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  1. Yes to the above. A top bearing, upcut spiral will have less tear out on the bottom & the template will help to minimize it on the top. The spiral will give a better cut than a straight cut bit.
  2. Doing this is not on my radar at present. But does anyone know what the reason for having the end cutter set at a different angle?
  3. I remember when he dumped most of his Festool stuff. Being a classy guy, he wouldn't lay any blame or say anything bad about Festool though.
  4. If I had to choose a bad guy in a dust up between Lee Valley & Festool, I'd guess it would be Festool.
  5. I'm not showing that to my wife. At least until the house painting is finished & the new master suite is done, Oh, & the raised beds for the garden. Then I'll show her the pic. That's a beautiful way to hold thread.
  6. I'm pretty sure that would be the result, but I'm curious as to just how much of a difference it would make.
  7. Lee Valley had a falling out with Festool a few years ago. They suddenly cleared the shelves of everything Festool, then a few months later they were back. I'm sure there's some drama behind these moves.
  8. I have an M18 non-fuel impact driver that's very nine, but I'd really rather have an M12 driver. They are so compact and light, yet have plenty of power for woodworking. That's the tool that will get me into the M12. I probably have close to a dozen M18 tools and like them a lot.
  9. I'd like to see a measured comparison between a long sweep 90 vs 2 45s
  10. If you do need to bend it yourself with a heat gun, be prepared for a challenge. Pipe of that diameter & thin wall will want to kink in the worst way. If you have no forms or bending springs, then packing it with sand & capping the ends will keep it from collapsing. Go real easy with the heat so you don't scorch it or melt through it.
  11. drzaius


    And there is not even the option to opt out of the repair, because in many buildings, high rises especially, even one unrepaired unit will affect all units. I guess we're getting a little off topic here, condo corporations aren't really the same as an HOA.
  12. drzaius


    You can have all the laws in the world, but if there are major repairs that need to be made, who's gonna pay? The condo owners are on the hook, cause no one else is. Both the cases I mentioned were from moisture damage behind acrylic stucco (something I'd never in 100 years put on my house). If moisture gets in from bad flashing, or whatever, it cant dry to the inside because of the vapor barrier, and it can't dry to the outside because the acrylic stucco is almost impermable. So things rot.
  13. drzaius


    Condo ownership can be a minefield. There are at least a couple of cases in the Calgary area where special assessments were levied that were over $100,000 per unit. And these are on condos that were worth $200,000 - $400,000. Many owners were put well under water & just abandoned them. One of the complexes was less than 5 years old. On the other hand, my daughter has one in a complex that was the first condo corporation in Alberta. It's about 50 years old and is the model of how one should be run. It's well maintained, the landscaping is beautiful, and every few years they tackle majo
  14. I'm not surprised at all that the bubble wrap left marks. There are not many curing finishes that are fully hardened after only 2 days. Most stuff takes a good month to fully cure.
  15. drzaius

    Deck Stain

    There are some very small, small minds that keep themselves busy with that sort of thing.