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  1. drzaius

    Lifting cabinet saw solo

    SawStop unpacking & assembly is super easy & can be done solo. I unloaded mine from the back of my pick up myself. The box is large enough that you can sort of role/slide it off with medium effort & no drama. Read & follow those unpacking instructions. They show you how to start uncrate it on it's side & then just tip it right onto the mobile base. The packing is designed to work with you in this & it's remarkably easy. In my case though, I bought the ICS mobile base & it was on backorder for a couple of weeks. Of course I couldn't wait that long to tear into it & get things going. When the base came in, I used a little hand held winch that I hooked to a truss & lifted the saw a few inches & then lowered it onto the base. It was just hooked to a single roof truss & it didn't even flex a bit with that load on it. YMMV.
  2. drzaius

    Christmas Dining Table

    If you were a real man, you'd have followed @wtnhighlander 's lead & turned that jointer upside down to run it across the end of the board
  3. drzaius

    Electrical talk for the Hammer

    CEC & NEC are mostly harmonized now, but there are differences. I'm speaking from CEC experience here. There is a code rule the prohibits having a receptacle with a current rating higher than the circuit it's connected to. The rationale is that if someone is plugging into, say a 30A circuit, then there needs to be that capability in the circuit Nut just beat me to an explanation of the letter codes for the cord. S is tougher & has a thicker outer jacket than SJ. The O, O, & W don't really matter much in a shop setting, but most outlets just stock cable with those designations to reduce inventory. The cost difference isn't that great anyway. For a cord in a shop, I'd go for the S rather than SJ. There's a good chance for damage from a mobile base wheel rolling across it or a heavy board getting dropped on it. My saw came with a too short cord & it was far easier to just make an extension than to try to dig into a very tight control box, warranty issues aside. I did cut the factory cord to just a couple of feet because it was just SJTW, which is not at all robust & I didn't want to worry about damaging it. I used SOOW & twist lock ends for the extension cord. European machines use different (& confusing) color code than North American. We've had to connect some Euro equipment that did come with English translated instructions, but the wiring diagrams had all the wire colors in German. Thank goodness for Google translate Not sure what the FLA of that machine is, but you want to make sure voltage drop is not going to be an issue. There are online voltage drop calculators that will tell you is #12 is OK or if you need to go to #10. Be sure to include the cord length as well as the cable in the wall when doing the calculation. Even though the machine may rarely be working at full load, it's still important to keep voltage drop in check. By code it can be no more than 5%.
  4. drzaius

    Christmas Dining Table

    I like using a straight edge & pattern bit with very light passes to perfect an edge like that
  5. drzaius

    Bench Leg Attachment Question

    I would be more inclined to just joint the bottom face & leave the top untouched. You need a properly flat side to get good results running the through the planer & the top will not be flat. And trying to do it with a planer will probably mess up the finish on the top.
  6. drzaius

    Bench Leg Attachment Question

    Easiest fix may be to just get a cabinet shop to run the underside of the slab over a jointer to flatten it. Then give it a couple of coats of finish. Is it just dowels & glue that will be holding the legs on? If so there will be a danger of it racking & collapsing when someone sits on it not too gently. Problem is that glue on the end grain will have no strength & those dowels are pretty short & only hold well where they are in contact with the long grain inside the holes. A bunch of floating tenons (Dominos) running crossways along the top of the leg would be a LOT stronger.
  7. drzaius

    New Planer - Ripples

    Sorry, but not having read the whole thread, I'm asking what may be a dumb question, but were all the boards you ran through properly surfaced on the other side with a jointer just prior to thicknessing?
  8. drzaius

    Bench Leg Attachment Question

    Sounds like the bench slab has cupped due to moisture changes within the wood, either from humidity changes, or because the wood was not fully dried when the bench was built. Any solution should probably wait until closer to Christmas so the wood has more time to acclimate. That wood will probably move more between now & then. If you post some pics, we can better suggest a fix. Have you talked to the guy that built it? He might be in the best position to offer a solution.
  9. drzaius

    Subwoofer Tabletop

    Generality, but ported will give you more dB for a given driver at a given level of power. Ported boxes are bigger & more complex to build though. For ULF, it seems that it's easier to get a lower tune with ported. Problem with speaker building is that it gets addictive. I built my 4 Atmos speakers & they are every bit as good as the surrounds I paid 4x as much for. Now I'm itching to build a couple of 18" mid bass subs cause, you know, more is better. I added the big sub primarily for the movies, but now that things are reasonably dialed in, I'm very pleasantly surprised at the subtle yet definite difference it makes with music.
  10. drzaius

    Subwoofer Tabletop

    That's an insanely efficient driver for one of such large size & huge xmax. Be careful or that's gonna turn your bowels to water
  11. drzaius

    Subwoofer Tabletop

    Hey @NSBrad, what are you driving that beast with?
  12. drzaius

    Subwoofer Tabletop

    Just means you'll have to drink it faster. Actually, a well built sub box doesn't really vibrate much at all.
  13. drzaius

    Locust - any good

    I think that it is beautiful wood. We don't see it much around here.
  14. drzaius

    Subwoofer Tabletop

    Now that's thinking "outside the box". Great idea. Be a lot easier to load it onto a furniture dolly.
  15. drzaius

    Subwoofer Tabletop

    The nice thing about these monster subs is that at the low frequency & infrasonic range they operate at doesn't cause ear damage unless you get super stupid with them. My new sub runs from 10Hz - 60Hz & you can run it at 1000W RMS for hours & do no damage. Getting an upset stomach is a possibility with the right material though. Sorry for the hyjack @NSBrad