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  1. I only listen to music a pretty small percent of the time I'm in the shop. Any time I have to concentrate or really focus it stays off. If I'm cleaning though, it gets turned way up.
  2. In the Lee Valley April Fools video, someone was marking out dovetails with a Magic Marker, which was just one of the many hilarious things in the video. But that reminded me of a disturbing trend that seems to be growing in woodworking videos; the use of Magic Markers to mark wood. The worst offender is Tommy MacDonald, but he's not alone. I cringe every time he marks a piece of maple & you can actually see the ink bleed into the surrounding wood. So what you end up with is a fat, fuzzy line that you'll never be able to sand out. I suppose they do it that way so the line shows up for the camera? And that's fine, but at least put in a disclaimer for those who don't know any better. Anyway, end of rant. I feel better now. Frank
  3. Several years ago I modified, added trim & refinished our kitchen cabinets & they look great. But it was a ton of work & we still have the same crappy cabinets. They look like a silk purse, but are still just a sow's ear underneath. I'd rebuild from scratch if/when I do it again.
  4. I use an old home stereo system that I bought as a wee lad in the early 70's. It sat unused for years & I couldn't bear to throw it out. Works great & is loud enough to drown out the noise of any machinery.
  5. Think of the lots of holes drilled in the head as a good thing. That means they are using an extremely sophisticated balancing machine. Maybe?
  6. Plywood will be so much tougher than solid. I can't imagine a 1/2" or 3/4" solid pine or spruce cabinet standing up to much bouncing around.
  7. I forget, what's this thread about?
  8. I've had a Bies for years & it's a great fence. Super sturdy & really easy to make very fine adjustments. That being said, the VSCT would certainly be an upgrade; it's got a similar simple, solid & strong design with the benefit of that nifty aluminum extrusion. Besides, any fence with 'the power in the nuts' has to be awesome.
  9. The local Lee Valley doesn't charge shipping on SawStop. Do you have one nearby?
  10. Nice rack. But maybe you should've painted it Festool Green instead of Dewalt yellow.
  11. Create a model in SketchUp & try it both ways to see what looks best. Ace & Mike are both right. Not sure it would look right with the front horizontal & the sides vertical though.
  12. I rented a machine & blew in the cellulose myself. Super easy & pretty cheap too.
  13. Jet clamps are not available in Canada, but even if they were, they're way too expensive. The 50% off price was still higher (when exchange rate is factored in) than the Bessey regular price. The Lee Valley clamps are a fair bit cheaper than the Besseys, especially if bought at the introductory price. Wish there were some reviews on them, I hate to be a beta tester.
  14. The tape can work so well that you might risk pulling the layer of melamine off the fence if you use too much. I've had to use a chisel & mallet to separate pieces of wood taped together.
  15. I wasn't seriously suggesting you go Ikea. Just being a bit of a troll.
  16. I'm gonna use the 'I' word here; Ikea. I got some for my little kitchenette at work. Cheap & holding together well after 5 years. And they look great, for a kitchenette at work, in a warehouse, where I don't really have to look at them for more than a minute at a time. They actually were far better than anything else I could find at even close to the price.
  17. Using a good coat of oil based primer sure increase resistance to moisture.
  18. I am a go big kind of guy so I just bought a 5HP Oneida V-5000 for my 2 car garage/shop. It does have a HEPA filter with 99.something something down to .3 micron. My rational is that I'll have lots of airflow to catch more of the dust as it is generated. I also plan to leave it running for extended periods so it will act to clean the air of what dust initially escapes. Larger motors shouldn't have short start/stop cycles so this will be better for the motor. Because the collector will be running in between using the machinery I don't want good noise control so I don't have to wear the ear muffs all the time. I've just about finished a sound proof room where the collector & compressor will reside. When I get it all done & the machinery installed I'll report back with sound level results. The cost difference between a 5 hp & 2 or 3 hp really isn't that much. If your looking for 1000 CFM at the machine, I'm pretty sure your going to need something with a lot more than a 4" inlet. Probably 6 - 8". Frank
  19. We've installed a couple of dozen Big Ass Fans, mostly the 24' diameter models. I have to say that they are a very well designed & built product so I think the lights are probably pretty good as well.
  20. I would just use parallel bar clamps to squeeze it between 2 layers of MDF. Not sure if you would even need cauls with a piece that small.
  21. I would say 86 is pretty good. I'm using Philips TL950 T8 lamps which have a CRI of 98 & they are great, but they also have a lower lumen output than an 850 lamp which has a CRI of 82. I just put up more fixtures to compensate for that. They are so cheap that it wasn't an issue. With LEDs, the lumens/watt tends to go down the lower the color temp is.
  22. Don't do it! A CRI of 67 is very, very poor. You will have issues with trying to match 2 pieces of wood. They'll look good under your shop lights & then completely mismatched when you get them under natural or halogen light. As far as accuracy is concerned, color temperature is more a matter of preference. You can get high CRI in anything from 3500K to 6500K, but 5000K is genarally about the closest to natural light. 4000K is still really good.
  23. I have several Milwaukee cordless drills & other tools & like them a lot. Not the cheapest, but the quality is right up there.