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  1. Like new Lie-nielsen #8 jointer plane for sale asking $350.00
  2. Scott Meek smother plane for sale In new shape. only used 2 times. Asking $250 for it. Bart
  3. Each panel has a brace across it. I guess I should have asked about this issue before I ordered them. There being delivered on Tues. I'll let you know how they work.
  4. I do not know if it matters but my garage door is 18' wide x 11' high
  5. Yes I have adjusted all that as good as I can but still have issues. Even worst when the wind is blowing. I did glue down a thresold seal to the concrete that the door sits on and that helped a lot with leaves and rain from coming in under the door. will see, I will let you know how they work when I get them.
  6. For anyone in cold climates and your shop is in a garage I found these door hinges that look awesome. I just ordered some for my door. What do you think?
  7. Its to late now but next time you buy festool get it on line from in NewYork they sell them tax free and free shipping.
  8. I think you should paint it a color that inspires you!!! You could paint it white which will make it brighter but its so boring. You could also consider that some colors might change how the finish will look under the shop lights, but most of the time that piece is not going to end up in your shop it will be in the home with who knows what color on the walls. I love walking in to my shop with the orange walls it makes me happy and inspired to make something. So once again I say paint it a color that inspires you!!! I like the color you picked
  9. I have a hot water heater in my shop that's used to heat it using in floor heating. I built a closet around it that also houses my air compressor. also it sits on a stand that raises it off the ground about 18 in. so the flame is not so close to the floor where the heavy fumes hang out at. I think according to code any hot water heater in a garage has to be above a certain height for this reason.
  10. I have both and I like the sliding crosscut attachment but I would definitely get the Kapex first!
  11. Thanks Cooper, Yes I glued the block on the back side of my cross cut sled for a blade guard.
  12. I have used both in my shop. I started out using it for the top of my table saw out feed table. Because of Its really slick surface the wood slides easily over it. I also used it for all my drawer fronts. After the out feed table I decided to carry it over to other shop furniture so it matched. If you use it just make sure to bevel the edges because the phenolic edges are really sharp.
  13. Hey Soul Wood, I made the cabinet for my festool stuff out of baltic birch plywood and painted it black. I put 6 casters under it so if I need to move it I can easily do so. I was going to make the drawers like I did for the hardware cabinet in the pictures above but festool came out with there drawers so I decided to go with them instead.
  14. Here is what I made for all my hardware and stuff. Here is what I did for my router bits
  15. I liked all 4 designs today. Glad they didn't send any one home. and the guest judge was a lot nicer this week!