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  1. FWIW the Bosch M23 routers are nice. The good old 1619 Bosch is not quite as nice, but I have one in mounted in my table and seems a good solid unit.
  2. Someone has definitely peed in the gene pool.
  3. That almost sheet metal mechanism does not look too robust to me. Looks like a good place for debris to get into and start jamming and bending things. I've worked on a few Cub Cadet machines and found the build quality less than stellar (to be nice).
  4. Jim DaddyO


    Sunset in early December over Lake Superior.
  5. Moved to Wawa Ontario. YouTube channel is still going.
  6. The Bosch 1617 and the MR23 series both have above the table height adjustment. You still have to reach under and unlock it though, then adjust, then reach under and lock again.
  7. Stumpy Nubs (James Hamilton) loves their band saws.
  8. I guess @HarveyM more or less answered the question. If his numbers are quoted from the manufacturer and it looks like it should. Most hobby weight machinery has no more point load than the 4 little feet under a large refrigerator. If in doubt you could put some wider pads under the machinery to spread the load a bit. It doesn't look like there are any large spans under the dri-core anyway. It would also be a good platform for future finished floor on top of it too. Spread the expense over time if you choose to go that route. Personally, I'd just paint it. I have painted plywood floors on my present shop and I love them.
  9. You can get a product called Dri core that is meant for basements. It has a plastic on the bottom and particle board on top. The plastic keeps the wood from direct contact with the floor and has channels that let moisture move to drains, etc. It is T&G I think so it locks together. A couple of coats of varithane or paint and done.
  10. I was remiss in mentioning that both routers I have do have both fixed and plunge bases.
  11. I have both. I prefer the MR23. Nicer handles, nicer trigger (the 1617 switch is really cheezy and clogs with dust), and has an LED light for the work. The slight power difference is not a factor at all. The minimal increase with the MR 23 is not really noticable.
  12. At just over 1500 subscribers and 250 videos my channel is monetized. I get about 10,000 views per month. I get about $40 a month for that.
  13. I am not much of a router guy, but I have a couple of them. If you are looking at the Bosch the MR23 is nicer than the 1617 set. I have both and I found that the unsheilded switch on the 1617 filled with sawdust and had to be taken apart and cleaned out in a short time. The switch on the MR23 is in the handle, which is nicer, plus it has the LED light on the workpiece. Other than the mentioned switch problem the 1617 is a pretty fine machine though.
  14. I am invested in the Bosch line up of 18V tools. 2 drills, a socket ready driver, jig saw, light, radio. They do not have a router in the battery line up, nor an 18 ga nail gun which I would like to see. I haven't got any of the new Core batteries yet, but from what I see it is one heck of a good upgrade and can be used in the older system (except the older circular saw, which there is a new housing available, the new one already has it). I have a lot of their corded models too. 2 routers, Glide Mitre saw, OMT plus an 18 ga nail gun to hook to the compressor. Pretty good tools, the only issue I have is the cheezy switch on the 1617 router (the MR 23 router with the switch on the handle is genius though). There may be a couple I have not mentioned, old guys memory here. I really don't want a variety of chargers hanging on the wall, so I will stick with one brand. I am also hoping that they will expand their line up of tools, but they seem to be slow at bringing more to market. I suppose they concentrate on other trades. Just added that for perspective. I don't know if one top tier brand is any "better" than any other. I suppose they all have their stong and weak points.
  15. Does Mil and DeWalt have a router in their line ups? I believe that was one of the tools the OP was looking for. I think DeWalt has a small router, but I am not sure.