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    Deck Stain

    There are some very small, small minds that keep themselves busy with that sort of thing.
  2. That sound you hear is my pulling my foot out of my mouth I misread & thought the electrician did it. As a conduit noob, you did a great job there.
  3. Shop's coming along nicely. I gotta say though, that's an odd way to pipe those outlets at the panel.
  4. Just as a standard practice, I run a router plane down any dados, grooves or rabbets I cut. It's easy insurance that the depth is uniform. So there is that option. That is a carbide set, so not really worth spending anything to have it reground. If you don't want to do the router plane thing, then just toss it & get a better set. The seller should take that back though, because it's clearly defective.
  5. Not sure why, but our culture seems to think that anything made of wood must automatically be stained by default. It's a silly notion.
  6. The last 10% of the charging process is the hardest on battery life.
  7. No, not much drama at all. Just a mild "thunk" & then dead quiet. Then there's a blue cloud that forms above the saw
  8. That's a very common cause. One guy on Sawmill Creek tripped his 3 times withing a couple of months for that reason. I have an sacrificial MDF fence faced with sandpaper that I have sticking out about 50 mm past the aluminum to minimize the chance of that happening.
  9. It's kind of a relief knowing I'm not the only one that's done that sort of thing.
  10. Building code here requires R20 in walls, don't know what your's is. My garage (shop) was only framed in 2x4, so I strapped it out another 2" so I could get R20 in there.
  11. I would get the highest level available as long as the price wasn't insane. If sun will hit the door in summer then you really want good insulation. Are the walls open? If so, R13 is low & should be upgraded.
  12. I agree with all the above opinions, but if you're interested in furniture restoration & repair, check out Thomas Johnson's YouTube channel . You can easily spend hours watching the man at work. He's got some great tips & methods for making some pretty ratty furniture look good again. I think the stuff you've got is beyond help though.
  13. On fine furniture, I way prefer wooden shelf supports. No school like old school.
  14. Wow! That's sad. Hope you're able to get things back together soon.
  15. Way better to get an insulated door. They are designed & built from the ground up to seal as well as insulate. They are also more rigid & quieter when opening & closing. I would not be surprised if the insulated door is cheaper than an non-insulated door + insulation.
  16. I would get this when posting one just a few minutes after another in the same thread with the old software.
  17. This is going to be beautiful. Can't wait for the finished product. Sidebar: what happened to your white balance? Looks like it's made of purple heart (or as my grandson used to call it, "ham wood").
  18. I really hope the photo orientation thing gets fixed. Sawmill Creek has had that problem for years (their software is antiquated) & it makes the site kinda horrible to use.
  19. Just what @Chestnutsaid. I've never had anything but bad results trying to apply multiple coats of stain, especially gel stain. Dye is much easier to regulate than stain is and it doesn't mask the grain like stain can. Multiple coats of stain can cause finish adherence problems as well. Oak takes stain better than just about any other wood, so a pre-stain conditioner is not needed
  20. Here's my take on this very worthwhile project. Originally, it was just a slide out platform at the bottom with a door attached. Problem is, any trash that missed the can ended up at the bottom & tended to accumulate. I rebuilt it as shown below with the platform at the top & holes cut out to fit dedicated trash & recycling bins. The bins were from Ikea & were far better & cheaper than anything I could find at Lowes, HD, Walmart, etc. I removed the recycling bin to better show the construction. The child proof lock is to keep the cats out cause they will open it &
  21. It's not the visibility of the seams I was addressing, but rather the compression of the Platon as a heavy wheel passes over a seam. Not a concern if there are no really heavy machines.
  22. I would be concerned with point loads under heavy machinery at the plywood seams.
  23. Can you tell more about the micro adjust? What brand is it? Is the mechanism zero lash? Thanks,
  24. Thanks Derek, this does give me some good fence ideas. I made my table top out of 3 layers of 18 mm Baltic birch glued together & faced top & bottom with plastic laminate. I have an Excalibur lift & built a cabinet below for dust collection some storage drawers. It's all very good, but I have just a basic, crude fence that needs improving, so this thread is nice.
  25. Something was definitely spilled on there prior to the stain. Silicone compounds are the devil for repelling finishes. The best result will be had by sanding the entire tread back to bare wood. Before reapplying the stain, test that spot to see if it will take the stain. If not, more sanding. Oak, red an white, takes stain better than most any other wood. Using a conditioner is unnecessary & I think can cause issues itself.