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  1. I rigged up a very similar mobility system for my old 9" Rockwell Beaver contractor saw. It was, bar none, the worst table saw I've ever used, but it had great mobility
  2. Both grow very well here. The hostas will spread on their own and I occasionally have to clear them back. Peonies also do well and can be expected to live 60 - 80 years with reasonable care. Hostas are everywhere in many of the forested areas in the mountains.
  3. Good to hear. I think I just about got banned myself back then
  4. Glazing on the surface and increasing loudness are both indications that the knives are dull. And tearout. That always gets worse when they're dull.
  5. Ya, maybe. Has he sorted out the forecloser thing on the new property that was messing things up?
  6. A quick pass with a block plane is what I usually do. By the time finish sanding is done, it's slightly softened. I like the look of a very slight chamfer.
  7. "and that's when we wore an onion on our belts"
  8. When I was an apprentice electrician, an old instructor we had used to work in a transformer shop. At the end of each day they would wash the filth off their hands in a big tub of PCP. That same polytechnic has welding shops with asbestos panels. I was talking to one of the guys that built it. He said they just cut the panels on a table saw and the dust was so thick you could hardly see across the room I'm sure glad we don't do things the way we used to.
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    Yes, we've already looked into the AirTag thing. She's also alternate vehicles between her car and my wife's.
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    Maybe TMI, but my daughter's marriage broke up and she's living with us. There are indications that her ex is doing some stalking. A dash cam is going in her car too.
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    WiFi unreliability is a big reason why I'm going wired. And he signal can be easily jammed if someone is so inclined
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    Having the camera in the doorbell button is not really optimal and the cameras are not generally great. They are quick and easy to implement though. And to get more than the most basic functionality, you have to pay a subscription.
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    I'm going through the research phase for the same thing right now. I want wired cameras both for security of the signal (harder to jam) and for not having to charge batteries. So many review sites just copy and paste the marketing blurbs from the manufacturers and then seemingly arbitrarily give them ratings. The most informative reviews I've found are from The Hook Up YouTube channel . The guy really seams to know his stuff and his testing methods are solid. I'm leaning toward a Reolink system with an NVR that records locally, but can also be accessed from a PC or mobile device. I don't believe there is any of the video that is recorded on the cloud. It is at the economy end of the scale, but he rates it as being a great value. I expect to pay between $750 and $850 for a package that has an NVR and 4 4K cameras, depending on which cameras I choose. Because it's wired, installation is a lot more work, but being an electrician, I've got lots of experience at getting cables just about anywhere with minimal damage.
  14. Hey Jason, I just want to bring up a couple of issues that will affect what you want to do with regards to mobility. The PCS mobile base doesn't have the casters spread out as widely as the ICS base. With the added weight of those cast extensions, the base may not lift the right side. I have the ICS base and a shop built extension table (54mm of Baltic birch ply, pretty heavy) with a router lift and full cabinet underneath. The right side was just a little too heavy to lift. My solution was to hang about 35kg of steel off the left side of the cabinet.
  15. Wow, that one's pimped right out. It's a little OT, but Jack Forsberg beautifully restores old iron, mostly Wadkin stuff. His work is simply gorgeous.
  16. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of this. Right now I'm working on a project with white oak veneer plywood and it's got me pulling my hair out a bit. It's been a reminder as to why I don't like working with commercial veneer plywood.
  17. No hail here, but this is what I woke up to this morning.
  18. This doesn't seem to me to be something that an engineer would be consulted on. Can you explain?
  19. I saw that video a couple of days ago. Historical restoration of old buildings fascinates me.
  20. Yes, when it's finished I'll post a bit of a build thread detailing how I did that door.
  21. This is one of the doors for a free standing cabinet. I had a moment and cut this one too narrow. I didn't want to spend $150 on another sheet of plywood, so I took this as a sign from the universe the I should get creative. So I put in this accent piece to give me the required width. There are a couple of first here for me. I've never done complementary curves before and this one is a little more complex because the accent piece is not the same width from top to bottom. At this stage I've roughed out the shape I want and now will do some surface texture carving. It's been challenging, but this is the most fun I've had in the shop for a long time.
  22. That looks like it belongs in a medieval dungeon with a poor unfortunate clamped in there somehow