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  1. I've been dealing with metric for decades when it come to speed, weight, highway distances and temperature, but in the shop it's always been imperial. For the last month or so I've been using metric exclusively & it is like my brain has been let out of jail. I spend less time doing math & more time making sawdust.
  2. I wonder how well Plastidip would work in this situation. Seems like it would be great for long term storage like this, and a whole lot less messy to clean up.
  3. I haven't tried the router for box joints, but what you say makes sense. I've yet to see a dado stack that leave a perfectly flat bottom. Very important point. Box joints need to be very precise in order to get a gapless joint that you can actually get together in glue up. There are many box joint jigs out there, some being extremely complex. I prefer simplicity, hence my recommendation of William Ng's jig.
  4. Agreed. But I would argue that they are already slipping out of fashion.
  5. William Ng has an excellent video on how to make and use a simple jig to make box joints.
  6. That's a huge gap & ai can't imagine how that got past QC. I would pack up the whole thing & return it.
  7. I think that's a beautiful piece. But as @Tpt life says, those cracks are here to stay. It was probably carved green.
  8. Or even a couple of pics to show the construction.
  9. Applying a finish will only slow the movement of moisture, not stop it. It also helps to keep the wood from cupping from uneven moisture gain/loss. I think the only thing to do here is to just take some off the edges of the lid to provide more clearance.
  10. I was just thinking that myself. Sometimes people just need to take a break from stuff. Hope all is well with him. I'm in the process of switching to metric only, so I got a half metric tape from Lee Valley. I normally hate the half & half tapes, but I will be needing to use both systems for a bit. The tape has a surface that is markable with a pencil & also has a markable surface on the side of the case. Those are nice features that I use a lot, but other than that, it's just an average quality tape measure. I still hate using a half & half tape though.
  11. A home center will have deck cleaner that you mix with water, spray it on & let it soak a bit. Then scrub with a brush & rinse, Or even easier, rent a pressure washer to save the scrubbing. That will take off the surface layer of weathered gray fibers & probably the staining as well.
  12. I seem to have the habit of putting them wherever they will be most in the way. I'll be interested in a better idea.
  13. I agree. Use a brass wire brush that you can put in a drill, but go very gently. You just want to remove the offending layer, not burn through the patina on the wood. A steel wire brush may leave traces that will show up as rust stains latter.
  14. That's a good point. Dousing those kerfs with preservative would be in order. I can't see any way of hiding the kerfs unless the decking is run over top of the banding. I still think steam bending would deliver the best, strongest & most appealing result.
  15. drzaius

    Used SawStop

    If it didn't come with the manual, you can download it from the website. I know the PCS manual explains and illustrates things well. Were there shims under the top when you took it off?