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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! Is the Grizzly 13” planer any good, or just stick with the DeWalt?
  2. Needing to replace my planer, Delta RC-33, it’s 13” 220 volts. Looking for a good planer under $1000, no cheapies or inferior stuff. Any recommendations? I’ve seen one on Cadanian WW, anyone see that one? Don’t do commercial work only for hobby.
  3. I have a Delta RC-33 planer, that needs repair, can’t find anyone to work on it for me. The head does not go down parallel and thus planes uneven. Bread are really hard to turn as well. I suppose the gears are gummed up. I don’t have the skill need to disassemble it. So I’ll guess I’ll buy new! Mine is a 13” 220V, so it’s plenty powerful. Any recommendations? Don’t want a cheap piece of junk either. larryjhill704@gmail.com Pittsburg KS
  4. Altered WW scrap wood jewerly box plans a bit.
  5. Modified the original a bit from WW plans and video.
  6. So it seems that Festool you either really them or are so-so about them...price is a lot for a sander in my opinion...th PC's seems to be a favorite as well..probably does not make the much difference in the long run...any other recommendations
  7. Do you use a vac with your sander?
  8. Want a good quality sander...mainly finishing and general sanding...all purpose. I been looking at the Festool 150...any ideas or what you guys are using!