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  1. drzaius

    Matt's Hand Tool Cabinet

    Decent hockey tape doesn't seem to get gooey. It's electrical tape that can be horrible for that, especially if it's not applied properly.
  2. Did you watch that video that @Tom King put in his post? That looks like a pretty fool proof way to do what you need to accomplish. It would not be hard to build.
  3. One of my favorite ways to make a difficult cut perfect is to initially make the cut using whatever I have that will chop through the wood. That can be a hand saw, circ saw, jig saw, or even a hatchet if you're so inclined. Just be sure to leave a little extra on the line. Then use a straight edge & pattern cutting bit on the router to clean it up. Take very small passes & for the final pass, a very, very light cut. Be sure to clamp the straight edge very securely.
  4. Sorry, but I had a real hard time following exactly what you are trying to do. I think a couple of pics would be worth several thousand words here.
  5. Figure out a different way to do it. What you wanting to do there is basically reducing down to a 4" tight 90* elbow & that's going to kill airflow. Something that might work is to make a duct out of plywood & then put turning vanes inside to tame the turbulence. They can be had from an HVAC duct supplier. You would want to make it oversize as well & then fabricate a reducer to fit the outlet. Any chance you can post a picture?
  6. The main sticking point (pun intended) with construction adhesive is the inconsistent glue line thickness. Depending on clamping pressure it can easily vary 1/16" from joint to joint. When building shop jigs & machinery tolerances are critical & that just introduces another factor that can screw things up.
  7. drzaius

    Need help with picking plywood

    Don't think that maple ply is made of maple. The inner layers are just softwood, with the only maple being the extremely thin exterior faces. So it won't have the strength of BB. The maple ply will be good enough.
  8. drzaius

    Need help with picking plywood

    It's also available here in both sizes, but for some reason, the 4x8 is quite a bit more per sq. ft. than the 5x5.
  9. drzaius

    Charles Neil Finishing class

    I've probably only tried gel stains a dozen times, but have never found the result to be anything close to acceptable. At best they just seem to make the surface look like it's been covered in watered down paint.
  10. drzaius

    Northern Woods Exhibition

    That's a beautiful piece that you've entered. I don't think I'd have the balls to do that.
  11. drzaius

    Darrell Peart is in the House!!

    Nice score! I'm excited for you.
  12. Welcome to the forum Tink, but Josh hasn't been around hear since 2014 so you probably won't hear from him. If you're just looking for a down & dirty router table, then just get a fixed base router that has a feature that allows adjustment from through the base. Something as simple as a piece of plywood with a hole drilled in will work. Just remove the plastic base from the router & screw it to the underside of the plywood. It's not a great setup because it will tend to sag over time, but it's something to get you started. Waxing the plywood will help things slide.
  13. Definitely chamfer them before glue up. If you use cauls, they won't have any effect on keeping the panels straight.
  14. drzaius

    Need help with picking plywood

    Yes, Baltic birch is a much superior product. It's also a lot harder & stronger than regular plywood.
  15. drzaius

    Giant Jenga finishing ?

    After the finish is completely cured, an application of GlideCote will make those blocks slide easily & smoothly. Paste wax works well too, but GlideCote lasts a little longer & is easier to apply.
  16. drzaius

    How do you guys hang Biesemeyer fences when not in use?

    My fence has not been off in months, probably years so I have no solution. But that fence is pretty rugged so you can store it anywhere, as long as your not throwing it on the floor.
  17. I might have had many, many similar experiences, but I will never admit it.
  18. drzaius

    Kinex Squares

    That's okay, I think I'm getting over it. I have a US Amazon account & they can ship this to Canada, so I may just do that.
  19. drzaius

    Large miters

    Now I understand the frustration. When I said straight edge, I should have said a thin board about a foot wide with one edge straight. That leaves room for clamping that won't interfere with the router. Having sandpaper glued to it would sure help it stay put, but I find that using a couple of C clamps well tightened will hold it fine. Having it tight is crucial because vibration from the router will move it otherwise. And to emphasize what I posted above, be sure to hold that base down tight to the board so the bit doesn't tip into the cut. When doing a 45* cut it really helps to do a climb cut when you're doing the edge that is cutting at an acute angle to the grain. For those who don't like to do climb cuts, try it both ways & tell me which is safer (in this case).
  20. drzaius

    Kinex Squares

    This pisses me off. The Kinex squares are available on both Amazon.ca and Amazon.com; in both cases by Kinex. But in Canada they are over 2x the cost, with exchange figured in. I'll just go with Starrett.
  21. drzaius

    Large miters

    Okay guys, I'm not being critical here, but just what isn't working for you with the pattern bit & straight edge. My experience is that at first I was trying to take too big a cut, which made the router harder to control & bad things just seemed to happen. I found that if I took cuts of 1/16th or less to get close & then just a very small cut to bring it to the line, that seemed to work great. Of course, the straight edge needs to be very securely clamped. Spring clamps just wont suffice. By taking small cuts it allows the router to move at a good even pace and avoid tear out & burning. Oh, and be sure to keep lots of down force on the side of the base away from the work edge. Wax on the base & straight edge help tremendously.
  22. drzaius

    Large miters

    A pattern bit works fine, better than running the base against a straight edge. With the pattern bit, the straight edge goes exactly where you want the cut to be, eliminating that possible source for error. And the base may not be perfectly concentric to the bit, so if the base isn't contacting the straight edge in exactly the same spot for the entire cut, then the cut won't be perfect.
  23. drzaius

    Large miters

    I think the key to success is to only take a very small amount on the final pass. Maybe 1/32".
  24. drzaius

    Dewalt 735 helical cutter

    I think a lot of people put too much stock in how good a surface a planer leaves, but that surface isn't ready for finish anyway. It still needs sanding/scraping/planing.
  25. drzaius

    Dewalt 735 helical cutter

    That's a pretty common complaint with the HH cutters. The cure seems to be to do it under surgically clean conditions & being meticulous about cleaning each mating surface before reinstalling the cutter.