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  1. I thought you had to do it foreach one. That is defently my fault. I will subscribe thank you
  2. Trying to get the HD and I have tried to download the SD version of the latest Guild Chat regarding the 3 chisels. I have tried multiple links and it will not recognize any links through iTunes when I go through Advanced and then copy any of the links to "subscribe to podcast". I am using Apple with iTunes. First time having this problem.
  3. First of all I appreciate the critique of my critique Second of all as I stated "Now who am I to judge? I am absolutely no one important to anyone when it comes to anything. I just watch peoples podcasts, and I feel they need to be critiqued." Third: My critique really brought out people's personals ideals about themselves and there podcasts in response to their podcasts Forth: Its interesting as I stated I put no regard to the time people put into this or if its a hobby or a money making opportunity...just a observance of said podcast Fifth: If your offended I will appologize
  4. So we have WTO who talks about the things in the woodworking world from what they are doing to magazine articles to Woodworking books among other things. But we have no one critiquing the Podcasters themselves based on whatever factors. So I think I will give my own personal critique to some of the ones I follow on iTunes and Youtube and I will split the two groups up. Now who am I to judge? I am absolutely no one important to anyone when it comes to anything. I just watch peoples podcasts, and I feel they need to be critiqued. Could this hurt someones feelings? Maybe I don't know
  5. I know I shouldn't be bringing this post back from the dead and I am sorry, BUT I NEED TOO.....so after a yr and a half of letting this marinate i have to put closure on this for myself.....I formally appologize to Gary Katz and anyone that might have given them the wrong impression regarding this post. I was wrong on every level of my attitude, how I handled myself during the questions I asked and the answers I got. I guess I felt very small in that room comparing myself to these guys that are contractors and there own knowledge about what they are doing. And I should of handled the answer
  6. So this topic pertains to priorities for those that are on a shopping allowance or budget. Case in point I am allowed a certain amount of money each month for woodworking or ANYTHING else for that matter....meaning if I really want something or need something I really have to way the consequences with each purchase....To give in example....I am really wanting either a Festool Parallel Edge Set or MFT table and I have to way the consequences...do I hold the money and save or buy a certain item now if it is on my list. But there is a huge wrench in this....that same money also pertains to ever
  7. So I just got back from Gary Katz roadshow....very informative really.....but let me tell you how to strike out at Gary's seminar Strike 1 Be a DIY'r Strike 2 Be a DIY'r that asks questions Strike 3 Be a DIY'r that just plain talks These 3 things will make a sort of sour note in Gary's mouth and such get you cut off when you try to ask a question or not thought of as relevent in anyway.....now if I would of known this based on the website....meaning he only prefers to mingle with contractors of sorts then I would of not of wasted his time Just food for thought really
  8. History of The World is hands down the best
  9. They keep showing the same damn podcast with a different title.....whoever is running the podcast show over there needs to think about the obvious....If someone is following PW podcast then most likely they already know about WIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it has been everyday
  10. My living room is constantly getting sold away.....first it was all my automotive tools I no longer used....that living room was sold off.....then it was my table saw....that living room was sold off....now it is the drill press....that living room will soon be sold off....I have many living rooms....soon I hope to have none
  11. Okay well back to the original question????
  12. I know it is weird putting the words "Dust collection system" as a topic for a hand tool forum when referring to a garbage can...it is kinda funny actually Anyways....right now my work station is in the garage with all the other garage stuff including my wives car. My question is strictly geared to individuals with the same situation. Do any of you use a separate trash can for your shavings and saw dust or do you just throw it in with the regular trash??? My reason for asking is, when its trash day a good portion of the trash is saw dust and shavings from me and not so much really fo
  13. I have there 7 piece set and I love them...they stay sharp and look pretty....best investment
  14. Found this link.....Boy has Marc's shop morphed!!! http://www.shoptours.org/shop_tours/files/marc-spagnuolo.html