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  1. National anthems are sure viewed differently on the 2 sides of the 49th. Mainly cause ours kinda sucks. See, point proven. If I was in the US I'd have already been pelted with 3 day old poutine for expressing such sentiments
  2. I have an HTPC, but it gets used hardly ever. Just too much hassle. When it dies I'll probably go with a Shield. I do use it for calibration & setup whenever I change things up. It's already connected and I use the TV as a nice big monitor. Just plug in the UMIK and fire up REW. Easier than getting out the laptop. Now Oppo doesn't even make players anymore and Sony has a very decent Blu-ray player for about a hundred bucks. Do you remember a few years ago when Lexicon was selling a $3000 Blu-ray player, but inside was a few hundred dollar Oppo, chassis and all? Caused quite the stir among the snake oil aficionados, apoplexy even. I think there are many heads still in the sand to this day.
  3. I have a 42" PC monitor (not a TV) that is a dumb display, but way too small for HT use. Anything of any size and quality and in the consumer TV market segment, seems to be smart. And I agree with you that a PC with a decent monitor gets work done about 10X faster than with a phone. I don't even like working on a laptop without a larger monitor and real keyboard. My 35 or so WPM drops to about half that on a laptop keyboard or phone.
  4. Just a hint that will improve airflow quite a bit. Take out that flex and us solid pipe and a long sweep elbow. then use a piece of flex for the drop between the cyclone and bin. That flex elbow you have especially is killing your airflow.
  5. I gave that new/old AVR a workout the last two nights and, after tripping the protect 20 or 30 times, have figured out just how high I can turn up the volume. It will do quite nicely for temporary.
  6. My smart TV has about a hundred apps, but I never use them. To my it's just a dumb display. I wish you could get a really good non-smart TV.
  7. I have, and have a dev or 2 in mind, depending on how things work out. But somehow I don't think they'll be needed. They'd be a fun build though because the box is so complex. Personally, I've never heard the 1099s or the HTM12s but they both have good reputations. Are you on AVS Forum by chance?
  8. Hey, I've seen pics of that home, but not the video. Thanks for posting that. Maybe I don't want to watch? I love the RCA dogs.
  9. Yea, looks like you've got it bad too. Are those flatpacks 1099s? For what they cost flatpacks great value, unless you're outside the US. So I have to cut all my own. I've heard all kinds of good things about those speakers, but I've had a very nice bed layer set of Polk LSi series speakers for years and love them. I'd have to hear something pretty special to make me want to switch. I built my 4 Atmos speakers from a parts kit from Madisound. They are MTMs. I also built a sub of my own design. It has an 18" driver in a 20 cu ft ported box. and is a beast in every sense, including weight, at about 350 lbs. In the que now are a couple of 12" subs, a couple of 10" that will also be end tables, and a couple of Harbottle Audio 21" drivers in ported boxes. Cody from Harbottle assures me that my world will be well and truly rocked. I have looked at the outlaw amps and they are very nice and a good value. But I just have an itch to assemble my own using ICEpower amp modules, the 2000AS2. Because of the price break for bulk purchases, it's cheaper for me to get all 2000s than a mix. I think Outlaw uses ICEpower, or maybe Hypex modules. Those xovers are a breeze and won't take you long at all to put together. Fun to do as well. For me, AV is kind of a perfect fit because it blends woodworking, electronics (at the most basic level) and home theater. All things I love
  10. And money may not buy happiness, but it sure buys good hobbies
  11. Once you hear a good Atmos system for music or movies, it's hard to go back. I actually rarely listen to music anymore outside my media room. I'd just rather save it for the best listening experience.
  12. Yes, runaway epoxy is no joke at all.
  13. Probably best that way. Once you head down that hole... If you want to see over my head, check out this home theater build by @pkinneb I've looked at tons of builds on that site and his is right up there with the best of them. Just gorgeous. Mine pales by comparison, but it's more of a multipurpose room with full home theater quality AV. And folks say woodworking is an expensive hobby
  14. They'll do fine with grade 9 education You can get a lot of Rockler for a few year's university tuition.