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  1. Looks super. You will have even more fun "going all in" playing on that gem.
  2. I ended up finding the perfect knobs at WoodCraft. Then I went to Horton Brasses. They had better prices and better designs. Now I know. Thanks to everyone for the info. I appreciate it. The shaker mantle clock turned out well. And it will be raffled off at my boy's cub scout Blue and Gold Banquet tomorrow. I am hoping it pulls in at least $300-$400.
  3. You are space challenged with a 6' X 6" area. But I love it that fact does not stop you. Anyway to edge joint use a hand plane. You will have to check for square against the face of the board that to make it work. But edge (hand) planing is quick and easy compared to the face.
  4. I have never had a hobby that was easy on the wallet. All hobbies are expensive. Golf, coins, stamps, model making..... They are all expensive.
  5. Does anyone have a good, respectable source for small hardware parts? I am building a shaker style mantle clock. I want to use a aged bronze or oiled rubbed bronze small knob for the door pull. I twould be great to find a knob that is about 1/2" or 5/8" in diameter. I know I could turn a wooden knob. But I am not a fan of wooden knobs. I want to use a metal knob. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Youngwood
  6. This really is a great question and I will give my straight forward opinion. 1. Since you are now accepting money for the products you make--- you are in business. Congrats! 2. Businesses are in business to make money--profit. 3. As a respectable business you are obligated to provide the market--your customers with products they deem valuable, not what you deem valuable. 4. Only you know how your customer will accept Brusso hinges vs. a commodity hinge. My opinion is that the Brusso hinge is over kill. I dont believe that the market fully appreciates the quality of a Brusso hinge on
  7. Chet-- Great story that supports why we all need to think before we act. I appreciate reading stories like yours. It makes me respect ALL my tools more and more---hand and power tools. I lead a patrol of Webelos scouts and we are making keepsake boxes. One of the operations requires the use of the drill press. Everyone seemed to be cautiously excited to use big boy woodworking machines. I et the work pieces up in a jig to sucre them and showed everyone proper ways to use the DP. Only one scout said he did not want to use the machine. Of course he was not forced to use it. I asked him why an
  8. I missed it last year. And I heard way too many great things about WIA to miss it again. I will be there!
  9. I think Rory has the BEST solution when you review cost and final result. I too thought long and hard on buying the FMT. After much consideration, that idea got nixed. I too looked at the Domino. I used a friend's Domino and loved it. He loves it too. But I dont like two aspects: 1. The cost. Since ww is a hobby, spending a grand on a power tool seems to me a bit foolish. 2. The mortises are limited in size. I have made a version of Rory's jig. And it is wonderful. The price is right and it makes all sizes of mortises.
  10. I showed my wife the pics of your shop and told I was going to build one as big as yours. She said I should ask you if I can just move into yours? lol.
  11. I am big fan of the aluminum bar clamps. They perform well and they are priced reasonably enough to buy several at a time. The Universal brand is my fav.
  12. First off-- know that I woodwork as a hobby only logging about 15-25 hours per week in the shop. I have a Grizzly TS and love it. It works for all my ww needs. The price-to-value relationship made it an easy decision for me. I bout this Grizz TS about 8 years ago. If I had to buy a TS today, there would be NO DOUBT that I would buy the SawStop. THere is no amount of money that can replace fingers. The SawSstop offers a very high quality saw and provides a safety feature that no other TS can offer today. Although, I expect that competition is around the corner. As a side note-- I am
  13. First- I really like the cabinet design. My thoughts are to use the same species as the rest of the cabinet but use figured stock. Since your cabinet is cherry, use some quilted cherry. It will cost quite a bit more but the final look will knock them ever,
  14. THis is great news. I just emailed DIYnet last week asking how to get access to one of the best woodworking shows-- Woodworks with DJ Marks. Thanks for posting the link. I gotta go check it out!