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  1. Will he ever allow Roy Underhill around another one of his benches??? And a related question... Did he break Roy's axe in retaliation?
  2. Is there any news on the meet up? I don't want to miss out
  3. I am looking into getting a jointer plane. I want a bevel down style, but the only "high quality" one I am able to find is a Lie-Neilson. I looked into the veritas, but all they have is a bevel up. I wasn't wanting to plunk down $500. I am not being cheap, I would gladly buy one for say $300 or $350. Does anyone know of a quality jointer plane at this price? Or am I asking too much? Thanks, Adam
  4. Count me in Allen. Wouldn't miss it for the world...that is if my better half doesn't forbid me leaving her. lol
  5. got mine. it was stuck in the spam folder.
  6. This is my first year. I registered, but they said that I'd get an email confirming it. I haven't gotten the email yet, but the funds were taken out of my bank account. Am I safe in assuming that I am good to go?
  7. I'm 25 and I say screw cool. I'm all about protection. I've had dust and junk in my eyes and let me tell you, IT SUCKS! When it comes to safety, always get the best protection you can. If they didn't fog up, I'd wear goggles that sealed all the way around the eye. Would you rather look cool, or be able to look?
  8. Hey guys. Where I'm from, there's not alot of woodworking stores to visit. I'm traveling to Florida in a couple of weeks and was wondering if you guys knew of anywhere that had a good woodworking store. I'm not looking for wood, just tools. Nothing in particular, just kinda want to check out a store or two. Here is a link to a mapquest of my route. I wouldn't mind taking a little detour if it was for a good store. Do ya'll know of anywhere? Thanks guys.
  9. I have one of those wood burning stamps that I use. Works good for me.
  10. Thanks guys. I think I'm going to go with the kreg fence. I could make my own, but I don't want to have to worry about drift every time I attach it. And you're right Sac, if you were going to make it from solid stock, you should probably use quarter sawn. But the movement of the wood is less of a concern than setting drift every time.
  11. I looked at that one, but all the descriptions don't say anything about being able to adjust for blade drift. Since you have the fence, can you tell me if it can be adjusted for drift?
  12. I've looked at the Kreg fence. I am not crazy about the resaw attachment. I want a tall fence, not a pivot point.
  13. Hey guys...just bought a Grizzly g0555 14" bandsaw off craigslist. I need a fence for it bc the guy selling it didn't have it. What do y'all recommend? I'm trying to get a good fence without breaking the bank...the DriftMaster is out of the question lol. I want a fence that can be used for resawing and regular cuts. I'm looking for one that converts back and forth between tall and short. Thanks guys.
  14. I've also read that it isn't supposed to be good to wash them. Like Sac, I can't remember where...maybe FWW's newsletter or somewhere. Not sure. The way I see it, the fine dust particles trapped in the bag can only help instead of hurt. Think of filling a coffee cup with rocks (the fine dust). Fill it so full that no more rocks will fit in. Then put sand in the cup. To me, it's the same principle in the DC bag. If dust is taking up room, it stands to reason that only smaller particles can fit through it. No harm, just a better filtration. But that's just my logic. I'm not saying it
  15. I've seen alot of ppl talking about giving them a quick tuning. What are they talking about? I know i'll have to hone the blade, but what tuning will be needed?