @Doomwolf I'm just going to circle back to the brokerage fees for a moment. I just ran across the CBSA invoice. The value of that package was $397, the GST was $19.88 & the handling fee was $9.95, all in CDN. So that should give you an idea of what is reasonable.
  13. Any underlayment such as plywood or MDF will cause all kinds of warping issues. Much better to just glue up the solid maple strips. How thick & long will it be?
  14. drzaius

    Miter Saw vs. Table Saw

    Yep, his is a great video: He's pretty entertaining to watch too
  15. drzaius

    Nitrile glove as a jar top

    Oh, that's a good one.