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  1. Our welding shop at work, which also builds wood gates, chopsaws boards to length and is heated during the day, cold at night, brick building, no insulation.........so not the best environment for tools. I just noticed about a dozen cup rings on the new Delta drill press. WTH!
  2. Set my dad had at the house when I bought my childhood home from him. Have used it several times.
  3. 6 routers here and yet I'm thinking I need to get a new one for hand held stuff that has better dust collection.
  4. Ah yes............ASHES! Where most my stuff, projects or scraps, seem to end up!
  5. Not today, but wasn't on the old web this weekend............ Saturday and Sunday.......built Wood Rack Part 2, loaded wood rack, cut up and split crap boards (sometimes you just have to purge). Walnut on the left rack, cherry on the right. The advantages of working for a tree removal company. Plywood cart was the week before. Both walls are around 14' long and not quite 8' high.
  6. No, I am still around. Late Spring, Summer and Early Fall tend not to see much time in the shop. Outside doing other things, or being lazy. I tend to be a Fall, Winter, Spring kinda shop guy. The heat/humidity come on (and I mean anything above 75°) and I tend not to care about shop stuff, even though it's in the basement and I have A/C. About every other weekend I've been up north kayaking rivers and hanging out away from urban life. Plus had family in town all June so nothing done then for sure (basement shop). Before that I was fighting finishing some cabinets. General Finishes gave me and a buddy some bum info and I've had to refinish several parts of it or leave them for the summer until I decide to finish them. I'll get these bathroom cabinets/drawers/doors finished up and then maybe I can try and build something that goes pretty good for a change. So, I'm still around.
  7. I am off to buy another $65 sheet of maple ply. Because of space issues I had to cut off the end of some ply before running it. Marked, clamped down straight edge, put tape down to help tearout and proceeded to cut with factoring in the offset of the circular saw. NO PROBLEM........I can still make it work, although the grain orientation will be off on two drawers but I could save it, and most people wouldn't see it with stuff in them. Cutlist gave the new layout. Proceeded to cut and **** I messed up again. Not sure how I did it yet......but I resisted throwing things thru the wall and lightning a match. I'm going to end up with no money, no retirement and a house that cost me $500k and will only sell for $170-180k because 3/4 of the time I have to do it all over again. Told my Woodworking/Photography buddy last night I wasn't having fun anymore.
  8. no, that was just a test run on procedure. Which was also processed at the same time. Shouldn't of even put that first one up.
  9. Yes, I ran them at the same time. Matter of fact, it was the cut off.
  10. Ok, the contrasting one was a trial run just to make sure I had the technique down. Two different setups. Here is one with the same setup and the non-contrasting one. Damn tear out.............but fortunately it is on the back side. Routed the grooves first, then went to the router table and snuck on the width. Only thing I can think of is with it being a long piece I rocked it some how.
  11. Well we'll deal with the Leigh D4 another time. I'd just assume throwing that in the trash.....but I borrowed it from a buddy. Why on a test run I got tight through dovetails and then on the good pieces I had gaps, tearout (new bit) and a step on the side between say the horizontal and vertical. I could see getting in a rush and not getting it pushed against the stops. The loose fingers is perplexing. But I am done with that for now, spent way to many days testing. I'm not sold on that contraption and I'm not setup to cut them myself.........yet. Although I question if they will ever be right too. So the thing that made me not want to come down for over a week was a sliding dovetail for the middle shelf. Test run on the contrasting woods look pretty good to me (could be a touch better I suppose). But then to get the other photo........what the heck? I think the Router Table and Fence are square. Material to me was square. Did I rush, god I didn't think I did. Thought I had good pressure towards the fence and down to the table. The only difference with the test piece and the final piece was the length. Say 12" long test and 35" long final. Just frustrating that you think you got things all dialed in and then bam.
  12. Is it too much to ask to have one decent project? Not some coasters, clipboard or simple frame. A cabinet, a dovetail cornered shelf, etc. Took a week off on a small project cause all I was doing is getting pissed. Came down, run some test pieces......all milled at the same time as the "good" pieces. Looks decent. Run the "good pieces". WTH? Went up stairs and had lunch, but really don't want to be down here. How many centuries did it take for you to produce something good. I'm this close to lighting a match and walking away.
  13. Hello from Kalamazoo, Oshtemo/Alamo area to be exact! What small lumber company? Woodwork Specialties?
  14. I just been slowly replacing mine with 4' LED hanging light fixtures from HD. HD LED Light\ Need less fixtures with these than with the T12's I've been replacing them with. For me it's around replace 4 with just 3.
  15. Problem I see with the Scout Alarm is that they are still having issues with their sensors and pets. Seems interesting once they figure that out and it has backup 3G just in case they cut wires.