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  1. Refinish help

    Oh yes. I did a mantle for my daughters house out of red oak & finished with black lacquer. I generally don't like red oak, but this looked fantastic with the way the open pore grain showed through the lacquer.
  2. Drawing up and marking out

    I'm going to start going more in this direction. This nonsense of trying to take measurements off a plan & transferring to the work piece for everything just doesn't work that well.
  3. Refinish help

    That looks like tannin staining & if so, stripper won't take it out, but oxalic acid should.
  4. Nexabond Glue Up on Plywood Edges

    Kai posted an ad & it was deleted by the mods.
  5. New Shop, New Woodworker - Need advice please!

    That's a good shop space you've got there. I agree with not putting up walls; you want to keep flexible. I have a 22' x 25' shop that also has 2 cars parked in it every night. I have things arranged so I don't have to do a lot of moving around when I want to work out there. You may want to look at cutting down that table saw to 36" if things are tight. I had a 52" fence for many years but when I got a SawStop I went with the 36" fence & love the extra space that gave me. I don't miss the extra 16" at all. Ripping sheet goods over 36" on a table saw is pretty dicey anyway. That's what a track saw is for. I'm just starting to dabble in speaker building myself. I've got a huge sub mostly done, just waiting for the back ordered driver, & I need to build 4 Atmos ceiling speakers. What a rabbit hole this is turning out to be.
  6. Cordless RO Sander- Ryobi issues- Need Council

    Rigid vacuums are a great value; cheap, powerful & they go forever. They are noisy though. For variable suction, it's easy enough to rig up a bypass valve in the hose fitting.
  7. Table/Pergola wood selection

    Western red cedar is beautiful, rot resistant, and very light.
  8. Cordless RO Sander- Ryobi issues- Need Council

    Ryobi tools are great for the price point & target market, which is the home handy person who will use the tool for a couple of hours a month. For professional or heavy use, they are crap. Once you use some good, professional quality tools, you'll see what I mean. The Bosch ROS65VC is a 6" sander, very smooth, and compared to the Ryobi, you'll be amazed at how powerful it is. It is bulky, but that's because of the anti-vibration housing.
  9. The cost per square foot for 4x8 sheets is probably close to double what it is for 5x5 sheets around here. No idea what the reason for that is. I have only every bought the 5x5. For the long member though, you'd obviously want to use 4x8.
  10. Endless oak

    That table & bench look great. Now you need to have him do something about those chairs that look kinda out of place.
  11. Rip blades

    I've got 3 Freud blades of varying ages & they all cut like butta. There are better blades, but for the price point I think they're a great value. They aren't Diablo though.
  12. Rikon 10-326 Review

    My saw doesn't have the tall fence, so I suppose it would be easy to just make a couple of auxiliary fences of different heights.
  13. Rikon 10-326 Review

    Would it be possible to mod it to go on the other side?
  14. Removing Glue from Bar Clamps

    That must be a powerful smelling concoction
  15. Wine stain

    I just remembered years ago picking cherries in an orchard with my 2 girls, who were about 4 & 6 at the time. As you can imagine, their clothes were stained from head to toe with cherry juice. My sister suggested pouring boiling water on the stain, but to do it before trying to wash the fabric. Worked like a charm. I took about 10 seconds for the stain to completely disappear. No idea if that would work for wine though.