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  1. Watch some of this guy's videos on finish restoration. Thomas Johnson
  2. drzaius

    Bloxygen vs. ?

    When held upright, the can sprays liquid, so I held it upside down to just spray the gas. It comes out at close to room temperature. Expansion would have been minimal. A chemist would be able to explain it better I'm sure, but I just assume that the gas has a very strong attraction to the liquids in the tung oil. I have no idea if this is the same stuff that is used in the canned air.
  3. drzaius

    Bloxygen vs. ?

    Interesting timing on your question Mark. Not duster spray, but I recently tried using freeze spray with with a half empty can of Tung Oil. The stuff is typically used to rapidly chill electronic parts during diagnostic procedures. Anyway, I gave it a good shot & closed the lid tightly. A couple of days later, the can was squished almost flat, like a vacuum pump has been hooked up to it. The gas had almost entirely dissolved into the liquid; when I shake the can there is hardly any splashing sound. Very interesting, but I hope it hasn't ruined the tung oil.
  4. It will be some work, but there will certainly be reward for it. Every couple of years I reconsider, but priorities, you know.
  5. We do maintenance work for Calgary's largest homeless shelter. They are a top notch organization. I haven't been there for about a month, but got a call today to get some heat going in a temporary tent they have set up in the parking lot. It's to provide a warm place where they can take temperatures & do other tests before allowing clients into the building. Things are very tense there because a single infected person could spread the virus like wildfire. I was there twice today & both times there were 2 police vehicles, each with 2 officers just so they are close if something erupts. A couple of other vacant buildings have been set up for sleeping so they can keep up the distancing that is so vital.
  6. With really narrow stock, the guard & pawls get in the way of a push block. I clamp on a low profile fence extension so I can use the push block.
  7. I haven't seen my kids & grand kids for 2 weeks now & it's killin' me. Facetime & phone help, but it isn't the same. Especially on the weekends when we usually have a grand child over for the whole weekend. They range from 11 - 17 now & are a blast to hang with.
  8. I don't know if @Roger was using one, but I don't believe a push stick that just makes contact with the stock at the pack should ever be used because they allow the front end to rise up, leading to kickback. Maybe there are cases where one is called for, but I can't think of one. It surprises me that the saw manufacturers are still supplying them with a new saw, cause I think they're just dangerous.
  9. Ed, I wonder whether you will keep up the annual maintenance regime on your deck in 5 or 10 years. Not trying to be nasty with my comment, I'm genuinely curious. As I said above, I did it for a few years before giving up on it. It was a very difficult decision and I struggled with it because it looks so damn gorgeous after being freshly refinished. Now in hindsight, I'm quite happy with the weathered look.
  10. That's called the 'farmer blow' and I use the technique while running. Sometimes with less than satisfactory results. It can be a dangerous tactic. My wife does NOT approve of it when I'm using the treadmill.
  11. Some grocery stores here are now recommending shopping in person if you're able, due to online ordering demand. All the stores I've been to seem to have very well thought out distancing & disinfecting procedures in place. I'll be going grocery shopping tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM with my wife & her new knee. She wants to get out of the house & her knee gets us into the store an hour early for seniors & disabled shopping.
  12. I have an ipe deck & for the first few years did battle using deck cleaners & finishes trying to make it look like a living room floor. But guess what? A deck is not a living room floor & trying to make it look that way is just a source of stress & expense, and a waste of time. Several years ago I quit trying to maintain it & it has turned a very nice gray & has a surface texture that is rough enough that it's not slippery when wet, but isn't hard on the feet. Another benefit of letting it weather is that it doesn't get nearly as hot in the noon day sun. But if you must use a finish, do NOT, as @Chestnut said, use any kind of film finish on it. A film finish might last a bit longer than an oil, but refinishing will be much more work. It will require stripping off all the old finish & applying new. With an oil finish you just have to hit it with a deck cleaner & pressure was, then reapply the oil. But that's still not a trivial chore and it'll need to be done at least every 2 years and probably every year.
  13. My wife got a new about a month ago & it was badly kneeded needed. Sure glad that happened because all elective surgeries are now cancelled indefinitely.
  14. I got a Husky 60 gallon compressor from HD a few years ago because it was on for a screaming good price. Now I'm not so sure about that price because after moderate use the thing sounds like it's gonna grenade any day now. And it's as noisy as a freight train. Definitely NOT recommended.
  15. After viewing the website a bit, I'm skeptical. They make a point of it being an insulator. A 12 Kg pail covers 180 sq ft, so I can't calculate the thickness of the coat. But if it's tough enough to be used on sidewalks & patios, it will not be super light & airy, which is what a good insulator is. So, at best the thin layer that will be 'insulating' your basement is going to be about 'R-next to nothing' If they have to make up goofy stuff like that then I don't put much trust in anything they claim.